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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Everything this spring proves God is not a Phillies Fan

Just a few weeks after the Texas Rangers wet the bed on the big stage and thought it would be smart to try to go dollar for dollar with the Yankees. Every baseball fan was sitting at the edge of their seat to find out where Clifford Phifer Lee ( Phifer , thats his real middle name Phifer ) would go. On 12/15/2010 we found out that he would take atlas 5 million less a year to go with the Phillies causing mass hysteria in the north east baseball world. Boston fans were punching their Dice-K shirts , Nationals Fans were talking about how close they were to getting him , Toronto fans were confussed. They didn't realize they could get pitchers on the free agent market they just thought free agencies was a way for them to get old Dh's , and here in New york we were spilt 50-50 some fans we not effected by the signing ( take a guess at who .. Hint they were riding high off signing Mark Prior ) and the other 50% were jumping in to Flushing bay screaming this is all your fault Omar !!!!!!

So the spring season began and just like that Cliff lee pulled something on his side so he was out for a week. NL east fans everywhere felt like the tables were turning , slowly but we felt something moving. Once spring games started the wheels fell off for the Phillies. Their top prospect Domonic Brown broke his hand after being jammed by an inside fastball, Brad Lidge ran in to Albert Pujols and had flashbacks to 04 and is now in a catatonic state, Chase " F-bomb" Utley's knee became demolished by tendenitits , and then the latest in the comedy known as Spring Training Roy Oswalt takes a liner to the ear from Man-Ram. Luckily he wasn't hurt so I don't feel bad about talking shit. Right now 3 of their 5 pitchers have e.r.a's over 4. Cole Hamels is over 6 and that brings a smile to my heart.

Right now the Phillies are hurting and things are not going their way. Which is great and I will live in the warming glow of their loses until the end of the month when the real season starts then its pretty much over. Mets are Owning St.Louis today it was 16-3 in the 6th, with home runs by Wright, Pagan, Thole, Emaus and Den Dekker (had a 3 run blast which made me think Who is this guy ). Check out scores and live updates on

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