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Saturday, February 2, 2013

I guess I have to care about football for one more sad week?

   Super Bowl is coming. It's in the Big easy and the most probably the most exciting part of the super bowl is trying to figure out  what a conversation between Joe " even my dad think's I am lame " Flacco  and Colin "the only criticism people have about me is that I am not really that white cough cough  I mean have tattoos" Kaepernick. 

    Yeah so that top ten thing didn't work out as well as I planned. Did you know how why MLB Network is better then me? They have these things called interns , multiple resources. And production costs. Sounds like heaven. So I am sorry to most of you who actually read this site for it's witty insight and my charming personality that pours out of my fingers and into your eye sockets.... I love words. Though the rando  comments I get from the " check my Website out" people is an ego boost . If I am being honest. No wonder why Manti  Te'o likes it.  Celebrate people that is the 1 millionth joke about that poor bastard. 

   How weird was that whole thing. I know I am a few weeks late to the Te'o party ( like tea party, but less about how asking for Obama's birth certificate to mask racism in public) but I guess I have to chime in, like everyone else in the world. Look I feel bad for the dude I seriously do. All he is guilty of is being suckered by some asshole who does a great impression of a girl. This is the most embarrassing thing that could happen to a top tier college athlete. He thought he found a love that had bad luck. First a car crash ,then found out she had cancer , and then   boom she dies as the same day as his very real grandmother. A whirlwind of emotion. Then you know the deal turns out his girlfriend is not only is she alive she has profited a dick and a whole bag of crazy. Turns out it was some jack ass back in Hawaii who Loves Manti .  Who know the whole Boy emails Boy, says he's a girl, Boy loves girl boy , girl boy tells boy she he has died of the worst possible thing a she he can die of and the boy shouldn't come to the funeral because he has a game.  You know that old story. The worst part about this whole Manti story is that even though he suffered the worst embarrassment of his life after losing the biggest game of his life so far the worst part of this story is that his draft status has dropped so much he will be taken by the Jets. And thats a punishment for unworthy of  a good person. 

   Well, that was a long winded way to slam the Jets and their semi brain dead fans. But since I am on the kick of football a few days before the Ray Lewis bowl... I mean the Super Bowl . I am not into this Super Bowl build up at all this year. It's not because My team isn't in the game which is a factor but the fact that the Harbaugh's have press conferences together, that football players are now the new social lighting rods, and Ray Lewis loves God and something about Deers. 

  I get it the Harbuie ( Har - Buy)  are bothers but do I care about who their parents want to see win? Not really I get sick and tired of Archie Manning getting better seats then me but I get over it because it's a second thing not a 2 week ass ache.  I am more disappointed by the way the players and reports have been acting.  Joe Flacco  said that a Super Bowl in New Jersey sounds retarded and people lost their shit because retarded is an offensive word. Yes, it is when it's used in a derogatory way towards a person with a handicap. Flacco  to play I guess you'd call it devils advocate wasn't talking about a person. He was talking about a game that he isn't going to be playing . But the reason it's retarded is because the big tough football players don't want to play in the cold. I guess when you get paid 10 million dollars to give each other brain damage you want to do it in a cozy environment. Now before you anyone goes off the handle and if anyone read this and did get offended go back into what I said and see if I used that term to describe a person...... No it was to describe a situation which is totally ok because for all your self righteousness you cannot go one day without seeing something you find stupid without saying it's retarded. It's not that you're intolerant it's just that it's a word and a word only has power if you give it the power. I can say words like Senior and puppies are offensive to old people and dogs but it doesn't mean anything. 

   Lets get into it I am shocked that in 2013 a  NFL player who has gone to college and has met thousands of people are scared of gay people. The Fact a player on the 49ers said  " He wouldn't want to shower with a gay teammate " or something to that extent at the most covered event in the world outside of the election is well honestly is  stupid because football players shouldn't be asked questions like that. I don't give two shits what any of them have to say outside of " I think we are going to win," " We are ready to play " and " there's a really good sandwich place down the block from the stadium ". These guys are supposed to focus on football and the atmosphere that is the super bowl not open say things that out of their element. Because people don't go to the gay pride parade and ask people " Would you be ok if you found out your partner was straight?". No one would do that because I don't think they have a media week,Though they'd probably kill it and it's not right to expose people for being stupid. What a terrible analogy I apologize if it offended anyone I just think that if a player wants to voice his opinion about a certain situation that can be easily taken out of context . I feel there are better avenues to go about it not a 30 second sound bite driven area that is filled with nuts jobs and assholes trying to make a name for themselves . Also let's face it the whole locker room situation in sports is super gay to start with. New Game , Is this line offensive : It's more shocking that a San Francisco 49er player is anti guy when he was getting fucked in the ass by the Seahawks 4 weeks ago.  

    Ray Lewis put stickers on his body and now A-Rod is a criminal. Did that make sense to you because it doesn't to me? The Ray Lewis blow job fest is about to come to an end this sunday but not without a sense of controversy that has rocked all the reports to basically take all the shit that was said about Ray and say " It's not true. That guy is just out for a buck!" but the shit that was said about A-Rod " Oh yeah that's so true. Let him take all the blame." Unbelievable if you are discrediting a guy for damning a 37 year old middle line backer who tore a tendon in his arm and recovered in under 10 weeks when most doctors said it would take a person 10 years younger a full year to recover or not because he is not the same guy who was involved with a double homicide 10 years ago. Yeah A-Rod took steroids he admitted to it but if you look at his body of work as he has gotten older he has shown no improvements just a decline in production like any player in their age 37 season.  We've come to a point where I am about to piss a lot more people off. This is just another way Yankees fans justify hating a guy who has produced better then their precious Derek Jeter every year he has been with the Yankees. Seriously in the time that A-rod has come to the Yankees how many World Series rings has Jeter ? They both won in 2009 and thats it . How many MVP's dose A-Rod's 9 year tenure as a Yankee compared to Derek Jeter's whole career ? 2 to none. But back to Ray Lewis. Fuck him seriously I saw somewhere that he has custom gold cleats made up with that quote from the bible something  91 on the toes and the soul of the cleats is filled with his stats. Dose anyone see how fucked that is ? God Believers you think that's cool ? Having one tiny nod to your boy but the soul of the shoe is covered in prideful stats? Thats right in your wheel house , come on don't make me look to be a dick here. 

