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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Arrr the Pirates not as bad as you think?

 I already know what your thinking, "the Pirates have winning season? That's unpossible!" and your still right. The Pirates are still steaming right towards a 19th (!!!) consecutive losing season. How much longer can it honestly last? I really don't think too much longer, yes right now the team might be terrible, but things are changing in Pittsburgh. Andrew McCutchen is a fantastic fucking baseball player, and because he is wallowing in the the swamp that is the Pittsburgh Pirates organization, he doesn't get nearly as much credit as he deserves. For a small guy his bat is huge, and defensively he is out of this world. He jumped over a 10 foot fucking fence the other day, are you kidding me? If the Pirates were to strengthen their outfield offensively (it's already pretty decent defensively believe it or not), then it would be a total game changer for them. Getting Lyle Overbay in the off season was also a good plan for the Pirates, he hit 20 home runs last season when the Blue Jays went off, and if he can keep his strikeout numbers lower than his total hits (last season he had 130 hits and 131 strikeouts) he will most assuredly help this team out in a big way.
   It is also physically impossible for me to talk about the Pirates and not discuss the truly, truly fantastic "Who Want to be a Major League Pitcher?"(also it was actually called Million Dollar Arm, just as brilliant) recruiting reality television show that the Pirates sponsored in India. Fucking brilliant, just about the best idea I've ever heard Neither of these guys are going to make it to the major league any time soon, and either way, it wouldn't make much different for the Pirates. What they need to do is try and keep the few solid players that they are sporting on their roster now, as well as focusing on their minor league guys to develop a winning team.Their starting pitching isn't terrible, they're not very good either, but totally serviceable with the addition of a quality front of the rotation veteran to teach the younger guys. A team ERA of 5 flat puts them dead last in the Majors and is pretty awful, but there is no where to go but up for the Pirates. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but in like 5 years? I could see it.
        In other news, like Bryan said, the Nationals signed Ollie Perez to a minor league deal, thank fucking God. I wish I could have photographed my smile when I read Cashman's response to looking at Perez, I breathed right for the first time in quite a while. Of course, with the luck the Mets have, Perez is gonna go 2-17 with a 7.91 ERA, but shut the Mets out every time he sees them, sorry fellas.
  Also, has anyone else noticed the mass amount of overweight players that the Yankees have this season? I feel like every third guy in the Yankees lineup is looking a bit like Dom DeLuise in his prime. Andruw Jones? His head is perfectly round. Perfectly, fucking, round.

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