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Friday, March 25, 2011

Best thing to happen to the Yankee's rotation since Whitey Ford?

Much like the seemingly hundreds of game winning home runs he has given up, Sergio Mitre is out of here. The Yankees own version of Oliver Perez, is finally fucking gone. No more holding my breath in fear while he's on the mound, no more throwing things every time I see his useless ass running in from the bullpen, it's over. I could not be any happier, the fact that Mitre even survived on the Yankees for 2 years if mind boggling. I cannot name one good start or relief appearance he ever had, I'm sure they were out there, but all I can recall is last years ALCS, when Mitre threw batting practice to the Rangers and ruined everyone's week. Anyway, the Yankees fleeced the Milwaukee Brewers, shipping Mitre to them for outfielder Chris Dickerson. Dickerson isn't exactly an All-Star, but the Yankees drafted him in 2000, so they must have seen something from him back then, and honestly, as a Yankee fan, I would have taken anyone, and I mean anyone (except maybe Oliver Perez) just to get rid of Mitre. He should have been outright dropped over the offseason, he is just terrible.
    The Brewers clearly signed Mitre to help with their rotation problems since Grienke is on the DL and Marcum is on his way to getting hurt,and good luck to them. Inserting Mitre will not help, whether as a starter or long reliever, so the Yank's clearly got the best of this deal. Dickerson has a .271 career batting average and made a few nice plays in the outfield last season, so even though the Yankees aren't desperate for an outfielder (unless Swisher's foot thing is more serious than it appeared?) but he'll fit in nicely.
   In other Yankee news, they signed Kevin Millwood to a minor league deal today. How does that feel Mitre? Kevin Fucking Millwood, American League loss king, is going to get the spot you didn't think you should have to try out for. Anyway, Millwood isn't exactly Cliff Lee, but I'll take a veteran presence, albeit one who hasn't had a good season since like 1999 as some kind of insurance for a shaky rotation.
Goodbye and fuck off Sergio Mitre, it's been a terrible fucking two seasons.
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