   Whatever the NFL can go fuck it self right now. I know I said I hated the Saints for bounty gate but I find it so fucked up that a guy like Jonathan Vilma gets suspended for 6 games without any evidence and Ray Lewis is citied for PEDs and Rodger Goodell  hasn't thrown the hammer his way. Fucking double standard . Where is the rash decision to suspend Ray for the super bowl? How come he gets off without a warning from the big office when the Saints get hung in the gallows? Same amount of proof just that Vilma did say how high to the former Jets intern. Time for you to go fuck off for 6 months and let me get angry over baseball now. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day two another top 10 = 20 different ways to say the same thing over again


   Back again for day two. What back to back this shit is just about to blow up for. Christ I can't keep it up. I love writing about baseball because it gives me a chance to show the game that I find to be the best out of them all but I gotta tell you my brain can only process so much.  I can't even write in proper englerish  most of the time but I am going to truck through it just for all of you who "read".

   So last night I sat down and listed off in my opinion who is the top 10 catchers in the game today and tonight I got to  one of the more difficult positions to rank. First basemen, how do you judge this position fairly. How much do you count defense or offensive production ? Some first basemen are really good defensively but are a black hole  when it come to their turn at the plate. then the other way around. Some can crush and be the offensive juggernaut that puts a team on the map but are just as good as little leaguers when they are on defense. But with the new mold of players that are equal on every side of their game.  Lets get into it because I am having trouble painting a word picture and I am kinda done with it.

Top 10 First basemen

10.  Anthony Rizzo  - Cubs- I have faith that this guy is the truth. the Cubs have been looking for a legit first basemen since they let Derek Lee go. Which I am surprised a guy like Lee hasn't found a job somewhere. Rizzo  is a big kid and when the Red Sox shipped him off to San Diego for Adrian Gonzalez then when Theo was traded to the Cubs he thought it would be the best fit for the Cubs to lock up Rizzo  instead of going after Pujols. But in Rizzo's  in 87 games with the Cubs Rio hit .285 with 15 home runs 48 rbis. What's interesting is that in total Rizzo  had 96 hits 15 of them were home runs and 15 were doubles so 30 of his 96 hits were extra base hits. That's pretty impressive if you thing about it. So this year should be his first full year as a pro with the faith of the whole club behind him in the friendly confines. Should be a good year for the kid

9. Chris Davis- Orioles- The Texas castoff make his mark last year for the birds cranking 33 home runs   in his second season with 100+ games. He can play the corners in the infield and outfield but is  the starting first basemen for the upstart O's.  Davis is known for his peaks and valleys but I think since he is  looked to be a key cog in the offense might be the kick in the ass Davis needed. When he was on the Rangers he was buried under the names like Kinsler , Hamilton, Young, and Cruz he was in the bottom of the order and as a young crusher it could of taken the wind from his wings. Yes I used that phrase. But I think now that since he is in the heart of the O's order he is living up to his potential. Hardy Jones Davis and Wieters  is a very good line up that is getting better if they can stay healthy.

8. Adrian Gonzalez-Dodgers- Just wait two seconds while I tell you why I am not high on A-Gon . The guy went to possibly the smallest ball park in the world for a year and a half and only hit 42 combined home runs. He hit 40 one year for the Padres where he played 81 games in a park so big it is 2 feet away from having  to be considered a national park. There's a 5 story building in left field and hit hit the roof at least 8 times  a month. Ok maybe I'm wrong but  going to Boston you'd think he'd crush it all day everyday. But I don't think he really wanted to go to a team  in the midst of a messy divorce with Terry Francona  and adding the ever forgettable Bobby Valentine and that whole shit show that was the 2012 Boston Red Sox. A- Gone was shipped to the Dodgers in a power play. But he only hit 3 home runs in 145 plate appearances. Maybe this year with some stability and he might be one of those out of the spotlight type players that he might succeed being the #5 biggest name on that team.

7.  Ike Davis - Mets - Why because fuck you that's why. Look I think Ike Davis is about to blow up if he can avoid the injury bug or the flu or whatever he had in spring training last. Ike started last season with as much consistency as my farts at work. You never knew what you were going to get but you know it was going to smell like shit.  But Ike was never satisfied with how he was play so he kept changing his stance and how he swung until he started to mash. He played in 156 games hit 32 home runs with 90 rbis. Look I am not saying Ike is the best first basemen in the game but he has the tools if he can get his shit together   he could be consider one of the best. He's a stud with the glove and he's getting there with the bat. Just keep swimming

6. Paul Konerko- White Sox- Paul Consistency I guess he is called, because this dude is a no doubt 25+ home runs 80+ rbis and a high .270 batting average. Is he a hall of famer , maybe is he a house hold name outside of Chicago , No , is he tremendously underrated and should of been paid way more , FUCK YEAH. This guy is the only 400 home run hitter who has made less then 60 million. If guys like Mark Teixeira and Hamilton can be locked up for over 20 million a year is just a crime. There are younger players with more flash out there and a bigger upside but they are huge question marks. You don't know their slide but Konerko stays healthy crushes and plays a gold glove caliber first base every year. He is on a walk year and people thing he is going to call it quits but I think he should sign for a short term big money contract some where. they gave Josh Hamilton 4 years for 25 million and he gets hurt every year.

5. Freddie Freeman- Braves- This kid is taking over the show in Atlanta. He was brought up 2 years ago with Jayson Heyward and Craig Kimberly for a youth infusion on the stalwart Braves. Freeman launched a career high 23 home runs with 94 rbis. In a division with guys like Davis, Howard, LaRoche  and Morrison it is easy to say Freeman is the more polished and healthier anchor. With the Upton's  in the fold he could be on the more dangerous line ups in the game. And he looks like Beast from that shitty new Xmen movie. Though not in that picture .

4. Mark Teixeira - Yankees - Has been hitting 30+ home runs  for the past 9 years for the Rangers and Yankees. but what makes Mark so good is that he is the best defensive first basemen in the game. Since he signed with the Yankees in 09 he has saved the careers of A-rod and Jeter with his no nonsense style of play and has made Robinson Cano look like a young Roberto Alamos. Sure he has his draw backs like he can't hit before May and after September. But he is the mold that the new wave of first basemen are trying to be. Well one of the molds.

3. Prince Fielder- Tigers- The MVP maker. You put the big man behind any power hitting righty who has yet to reach their potential as a star and with in the next couple of year boom MVP. Though Miggy is the first to do it filled with empinadas instead of steroids but still MVP. Yeah I know Prince is shitty on defense but he's my guy. Is he going to win a gold glove any time soon, probably not  but is he going to give his team 100% of everything he's got and hit a few moon shots ? You beat your ass he will.

2. Joey Votto- Reds - He is Canadian and he hits all over the  place and plays a solid defense. That's really it I mean he makes no noise for an MVP that beat out Abert for MVP when Abert hit 42 home runs. So this is probably the most he would allow to be written about him since you know Canadians don't like to brag.  

