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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How come over 9 million Americans are unemployed But Oliver Perez has a another Job that isn't a bathroom attendant at a arbys?

Today the Washington Nationals have signed Oliver Perez to a minor league deal........ Seriously I'm not joking they actually are going to give him $400,000 to pitch for them this year. This move makes absolutely no sense what so ever . Yeah extra arms are great, Yeah he has playoff experience , and yeah he can be lights out when he's on the big stage. But he's in Washington where the stage is so small they have to battle the pirates of the worst team in America. He offers no knowledge to younger pitchers except, Sign with Scott Boras have him pretend there a market for your services and dupe some poor sap g.m that your worth a hell of a lot more then Ghostbusters . Also get this ,at the end of this year and when Ollie puts in his W-2( I assume they use W-2s for taxes ) He will have made 12.4million dollars for being terrible at his job. By the way mets lost 6-3 against St.louis thanks to Manny Acosta (future Kanas City Royal) but the mets are making head way for 2nd base , the option Justin Turner and are keeping Brad Emus and Daniel Murphy with the big club so far. The team is taken Shape now that we aren't handcuffed anymore . Check out for more info.

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