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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Best Marketing Strategy Ever?

Stolen From Here:  So the beat (Or should I say beej?) goes on for the M-E-T-S Mets of New York Town. Just fantastic marketing. "The Mr. Met BJ Club", all around brilliance. I wonder if this was some leftover idea from the utter incompetence that was the Minaya regime, or some clever young intern pulling a prank? Either way, definitely a great way to put some asses in the seats for what everyone is admitting will be a weak year for the Mets. I just can't believe a room full of educated adults didn't pick up on the fact that the "Mr. Met BJ Club" just might make their organization a laughingstock. Is it because no one in the Mets organization has gotten a BJ since Paul LoDuca left? The world may never know.
      In other ridiculous news, Evan Longoria allegedly had an AK-47 assault rifle stolen from the house he shares with Reid Brignac and David Price. Well, if you ever wondered what two AL East powerhouses and an OK player did in the offseason, apparently they live together like baseball's version of Three's Company and shoot AK's all day.
   Not too pick too much on the good ol Mets, but the Jason Bay albatross is flying high. He's now expected to start the season on the DL due to "left rib discomfort". Last year had a promising start for Bay, but a concussion on his part and the Met's fear of killing another player like they did to Ryan Church led to him sitting around and collecting paychecks for the rest of last season. The Met's need every healthy player they can get, so this is Bad News Bears go to Japan for them.(
    Does anyone else feel bad for Ramiro Pena? Being an infielder in the Yankee's minor leagues must be awful. What must be even worse is getting called up to spot start with the team for two years, winning a World Series and then getting sent right back down for Eric Chavez. Not to take away from the awesome spring Chavez has had, but would you ever consider him a threat to your backup infielder job? Gotta be heartbreaking.
   And I know who Marla Hooch is, but the sleeper pick that is Michael "Squints" Palladoris is the kind of thing that makes me a fantasy baseball champion.
T-2 Days until Opening Day.

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