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Monday, March 28, 2011

10 hours of work+ a bold Idea = a 20 player roster of the best fictional baseball players

One of the best things about Hockey season is when the movie channels, and the superstations play all my favorite baseball movies to make me forget how many long and cold winter months until first pitch. So today while approaching my 6th hour of work an idea hit me like Nicholas Cage dressed like a bear in "Wicker Man". Why don't I make a list of the best players from the movies that I've seen ? Your probably wondering what kind of job do I have that I can neglect my responsibilities and make this list, well I have the best job . So here is the Roster, it is listed in a batting order .

1. Willie Mayes Hayes - Cf ( Major leagues 1 )-Plays like Mayes runs like Hayes
2. Lou Collins-1b ( Little Big League)-Lefty bat and all around good guy , nailing the owners mom, but thats what busted his slump.
3. Crash Davis-c (Bull Durham)All time Carolina League Home Run king , plus he is a veteran behind the plate and he knows the difference between a good and bad call .
4. Dottie Hinson - Dh(A League of Their Own) come on how couldn't I have her bat clean up Lead the Rockford Peaches to the World Series . Thats leadership.
5. Roy Hobbs( The Natural )Lf - WonderBoy... Pick Me out a winner Bobby .
6. Pedro Cerrano - Rf - Now that he found his marbles he can hit the curve ball.
7. Marla Hooch( A League of their own)-2b, What a hitter !
8. Roger Dorn-(Major Leagues 1-3)3b I don't really have a good one for this but he makes the cut.
9. Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez ( The Sandlot) SS - He rounds out the order with power speed and the ability to play everywhere . Always thinking of his teammates even though one might be an L-7 wienie . They didn't have the scene where he bust the guts out of the ball... Sad.

Starting Pitchers
1-Ebby Calvin "Nuke" LaLoosh (Bull Durham)-As he learns his cliches he's wants to announce his presence with authority
2- Steve Nebraska ( The Scout)- He's King Kong
3-Mel Clark( Angels in the Out Field)- He used to be Mel Clark.
4-Chet Stedman (Rookie of the Year)-He pitches from his Haveto
5-Ryan Dunn-(Summer Catch) - Yes I saw this movie , what can I say I like Jessica Biel and I needed a lefty to round out the rotation

Closer- Henry Rowengarten- Rosenbagger, Hasenpfeffer doesn't matter he makes hitters say Funky ButtLovin
Set up - Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn- Wild Thing lost some Mph on his eliminator,plus all that other stuff thats been going on
Relief-Kenny DeNunez- Like I said before Youtube broke my heart with the lack of good Sandlot clips.

Inf- Doris Murphy , Of-Mae Mordabito-( League of their own)-These two ladies add to the bench with their tough talk and intangibles. I actually blanked on what I was gonna say so I gave them a real scouting report.

That was a lot longer then I thought. If you stuck it out to the end thanks I know its a lot. Oh before I go , we all knew this link was going to be in here somewhere.

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