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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Fragile? Must be Italian!"... Nope its just the New York Yankees

I don't know what it is but every signing and every player who has had an injury for the Yankees this spring, makes me feel so uncomfortable. Why would a team who can out bid an entire country play it small this off season. They lost out on Lee and Crawford , they were serious about bringing Lance Berkman back , they got in to a Facebook comment battle like 16 year olds with Nolan Ryan over Andy Pettitte who just said Fuck it I'm just gonna chill balls in Texas.

They started off with a bang and signed the Paul LoDuca clone with more power in Russell Martin , Then they shocked the world by giving Mark Prior an invite to Tampa. I am not even going to talk about the media debacle the Jeter signing ( There were Yankees Fans that were scared that he would go some where else. Who would want a 38 year old SS who's power is going down and honestly not as good as he once was. That didn't stop M.D from taking him in the fifth round missing out on His dude Justin "The Concussion" Mourneo. ) After the dust settled the yankees set their eyes on Mets lefty work horse Pedro Felicano needless to say they can have him. I have a feeling that he was holding the Mets back with being too good out of the bullpen. And Finally they signed the group of Chavez, Colon, Garcia, Belliard ,Ayala, and Jones. There are more question marks in the that group then the Riddlers costume.

So this is where I am supposed to rub it in. I am supposed to go on about how good Chris young, Chris Capuano , Jason Isringhausen , Blaine Boyer , Willie Harris and the other New Mets have done this spring. So.... HOLY CRAP THEY ARE SOOOOOOOO GOOD!! There now thats out of the way I can actually tell you why the Yankees are Terrifying. All of their signings except for Pedro Felicano and Luis Ayala have been all stars , they are all guys looking to make a big come back and its possible because its baseball. Anything can happen. Im watching them play Detroit on Espn and they just showed Gracia's highlights and he has more break on his slider then Pedro Martinez. Also Mark Prior has a 1.18 or something that low era.
You will try to tell me to relax, you tell me "Like you said its baseball anything can happen. They could not be as good as your think." At that point I'll look you right in the eye as I punch you in the face . When has anything really blown up in the Yankees face? Jason Giambi hit like 35 homers , ok Carl Pavano but that was a con job. If those guys don't live up to the expectations that are put forth by the fans and the media they have amazing minor league talent. Basically the Yankees are a collection of "movie monsters" You think you shouldn't be scared of them because they have obvious holes a problems and they real don't look that good , basically human but it wont stop you from waking up in the middle of the night after LeatherFace and Jason try to cut your face off.

P.S-Marla Hooch was the second Base-woman for the Rockford Peaches thats why she is starting.

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