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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Buck Showalter too big for his britches?

First off, really Baltimore Orioles? This is the picture you go with? Priceless, Buck Showalter is clearly a clown. Who does this guy think he is? I get it Buck, your no nonsense. The AL East doesn't scare you or your Baltimore Orioles, but screaming at Derek Jeter for jumping back from pitches? Maybe get some decent pitching so he doesn't have to.Who honestly complains about Derek Jeter as a player? Jim Rice, but he's a well known douche.He's like the consummate professional, well know by fans and players a like to be a great dude, plus his track record speaks for itself. Consistently dating women in Maxim's Top 100, closing in on 3,000 hits, 5 World Series rings, countless clutch plays and The Flip. I know Red Sox fans who have Jeter's back.  Life clearly hasn't been easy for you, you must have known there was no chance in hell of you playing 1st base for the Yankees with Donnie Baseball out there, but there is no reason for you to go running your mouth about the rest of the AL East. I hate Theo Epstein as much as the next guy, he's a total douche, but you know how he goes out and get's players like Carl Crawford? His team wins (as unfortunate as that may be). Yours does not. I love the idea of being a "gritty underdog" but not only did Showalter bitch about the rest of his division, he then pussed out and said he should have toned down his comments. If your going to be tough, be tough, and stop taking nerd ass pictures like this.Also, clearly this has become Buck Showalters Jam:

Check out the article here.

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