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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The difference between me and you are 25 world championships and maybe a few other things

Being a Mets Fan i is pretty rough. Back in 1998 The season that turned the pages back to the glory of ’86. We got Pizzia from Florida for A.j Burnett, and Preston Wilson (your welcome Yankees fans) then the next year was the “Greatest infield ever” said Sports Illustrated Olerud, Alfonzo, Ordonez, and Ventura. How could of been any better It was a crazy season in which we saw gold glove defense , monster home runs, just great overall team baseball I cant even talk about it with out flashing back to the 1999 playoffs. Just seeing Todd Pratt going deep and Steve Finely looking like some one stole his kitten , Then there was the NLCS, Mets v. Atlanta. Has anyone seen a playoff series with that much drama and close games. Every game was decided by one run . The Grand SINGLE !!!! How could you possibly not be moved. Lets not talk about 2000 We got to the world series but it hurts to remember that all the good we did that whole year because it can be thrown back at me like a broken bat . Lets just move on to 2006. The whole year I was thrilled the fact that the whole year we just destroyed the National League . How could we lose we owned. And by the 10 inch break of an Adam Wainwright curveball everything came crashing down. The Collapse, the re-signing of Oliver Perez , and everything else thats happened .

Through all of the ups and Downs that I have seen for the 25 years I have been alive and 20 years that I have been watching and rooting for the Mets . I will never turn my back on them ,even though they’ll do some pretty stupid things from now until the day I die and I know that I probably see a championship in flushing for a few years I will always be excited when Spring Training comes around and for the start of a new year with my beloved kids from queens .
That is why my Good friend and Yankees Fan M.D. Flanagan asked me to write on his blog to add my objective view from 7 train side of things . So hopefully my writing skills and my team get better this year . Thank you for your time. Lets Go Mets !

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