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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bat .270, Jersey still sells number 1, No big deal. Back to Minka Kelly

Who doesn't want to be this guy?

A recent CNBC blog post released the year's top selling MLB jerseys and despite having one of the worst stat years in his career, the Captain is still on top. It's an interesting list given only 3 players from the league's top 3 selling markets make the top 10 selling jerseys. Two yankees; Jeter 1 ChayRod 9, and one red sock; Dustin Pedroia's balding ass. Apparently no one in LA buys jerseys, only broken dreams.

The list is littered with 3 Phillies players that make watching the video of Roy Oswalt beamed with a Manny line drive all the more enjoyable. World Series champ SF giants have one player, Tim Lincecum, skimming the top list at number 10

Aside from dominating the league, Pujols was the only Latin-American born player to make the top 10. Do we wear jerseys of the players who most resemble us in the mirror? That didn't stop every kid in Jericho High from buying a Carmello jersey the moment he decided to drape himself in blue and orange.

All and all an interesting list, only a matter of time before they all wear pinstripes. Back to watching Neuva York night at the garden.

link to the list:

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