1. Albert Pujols- Angels - Remember the first month of last season when ESPN was losing their shit because it took Abert a few at bats to hit his first home run? Yeah that was total shit. I told you that he was going to blast off. As I am writing this part I am listening to Pandora and that song from requiem for a dream came on . It is extremely fitting for a guy who has only 1 season under 100 + rbis. Actually he had 99 on the year when the Cards won the world series so I think it's ok . The Machine is just that he is a machine when it comes to  baseball.  2x Champion, 8x All star, 3x MVP, 2x gold glover, 6x Silver slugger and heart of gold. Abert is the best in baseball and the day he calls it a career  the BBWA can't wait 5 years to get him into the Hall. Or maybe they'll elect no one so that they get more air time.

    I would have put a picture of me as the best first basemen in the game but A. I don't take a lot of pictures due to me being too handsome and B. I am translucent in picture form I am super pale.  But join me again probably tomorrow when it's second basemen. I swear no Mets.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

I think you all forgot that I am the king of the Top 10's. So yeah get at me bro


  Since the Super Bowl is right around the corner you know what that means to me ? Nothing at all, this year.  Look I love watching the big game but do I really care about any of the story lines this year ? Two Brothers , Ray Lewis, Colin Kaepernick, and I don't know some random player probably had someone close them die or get hurt that some reporters will beat it into the ground. I hate to be that guy but seriously the next two weeks are almost unbearable that I am just counting down the minutes until the end of the Super Bowl. How many times last year did we hear that Eli Manning is Peyton Manning's little brother and he had an interview in august where he said he was an elite quaterback.  It has made me check out of football completely , also the Giants aren't in it and that adds to it.

   So when I got home from work safely after fish tailing it in the snow for a few blocks, ate some dinner and then finally got to turn on the MLB network to see what they had going. Apparently before the start of the joy enducing spring training they are putting on the "Top 10" in different position in the past few years. Excuse me MLB network top 10's are my thing. Stick to you're Prime 9's and top 50's the 10 is a corner stone of the Phantom.... and a million other sites. And while I might be full of shit 90% of the time I still think I should be in the top 10 of top 10's. So  I am going to try contribute to their endovior and  give a few top 10's of the best players at their positions so today I will do my top 10 Catchers and tomorrow I will try to get a list of first basemen. 

So like all good top tens you start at 10 and work your way up. Because thats how you make the readers stick a round. I can do it to without all that hair gel and  nice suits. Though I am not opposed to getting a free suit. 

Catcher - Honorable mention - Josh Thole for being the first Cross eyed catcher in the Bigs and Dotty Henson for being the worst example of team work in pro sports. What she was a stud catcher hands down MVP then she got her sister traded, made Jimmy Dugan give up the Sauce,  acted like a total douche when her husband got back from fighting Aliens she left her team on a playoff push and then came back on the last day to prove she was the best. In my book she's a douche.

10  Jarrod  Saltalamacchia - Red Sox - My screen is beaming red lines right now. But the man who married his high school gym teacher and they call Salty  finally got the reigns to be the #1 guy in Boston behind the plate. And if that sentence is any indication on how difficult it was for me to figure out where he goes on this list you'll understand why he is this low. He defense is eeeh  and his hitting is just as tough to judge as well. He hit .222 which is horrible for a major league starter but he hit 25 bombs on a team that looked like they just gave up 2 weeks into the season. So you take the good you take the bad blah blah.  

9. A. J. Elis  -Dodgers -  It was his first full year in the bigs last year and is now in charge of catching probably the most expensive pitching staff in the entire MLB. Hitting 13 home runs with a .270 batting average  probably batting closer to the bottom of the order is a nice little extra out there when you have guys like Kemp, Gonzales, Either , Hanley and Crawford who makes a ton of money in his 2 down years but a change of scenery was needed for Carl. His defense might not be stellar but he's getting there. Cali does strange things to people

8. J.P. Arencibia- Blue Jays - The Blue Jay's Catcher for the future and now that is a fact since the Jay's traded Travis D'Anradu to the Mets. I should probably learn how to spell that name soon shouldn't I? J.P broke out in the bigs in 09 with a two homer game then was sent down. the Next year  he got to play in 129 games and hit 23 home runs with a .219 batting average. Which like I said before for an American league team should no be tolerated and the franchise that got Joey Bats to crush the ball and hit over .270 I feel they dropped the ball with J.P in his first full year but in '12 he hit .233 which is like saying well  I am on a diet but I love eating cupcakes every weekend? You might be trying to get better but you have terrible habits that kill what ever work you did .  He is a solid defensive catcher only committing 4 errors last year which should double or triple every 5th day this year but he has a plus side that can be dangerous. Is it just me or does he look like Jim Halpert  from the office? 

7. Alex Avila-Tigers-  Single handedly the most underrated catcher in the game. Solely based on how he handles the pitching staff.  He has flame throwers all around and has been on the verge of a championship for 2 years. He was a bit banged up this year so the numbers aren't as high as Salty's or  Mauer's  but lets look at the pitching staff's  top 3 guys since he took over catching duties  Verlander 59-22 , Scherzer 42-27 and Jose Valverde 110-118 save chances granted Avila didn't catch every game but I don't want to do that much work. 

6.  Brian McCann-Braves- Big Country can rake with the best of them and now that Chipper is out of Hotlanta he is really the longest tenured Brave. The Braves made some moves this offseason to ease the pressure off McCann with adding The Upton's will defiantly change the dynamic of this team. He should bat in the 5th spot this year . In an injury plagued season , I should know he was on both my sub 7th place fantasy teams McCann still managed to hit 20 home runs with a .230 batting average. McCann normally hits around .260 with 20+ home runs and can hit both righties and lefties pretty well . For a big guy McCann is pretty quick behind the dish with less then 10 errors the last two years . With an influx of young arms and Tim Hudson's nasty sinker keeping the ball in front of him is a reason why the Braves pitching staff ranks among the leagues best. I should rank him higher because we look alike.

5. Matt Wieters - Orioles - He is getting better and better with a good team around him and a manager who is a genius means big things for  the switch hitting giant. Dude is 6'5 he's a giant behind the plate.  Now he hit .249 with 23 home runs last year but he brought in 83 rbis and was walked 60 times which help a surprising team to take the wild card. Wieter came into the bigs with a ton of pressure on his back since people in Baltimore said he was the next Cal Ripken Jr or the Switch hitting Joe Mauer . I don't like comparisons for players because everyone plays the game differently. Hopefully they can keep players healthy so that Wieters can see better pitches might increase his numbers.

