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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Batman, The Douche, and the any photo I am in, basically The Good the bad the Ugly , Its a working title

Today was the last day of spring training and with that came cuts, demotions, promotions, random stories that could warm the cockles of your heart.

The Batman( GOOD)-This is a great story to hear. The San Francisco Giants , Last Years world champions, this team is looking to repeat and looking for more ad space with their cast of characters weather its Buster Posey who happens to be the first 12 year old to play in the majors, Tim Lincecum who is working on his strike outs this season, Kung Fu Panda has dropped a shit load of weight ( which is great for him its always nice to hear a fellow fat guy getting in shape so he can fuck up those skinny mofo's ) and there might be some one else on that team that makes news but I honestly cant put a finger on it . Either way back to the point, Since Cody Ross former cabbage Patch doll and last years World Series hero will start on the Dl due to a messed up leg, opened up room for rookie 1st basemen Brandon Belt. He is a highly touted rookie with a tremendous future. But what makes this story so good and why It caught my attention is that when he received the news that he had made the big club . He cried a little . Yes, its funny to hear that a big league ball player cried, it almost reminds me of that scene from "Tommy Boy" where David Spade tells Chris Farley that they hit their quote and Farley said " I'm So happy ! ". But this is a kid, a kid who probably was in his back yard when he was 5 or 6 with a parent pretending that he was a big league player. So to hear that he got emotional is great usually baseball players are like walking comatose patients spouting off cliches like it's the only thing they know. Just imagine you work hard your whole life and you get to live your dream. Good for you kid I hope you do good , also David Eckstien the only member of the All jewish team who is not Jewish is donating his kidney to a member of his family.

The Douche (BAD) - Before the new season can begin. The final list of injuries was updated and let me tell you something . Holy Shit there are so many good players that are on this list. Anyone who had their fantasy draft before sunday must be rocking back and forth in their padded room. Oh yeah, in Douche bag news . Role Models Rodger Clemens and Barry Bonds respective trails are absolutely insane. First in the Rockets case: Brian Macnamee doesn't think he is a rat. Now this I don't really understand.
How can you name a guy who's made you rich beyond your wildest to the feds during the mitchell report, keep his used needles ,tissues or condoms what ever he kept and also sell out Andy Pettitte. Who did it once to get back from an injury that could of prematurely ended his career and not think your a rat plus you look like <--this. Don't get me wrong Clemens isn't my favorite player in fact I despise him . I bet he would despise me too and I think he has ruined everything he "worked" for. But now that clown show is gonna get even better when that moron takes the stand and tries to control his anger and clear his name. In impossible to prove news . Barry bonds keeps to his idiotic story of " I didn't know what I was taking for 10 years.". I 'm sorry, I know its been a long time since I have been to the doctor but from what I do remember and it is vague . When the Doctor said "Ok I'm gonna inject this shit in to you." I start to get a little enquizitive ( triple word score bitches). Barry Bonds is a smart guy don't let his muppet voice fool you . He got the fuck on out of pittsburg before that ship caught fire, and sunk in to those 3 rivers and he waited to have a big home run season when after Big Mac and Sammy Sosa were like my jump shot.... A non factor, So he could capitalize on being the only story in the game. ARRRRRRGGGHHH these stories piss me off to no end.

The Any photo I am in ( Ugly) - When you hear the bad you automatically start hearing "Meet the Mets" in your head. Today was no exception. To be fair it wasn't in anything like how Jason Bay is hurt, or Beltran is still thinking he is gonna play on opening day and he'll be a "team guy" during his walk year. Or really about anyone that means anything to the Mets. It was a Headline of a press release by Adam Rubin , who does amazing work for Espn New York. This head line really just felt like a kick in the nuts (no offense ) to anyone who read it. " Mets release Cancer survivor Garcia". Come On Rubin that was rough . It makes the Mets sound cold and heartless. The Kid is a 25 year old and the back story of this guy before his release was just a cluster-fuck of head shaking moments. A few springs ago he bulked up by 15 pounds like most young ball players do so that they can compete with the top guys. Then he tested positive for HcG ( Human chorionic gonadotropin. So he got a 50 day suspension but when the wheels fall they fall hard , thats how he found out he had cancer . You can read more in the article by Adam Rubin which he wrote on 3/21/2011. This was just ugly, I am glad he got better. Just Poor choice of words bro.

OH yeah I totally forgot. Luis Castillo who was supposed to just ape shit against the Mets this year with the Phillies . Yeah he got cut. Looks like on a team of Sluggers and Assholes , a switch hitting slap hitter with Balky knees and a a keen sense of wristbands just doesn't fit in.

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