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Friday, March 25, 2011

Fantasy Baseball, The only real skill invovled is Trash talk

This weekend is M.D Flanagan and my fantasy baseball draft . Even though I am the commissioner and had a very solid, Sorry I had an amazing Draft. M.D won the championship with his team of scrappy players ,sleepers , and weekly pick ups. He somehow managed to beat out so many good teams , I was the 2 seed , THE 2 SEED ! I had a great team and it wasn't their fault . Check this line up out
1b- Prince Fielder
2b- Brandon Phillips
3d- Ryan Zimmerman
ss- Troy Tulowitzki (? )
of- Torii Hunter
Of- Franklin Gutieriz
0f- Carlos Gonzales (Thanks M.D)
c- John Buck
Utli- Jose Bautista
Bench- Garrett Jones, John Jaso, and Mike Stanton( for like the 2 weeks he did nothing )
Sps- Johan Santana, Cliff Lee, Jared Weaver, Edwin Jackson, John Niese, Tommy Hanson
rps- Rafel Soriano
Right that shit is sexy , but I lost to a guy who had Bronson Arroyo and Matt Capps. Wheres the Justice! Now every time we hang out I hear about it ... I gotta say his drafting skills are descent but he is the Albert Pujols of Shit talking.
Either way, This year is going to be an interesting year of fantasy. There are a lot of players that put up big years that are suspect to repeat ( most of my team), and there is a big up swing of young players looking to break out this year. I still gotta do some leg work to round out my picks , set up my brothers picks, I have to figure out how to get 10 people in my living room , and how to auto draft 2 teams on an off line draft . I'll Post draft results and best insults I guess. Mets are losing and M.D is thrilled with the recent yankee news

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