4. Carlos Ruiz - Phillies- Mother Fucking COOOOOOOCH . I hate the Phillies but I love this guy. His story is awesome and he is a grinder which motivates his team and yeah he was dinged for performance enhancing drugs but that's because he has A.D.D and took ritalen . But Cooch is aces behind the plate. Look I am biased to the National league game and this dude plays it so well. He  hits above .280 in the past 3 years, his rbis are increasing on a team that sold off some of its talent last season and he has guys like Roy Halladay  and Cliff Lee thankful that  he is so good because they'd have to throw to Brian Schinder because the Phillies  don't believe in good back up catchers. Last year Coooch  hit .325 with 16 home runs and 68 rbis. Which is a 38 point increase in batting average, 10 more home runs and 28 more rbis in a year where the Phillies  look as good as the Mets did in the end of the season for the start of the season... Did that make sense? No well they sucked  up until the All Star break then made a push that fell short because of the Cardinals being the Cardinals and when you say the word Wild Card game to the Cards they get all itchy and get fired up.

3. Joe Mauer - Twins -  I never really liked Joe Mauer . I always felt he was way overrated.  This is his 9th year in the league and he is 6 home runs away from 100 in his career and he has never had a season with over 100 rbis, actually he has only had one season with 90+ rbis. For a guy who hits in the 3 hole on an American league team is hard to even consider him top of the charts. Though he is a plus on the defensive side of the ball and is a true leader of the Twins but there are better guys who do more then him. He is also getting older faster and it's just a matter of time before he takes over at 1st base. Which should have happened last year to keep his legs with him? Have Doubt catch, Mauer  at first and Morneau  dh to keep their big money guys in lower impact area.

2. Yadier  Molina - Speaking of the Cardinals  Eider was a huge factor in the P.P or A.An or N.M.B era of  St. Louis Baseball. What you don't know what those abbreviations mean? Well P.P = Post Pujols  ,  A.A=  After Albert , N.M.AB= No more ABert. Come on guys act like you google searched  this shit before. Yadier has been increasing the offensive side of his game every year so when he went off for 22 home runs 76 rbis and a .315 batting average for career highs across the board . If you know about Eider you should know that he is a preeminent gold glover every year so I don't need to go into detail about it. The Last thing I am going to say about Yaider is that he can go FUCK HIMSELF in his stupid FUCKING Face. 2006 still hurts you bastard, I wont forget that 3 run blast he hit against Aaron Hillman the real goat of that playoff game. But Fuck you.  

1. Buster Poesy - Giants-What do I have to say about a guy who has won 2 World Series, Rookie of the Year and MVP all in his first 3 years. If it wasn't for Scott Cousins breaking his leg, he could of been a 2x MVP he was hitting .284 in the first 45 games so you never know.  I mean the only real gripe I can have against Poesy is that he can't grow a beard which I guess doesn't mean that much to him because he just keeps getting better and better.  He is a true talent and in 3 years you can easily say that in 8 more years without major injury he is a hall of famer .

So that is it my first of 10 top ten's . That sounds lame but I am in a baseball mood and it's not going away anytime soon and as long as these websites keep leaving very positive comments on the worst posts on this site I am going to keep it up. But to be honest these guy's all right I mean they are not the best catcher I've seen play the game . frankly  I think this guy is the best catcher . M.D Flanagan raking up a .400 average this year  thats what you call a boss... in softball.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Peyton Manning Vs Tim Tebow aka the dumbest storyline through out the entire playoffs.


   So as most of you saw , saturday  the Broncos lost in double overtime in the AFC Divisional playoff game against the hottest team right now the Baltimore Ravens in double over time . That's 6 quarters of football and they only lost by a field goal. But if you read the paper on sunday morning you would think the Broncos went undefeated last season. Well, I would like to put some gas on this fire in an open letter to Tebowmania .

   Dear  Tebow maniacs   :

    I didn't really watch the game yesterday. Sorry I was a bit under the weather but I did happen to catch some of the highlights.  So first things first I understand how and why you are going out in public and saying things like " Well at least Tebow  won a playoff game," or  "Tim didn't throw an int in overtime," and other things to that effect  because I know the truth your Broncos fans who wrote a check of  Tebow  fandom and there is no way you can back out of it now. It's heartbreaking to lose in the playoffs, trust me I know. Jets fans still stalk about the AFC championship game 3 years ago, so I get it . But lashing out at probably the NFL MVP is one of the dumbest things I can think of. Yes, he threw  2 picks in against one of the best defensive teams in the past 13 years or so. But if you really want  to compare Tim Tebow  to Peyton Manning on a playoff game lets do it.

 The Broncos last year went 8-8 including 4 crunch time come back wins and backing into the playoffs because of wins against the Raiders and Chargers earlier in the season to have the time breaks to clinch the AFC west which is by far the weakest division in football. They played the PIttsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card round where they won in overtime on a Demaryius  Thomas td pass from the Bow winning 29-23. Then they played the New England Patriots in the Divisional round  the next week in which they lost 45-10. Tebow on the season was 126 for 271for 1729 yards with 12 td's 6 ints, 122 rushing attempts for 660 yards 6 td's and was sacked 33 times for 225 in lost yards  with 13 fumbles with 6 lost in 14 games

 The  Broncos this year  went 13-3 and were the #1 seed in the Afc getting home field advantage and a first round bye. He did start off slow losing games to the Texans, Flacons.And the Patriots all before their week 7 bye and they didn't lose until the playoff game against the Ravens. That's 10 wins in a row . Peyton on the season was 400 for 583 4359 yards 37 td's with 11 ints , 23 rushing attempts for  6 yards sacked 21 times for 137  in lost yards and fumbled 2 times .

  Ummm. So the only real argument I can see is that Manning played 2 more games then Tebow. But other then that I guess there is no question Tim Tebow is way better then Peyton Manning. You see to be the best quarterback for a team is not to win the most games in a year , no stupid it's to rely heavily on a well coached and talented defense to keep you close so your first round draft pick can scramble around lose 100 more yards then any other average quarterback. Especially a 12 time Pro bowl, 6 time offensive player of the year, Super Bowl Champion,Super Bowl MVP , and 4 time NFL MVP. Are you kidding me awards are for losers just ask Aaron Rodgers. It's obvious Tebow is streets ahead of Peyton Manning.  Because you're not an elite quarter back until you lose 40-14 to the Buffalo Bills throwing 3 picks to their vaunted defense.

   All right enough is enough.  If anyone out there thinks the Broncos had a chance of getting anywhere close to what they did this year with Tebow behind center is out of their mind and spitting nonsense out of their dumb mouth. Tebow is a great athlete I give you that ,hands down kid can play ball but he is not anywhere close or will he be to the player that Peyton Manning is. The only way you can compare the two in playoffs games for the Broncos you would have to only count the Divisional game. So  you take Tebow's 9 for 26  136 yard 0 td's performance to Peyton's 28 for 43 for 290 with 3 td's. They both lost but one lost by 3 after  5 quarters of football to one getting blown out .

   If you're a Broncos fan what's wrong with you? How can you be that mad that you wish you still had a guy who couldn't put together one good practice to take over the Jets? I'm pretty sure they called in the winner of last year's Punt Pass and kick to take some first team reps. The Broncos did the right thing by signing Peyton , he was the best quarterback available and they have great weapons on both sides of the ball and they got the last piece of the puzzle. Tebow was holding them back and the Broncos made the right football move. If you're a Tebow fan or a fan of what Tebow "stands for" you don't know what you are talking about. The only thing that is worse for Tebow besides what the Jets did to him this year are the Tebowmanaics. No team who wants to be a contender or be taken seriously will not take him because of this ridiculous  circus. It's just like when Barry Bonds was a free agent in 2008 , no team wanted him because of  24 circus that followed him. Broncos fans please take the week to clear your minds. You'll see I am right.

 I am probably blowing this out of proportion because it's all over my hometowns papers and I saw a bunch of tweets so I could just be making a big deal out of nothing but this shouldn't have been a story.Peyton Manning is going to bring the Broncos back to the playoff next year and really it will be better for the Broncos because not only will they get a playmaker in the draft and they will get their #1 running back ... back . So clam the fuck down Denver it's not like you're  Dallas, Jacksonville, San Diego , Philadelphia , Arizona, New York, Chicago, and Oakland . Plus you got cheerleaders like this so life anit too bad.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hall of fame ... More like Hall of Shame or Hall of Game or Hall of Justice ? I don't know this ballot is messed up

 Hey everyone , how was your holiday season? Good I hope ... actually I don't give a shit about what you did like how you don't give a shit about what I did. That's what makes our relationship so strong and everlasting.  So I haven't done this thing in a few days or weeks, well since before New Year's Eve. Which has lost a lot of its luster in my mind?.   This is for older people , remember the first few NYEs after you turned 21 and life was good. But unless you are always going to a different place every year its pretty much the same thing. Bunch of drinks before midnight, a quick motor skill test, and then getting blacked out.

  I don't want to write about what a bummer drinking holidays are these days. I want to talk about the up coming Baseball Hall of Fame vote that is coming up. The 2013 baseball vote has been the most talked about and the least cared about induction ever.  Everyone has their own feelings about the steroid era and anyone who said that they hated this era  is lying to themselves and should not be trusted. The Steroid era  gave new life to baseball and changed the game to what we have today. You think back in 1962 shortstops were crushing 20 home runs a year? And I know a lot of you are think 20 home runs by a short stop is not a lot but I ask you to remember that not too long ago short stops used to hit .260 with 1-5 home runs and would just be there for defense and speed.  After the strike in 1994 and the 1995 season baseball needed to get back in the good graces of the American public because lets face it. Baseball is a great game when you know how it's played and you can enjoy all the small things but lets face it a lot of people and I mean  a lot of people only want to see three things Home Runs, Prefect games and Walk Off Home runs. Since it's easier to hit a bunch of dingers  then put down 27 monsters with sticks people flocked back to baseball in 98.... Oh fuck this you want history watch Ken Burns Baseball , I anit  got all night and you don't really want a history lesson. The point of this post is to give my ballot for the hall and maybe a few witty lines.... Seriously watch it, its pretty awesome.

1. Mike Piazza - The all time home run leader for catchers, thousand something rbis, and around 2,000 hits. Also he hit the most American of home runs. I think that should seal the deal. Ok I might be biased because #31 played for my Mets and was my mothers favorite player. But he earned it, being drafted as a favor in the 100000000000000th round by the Dodgers back in the late 80's as a favor and because Tommy Lassoed  loved his sweet sweet mustache that isn't gay at all. Let Mike he caught a ton of games and when he started to break down in his mid to late 30's it proved he wasn't on the juice because playing over 150 games in the cold and heat behind the plate taking a beating before running into the catcher was deemed a no no  after Buster Poesy got run over two years ago.  Piazza was tough and Piazza was the face of two franchise.... The Mets and Marlins.   That was one glorious day.

2. Craig Biggio  - The scrapper from Smithtown LI . STRONG IZLAND IN DA HOUSE. Actually Smithtown  is a very nice town with a lot of trees ,white people, and baseball.  But Biggio  has 3,000 hits and that's it. He played all his years with Astros which on its  own is pretty impressive. Only one World Series appearance and being the ultimate  game moving from catcher to second base to center field back to second base with no crying. Oh yeah he also is the Major league leader in getting hit by a pitch.

3. That dude who jumped from space - He Jumped from space! What did you do Ken Rosenthal? Wear a bow tie on national T.V without irony. He's in the big leagues and you're scraping around in rookie ball.

4. The cookie Crisp burglar guy - I was in the old food shoppe a few days back and I wondered down the cereal  isle and taking a look at all the sugary based cereals that I once devoured. I picked up  one of my favorite cookie based cereals and they changed the character to some sort of dingo. Needless to say I am boycotting Cookie Crips  ... even though I haven't had it in 15 years . The Boycott continues!( Start the clip at 1:44)

5. Derek Jeter's magical condoms - He either sold his soul to the devil or cut his life line but how does a guy who is probably on pace to break the all time record set by Wilt the pipe layer Stilt Chamberlain of 20,000 women go with out making a child?  The man has to be magic or something. Seriously if you don't live in the NY area and you want to know the effect of DJ3k on the ladies.   Ok take the coolest most smoothest cat in the world : Ernie Hudson and multiply him by 45,000. Lesser athletes have been shackled down with baby momma's and paternity tests. Jeets   has to be some sort of deviant but since he probably has a night club in his house so his deviantness stays in the dark. I figure the dwarf that made his protection had to of made Thor's hammer.

6. Barry Bonds - he did hit the most home runs ever. But he is not as high as the guy who jumped from space.

7. The people who shoot food commercials — those devils make eating at Applebee's  good. With what they do with playdogh is on par with what Picasso did with finger paints.

Finally #8 Me - I think I deserve it  because if I have to hear how John Haymen , Ken Rosenthal  and Chris"Mad Douche" Russo are respected baseball minds then I might be the best of them all. Look I know I am wrong a lot of the time but I don't have the sources they do so when I am right about trades or line up moves or how disappointing Spiderman was I  feel I should be acknowledged with a plaque of my likeness. If you want to throw stats out there how about this 3 fantasy football championships,a .600 hitter in softball and I have over 500 votes for the MLB All Star game ( they allow you to write yourself in how awesome is that). That means something right? Bob Costas would agree with me so fuck off.

Yeah I think 8 is enough . It's 2 am . As you can tell this sucks but I needed to get it out there. I've made my case and tomorrow we will see how the votes tally. Like always if I mention Derek Jeter I have to throw a photo Minka Kelly in here somewhere.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Just some Christmas hot stove ramblings

 I still can't bring my self to really write about the football season, because what can I honestly say? Look the season is pretty much over and I will make my picks for the playoffs after this weekend so the playoff picture can get slightly more ,oh whats the word... Less fucked up .  So football will take a back page for now and I have gotten into such a baseball mode that is disturbing me so late in the year.

  Normally I stop caring about Baseball by August because the Mets are usually out of it and the Giants and Knicks are gearing up. But for some reason I am so invested with every offseason move made that it's scaring me. I am checking twitter every 5 minutes for MLB updates, I steal the remote from my dad so I can turn on the MLB Network so I don't have to stomach through ESPN as they continue to talk about America's #1 favorite back up  Quarterback doing  nothing. I am just ready for baseball. So with the Hot stove about to explode after the Holidays I am going to list a few possible moves that could happen.

1. Justin Upton   to the Atlanta Braves in a 3 team deal with the Dodgers  - The Dbacks   just signed up Cody Ross for 3 years at 26 million ,so it's not like he is going to be the fourth outfielder and the Dbacks   need a Shortstop so here is the deal . This is how I see the players being moved. Atlanta gets Upton    and Aaron Harang  , The Dbacks   get Dee Gordon and Chris Medlan   and the Dodgers get Johnny Venters and 2 prospects from the Backs . Everyone gets something awesome. Backs  get a shortstop/leadoff hitter , Braves get a power bat to add to their stacked outfield and the Dodgers get top caliber bullpen help  and prospects so they can deal them off for another big name guy at the all star break ( Johan Santana)  

2. Michael Bourn signs with the Texas Ranger and the Rangers Trade Elvis Andurs  and Mitch Moreland to the Brewers for Mat Gamel  and Carlos Gomez - The Rangers need a leadoff hitter and something to give the Rangers fan some faith after losing: Mike Nappoli, Josh Hamilton,and Mike Adams. Though the Rangers signed the Joquain  Soria  and a few other good arms  but their offense needs something to kick it and Michael Bourn would be a great fit.  Like I said the Rangers lost a lot so trading a big piece like Andrus  to a team like the Brewers with a pitching prospect for Gamel  who has a ton of upside since he was slated to take over for Prince Fielder but got hurt and missed a large chunk of the season. With Andrus  at Short and Weeks at second it forms a nice core with Braun and Hart who they just gave a contract extension to last season. Figure Gomez would be the 4th outfielder in Texas while they can use Moreland at first so the Brewers could put Cory Hart back in right field and Aoki  in center.

3. Nick Swisher signs with the Indians -  As of right now the Indians seems like the only team that is willing to meet Swish at his level. They are pulling out all the stops to get him for their revamped offense. With Drew Stubbs, Mark Reynolds and Mike Aviles added to a young group of players that might bring respectability back to the Cleve. It's an ideal spot for him right now because the projected line up with him in it has him hitting 3rd or 5th making him the offensive star on this team. I think Swish and Reynolds are the two biggest bros in the game so it only makes sense.  

          ---  This is going to be a long one -----
4.  The Mets go bargain hunting and solidify their back ups and bullpen while spending under 10 million dollars - Lets face it that's been the Mets plan for the past 4 years but this year they can actually make a difference this year. The Mets need a back up infielder , two outfielders which one of them must be able to play more then 80 games and produce,  middle relief and a back up catcher. the back up catcher will be the cheapest so look at Yorvit Torrealba  , Jesus Flores and Matt Treanor  . The Mets have had a hard on for Torrealba  for years , Flores is looking to come back from injury and having him as a back up could make him a good singing and Matt Treanor  is always on the  move. The back up infielder would be someone like Ronny Cedeno , Ryan Theroit and Brandon Inge to be a righty bat off the bench  who can play all 4 spots in the infield . Now for the outfield the Mets are going to try to throw out some  cash. 
   I would like to see the Mets bring back Scott ( Leonardo ) Hairston to be a power bat who can play the corners , I would like to see the Mets also take a chance on a guy like Grady Sizemore ( which there has been some heat thrown at him in the past week) Ryan Rayburn and Ben Francisco but I would love to see them give Endy  Chavez one more go. I know the three names I threw out have not really lived up to the hype but they are low risk high reward guys. If Rayburn signs a one year deal with the Mets with no guarantee  to make the big club no big deal, they can cut him or let him get some reps in Vegas ( New Triple A team), Sizemore has been hurt for years and if healthy could hold down the spot in center extremely well for a while and Ben Francisco has always killed NL east teams and is a righty bat with little pop a good fit as a 4th outfielder / player to be thrown in a trade later in the year.   
   Now for the bullpen the Mets have to get away from guys who have shaky resumes at the end of the season and a guy who can possibly take over in the closer spot if and when Frank Frank gets hurt or has a mental breakdown. So I would love to see Sandy bring in guys like Matt Windstorm , Brain Wilson, Brett Meyers and J.P.  Howell. Windstorm  is a fireballer and could be a great 7th inning guy or righty specialist, Wilson is coming back from Tommy John and it would be smart for the Mets to give the guy a shot for like 5 million and have him be a trade chip or the closer depending on how good he is. Now I see Meyers and Howell as two guys who are higher in price but are worth it. They both can close, Meyers could slide into a starting spot and be a workhorse type of guy giving the Mets a starter with no fear which could help their young pitchers and Howell is a lefty and can get both sides of the plate out effectively.   So thats the Mets. 

5. The Yankees blow everyone away with another late night move - I never trust the Yankees during Free agent season because lets face it they have so much money no matter what ever bullshit they are saying about getting under a 140 million payroll. The Yankees need a catcher , righty bat and could use some pitching.  I really doubt the Yankees will make a trade for a catcher because they need to see what Austin Romine  is because that would make the Monitor deal look like a bust on the Yankees end. So they have a few options now that Raul Ibanez  signed with the Mariners. They do their thing and buy up free agents like Hariston, etc or they could trade Curtis Granderson  and Ivan Nova to Texas if they don't sign Bourn for Derek Holland and Neftali   Feliz who has lost a ton of value in that organization with the singing of Soria  and the success of Joe Nathan.
   That will add a young arm to the Yankees old rotation and he can be slotted in right behind Kurd  and before Hughes. Nova would probably best suited for the bullpen in Texas while Feliz  would make the Yankees  bullpen strong as he works his way back and could be the yankees closer of the future with Mo Rivera looking to ride off into the sunset after this year. His words not mine.  You have to think the Yankees have some sort of plan going up that is going to shock the baseball world. I kinda feel like the Yankees are like a really crafty super villain just buying time until they strike and you feel like a dick for not seeing it right away. They might be bidding their time until the next round of free agents to go off because this year isn't that rich with talent.  So the Yankees might lay low for 2 years let Toronto  and Baltimore beat each other up for a while then come back and run shit again.

6. Carl Pavano  and Roy Oswalt  sign with Seattle on the cheap - It looks like Carl Pavano  will be taking his mustache out of the Twin City  and the gun slinger is going to try to latch on to a team that will let him start.  The M's are  on the hunt for some former big money now bargain bin guys who are looking to get hold over for a year and get one last big money contract for 3 years. Seattle traded off their second best pitcher to rival Angels for the home run threat Kendrys Morales who might be the only person who hates walk off home runs. But the M's have a chance to get 2 guys here who have seen some shit and are the type of pitchers they love. So until their prospects are ready to take off they can sign Oswalt to a one year deal at low money because Roy might be on the way to the desk at the MLB network, don't get me wrong I like Oswalt and was devastated when the Mets wouldn't trade Lastings Miledge  for him a few years back (because that worked out ).  Pavano  seems like a guy who can give the M's a few good years in obscurity because thats what he dose. Carl will but up double digit wins in a small market team and make his cash but when he is in the spot light he is hurt or terrible. A perfect pick for the M's.

7. The Cubs send Alfonso Soaring  and Carlos Marmol  to the  Phillies  for Dominic Brown and two low level pitching prospects-Face it Cubs and Phillies  fans your  pretty much done with  all these guys. The Cubs get to dump the albatross of Alfonso Saran's contract to a team where he will probably finish off his career, even though some pop came back into his bat last season which made him tradable. The Phillies need one more bat with pop in their line up to help put them back in the mix with ATL and Washington. I see Marmol  as a throw in to the deal but will be used as an 8th inning guy for Papelbon. The Phillies  still hold Brown in high regard and the Cubs could use him and Brett Jackson as building blocks to the future of the Cubs with Starling Castro , Anthony Rio and Jeff Saamamsdasnaja  or how ever his name spelt.

8. The Rockies will trade Dexter Fowler or Tyler Colvin  to the Giants for Prospects - The Rockies are along way away from 2007, I mean a long long long way away. They are stock piling prospects like doomsday hoarders and it doesn't really make sense when they can go after guys and try to get back to the playoffs. Players like Tulo  and Cargo have suffered enough. But the Giants need an every day Left fielder, they can not live with Gregor Blanco  and Andres  Torres out there. Fowler will give the Giants a true leadoff hitter which they could use but Angel Pagan who got paid 30 million dollars more then what he is worth had the same year with the Giants as he did with the Mets the season before. The  Giants could use Colvin more then Fowler, Colvin is a lefty bat who can hit over 20 home runs while playing the corners in the outfield as well as first.  But I've been wrong about the Giants plenty so I will leave it at that.

9.  The Rays sign Carlos Lee and Miguel Olivo  -  The Rays don't really have much at the catcher position and getting a guy like Olivo    who still can hack and may not have much time left in the bigs but will lend  good power and give an older catcher who is the starter some time. Carlos Lee is just about to call it a career and getting on a team who is in need of a Dh but is not really desperate for it. I see the Rays as a national league team in the American league. Built on pitching, speed, defense and smart baseball the Rays have never really knocked it out of the park in the Dh spot in the last 5 years. So getting a guy who wants to stay in Florida because of the tax breaks ( Lee turned down a trade to the Yankees to stay with the sinking ship known as the Marlins in '12) . Who knows having him only hit and not play first everyday or the outfield might put some youth in his bat. He averages around 140 hits a season so a two year contract with an option might be right up his ally. He can get to 400 homers and a shot at 3,000 hits but he only needs 42 homers as opposed to 727 hits.

10. The Twins trade Josh Willingham  to the Mets for Jeurys  Fimila  and Bobby Parnell  or to the Braves for Julio Tehran-The Mets can not live with Mike Baxter , Lucas Duda  or Jordany  Valdespin  as their  starting outfielder. Bringing in a guy like Willingham who can hit any and play right. left and first and be that right handed bat the Mets really need. I know I mentioned the Mets before but I gotta throw this out there. The Mets can slot Willingham in to the #5 spot right after Wright and Davis , not only would it give those two veteran protection but it will take a lot of the pressure on Duda  who needs a little help. He look like he is holding in the biggest shit all the time. The twins will get two guys who can excel in their depleted bullpen. Basically the same thing with the deal with the Braves. If they don't acquire a legit option to play left field so they can put Prado at 3rd base I can see them trading off Tehran to Sota  for the crusher. Willingham's  name has yet to be brought up in serious talks but knowing the Twins they like to sell high on talent they have no real interest to bring back.

   I think stoping at 10 will be good enough for now. I am still recovering from serious writers block. If any of these moves happen I will be the most arrogant asshole in the game . Like normal.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Lets hope that the NFL playoff picture clears up a bit so I can make my super accurate prediction. So take that Ken Rosethal you tiny mother fucker.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Look out its baseball talk ... I'm just as sad as you guys are


   Since this is week 11 now in the NFL and I have written like 0 posts about it because it with all the craziness going on with the Jets, Eagles, Cowboys, Saints,Seahawks and the Colts. I mean  it's all positive about the Colts in fact I think I am going to throw them a very positive paragraph in like 5 minutes, but there are a lot of stories that have eclipsed the real story of the season which is the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to trade the first overall pick to the Jets for Tim Tebow and Kyle Wilson.  But before I get side tracked on some long rambling about how other teams suck. I want to talk about some Free Agent baseball.

   Ok so before I get into it lets talk Colts football. If you didn't hear this past weekend 2 Colts Cheerleaders shaved their domes in effort to raise some more money for CHUCKSTRONG which is a charity for the Colts recently hired head coach Chuck Pagano. Earlier this year we all found out that he had been diagnosed with leukemia. Since the Colts are a stand up organistation besides what I said about how the owner handled the whole Peyton Manning thing but it worked out well for both parties.With the Colts changing its whole personality and philosophy  expecting to have a long road to get back to a contender and the Colts felt Pagano  was the right man to do it.  Since leukemia is a huge dick Chuck had to take a leave so that he can receive treatment taking him away from the team for season.  With such a young team and veteran on shaky ground you'd expect  the Colts would pack it in and maybe get 2 or three wins. But the Colts organization and fans banded together around Chuck and have become the best part of this NFL season. It shows you that people are surprising with all the support, money and just goodness that has come out of this it is truly amazing to see. So if you are tired of being beaten down by the  trash that is the whole Jerry Jones normal meddling ways, getting Andy Reid fired, Tim Tebow  and Mark Sanchez bullshit with how much they "love" each other yet can't turn it into wins, the whole bounty scandal that still finds its way into the airwaves and Phil Simms opening his dumb mouth check out the Colts for a while and have your batteries recharged because thats what football should be. Highlight the greatness in a team playing together not the aggravation in a team falling apart. CHUCKSTRONG .

  Ok Lets get into so Free Agents.

  So this off season has all ready started off with a splash and has just started to slow down. Do you realize its been like 2 weeks since that bullshit deal the Marlins pulled off by sending 90% of their starters to the Blue Jays which side-note Super pumped about the Blue Jays now. I have been saying the Blue Jays are one or two moves away from being in it and they just made 6 moves in 1 without losing anything. Their rotation is now stacked JJ, Ricky Ro, Burhele , and 2 other guys , the offense is bonkers now : Jose Reyes, Melky  Cabrera , Joey Batts, Edwin Encarnicion , Brett Lawrie , Colby Rasmus, J.P. Arencabia , John Buck, and Emilio  Bonifcao  all wearing the Blue. Look out Yankees, Red Sox, O's and Rays. The AL east is still the Class of the MLB.  Anyway let me pick out a few team changing free agents that are out there right now. I mean I could just list everyone and get into minor league deals but I just don't care.

Lets go

1) Josh Hamilton -  The Texas slugger and my all time player... Fuck him. He is going to go out and check out places like the Red Sox, Brewers, Mariners and Phillies   but lets be real he isn't going to leave Texas. It would be a career killing move for him to go to a place like Boston. If he has such a problem with Nolan Ryan telling him like it is just imagine thousands of Red Sox's fans in that tiny ass stadium when he plays like shit in the day time and goes 0-15 against the Yankees. I do like him in the Brewers line up being the number 2 douche right behind Ryan Braun and having a guy with a drinking problem sign with a team named the Brewers, play in a place called Miller park, and be in ground zero for beer battered food would be pretty funny. the Mariners are an interesting choice and I bet you that his teammate Adrian Beltre  and he told Josh " hey buddy you want to make a ton of money , not do anything and not get bad press ? Go to Seattle " because there is no real reason for a guy like Hamilton to go to a team like the Mariners. Let me explain, The Mariners aka the Ichiro Juniors  have been making moves and have pretty much sealed it up that they are at least 5 years away from making a serious run at it and signing up a guy like Hamilton who is over 30 and has only played in real small ball parks for most of his career. Going up to the North west would be a terrible move, he is a contending player  who has been so close to the ring for the past 3 years taking a huge step backwards doesn't make sense. And Fuck the Phillies  just take the Boston reason and put cheese wiz on it with onions.

2) B.J. Upton - Boss man Junior is not going back to the Rays. That is set in stone, probably. They spent the last 3 years trying to trade this guy and now have a way to get rid of him with out getting some rental for 3 months and now they will get 2 draft picks. No, B.J will probably go to an N.L team. reports are saying he will make a choice this week. I would like to see him sign with Arizona and play with his brother but the DBacks have been shopping Justin around to anyone who will take him because he will cost a bunch money when he hits the market next year. ATL and Philly have been making power moves to bring him in and I think for him to succeed he should go to ATL. Philly is on the verge of imploding with their team that aged 10 years after 2009 . With No Chipper and McCann a question to start the season due to injury the Braves need some pop and speed in the top of that lineup to hold them over until their crazy eyed catcher comes back.  With Bossman and the J-hay kid there it could be  really cool Center and Right Field combo. Plus twitter explode in hashtags.

3) Nick Swisher - The Bro of the MLB. For some dumb reasons a lot of Yankees fans have given Swish the old heave hoe because he said that playing in the playoff in NY is playing in front of a tough crowd. That and batting under .200 during the post season I guess means he gets a one way ticket to go fuck your self road. I feel the Swish was the best move the Yankees made in 2009 , if you look at his stats he puts up plus 25 home runs, around 80 rbis , and walks like a mugga  fugga  he would make any money ball team to the next level. Swish is a west coast guy and with his ability to play first base, the corners of the outfield and pitch makes him a solid target for a team like Texas if Hamilton walks away, Seattle, Giants and the Dodgers. Swish adds a lot to any team he goes to but some teams in the East might throw some cash his way. Boston is a player and the Phillies  because both teams have money and made roster clearing moves last year. I think Swish will go out west , his hot wife is expecting a baby and he would feel more comfortable out there. I think San Fran or the Dodgers make the most sense. Instant fan favorite and instantly hated by the other team.

4. Zack  Grineke  - Hmm where would Grineke  go? Should he go to a high pressure team where every little thing he does is under a microscope , will he go to a team loaded with talent, or will he go hide away ? The Dodgers need another pitcher like Magic Johnson needs another talk show. I was thinking of doing an Aids joke but thats not my style and have you ever seen the Magic Hour ? Its fire.  The Dodgers will give him a lot of cash but I think a team like the Cardinals would be a nice fit for the kid. He'll have two other Cy Young winners in the rotation  with him ,a pretty veteran offense and the mind set of never quit during the playoffs.

5. Mike Nappoli  - Teams like the Yankees, Boston and Texas have made some noise on the catcher that Mike Soccia  didn't like. He is a power bat and there is no way he will switch leagues so he wont go to an NL team. He can play catcher some first and Dh so the Yankees might be the best fit for him. I think Boston will lose interest in him because they have a bunch of prospects and just might ride with it... This would of have been the season to bring in Bobby V.  Figure the Yankees will make the most attractive place for him but a team like the Rays could use a power bat like Napp  and since he is from Fla  and you don't have to pay income tax in Fla  they could become a dark horse team for him.

6.  Michael Bourn - The Speedster is going to stay in the NL east but with who. He could resign with ATL , go back to Philly or lock it down in DC each line up instantly gets better. The Braves will basically stay   the same . Bourn will tip the scales left in Philly, if he signs there the line up will be : Bourn lefty, Rollins switch , Utley  lefty, Howard lefty, Mayberry righty, Brown Lefty, and Chooch  righty a solid lefty reliever smartly used at the end of the game could hand cuff that line up. But If he goes to the Nats  that just becomes such a deeper line up. They'll move Harper down in the line up and move Morse to first base. Also having a true center fielder it will give the Nats  a stable presence  in every spot in the outfield.  I think the Nats  could be the best fit for him. Also I would like to see the Nats sign a guy like Youkilis to add a veteran bat to the line up who can give Zimmerman a day at 3rd as well as work in with who ever is playing first. Youk can teach Harper how to walk more.  

 Yeah so thats it. I kinda played it safe no real shocking moves will be made this season. I think a guy like Jason Bay will pay someone to take him on even though he will drop 40 home runs 200 rbis and hit .500 all year.  Hopefully with Christmas coming up a lot of players will sign up so they can get some cash for the presents. I guess sooner or later I have to start making my picks for the NFL playoffs. Lets just say the Giants are going to do some damage.