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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Turns out Bartolo Colon not only eats, he can pitch too

"Opposing Hellickson was Bartolo Colon, who's competing for a spot in the Yankees' rotation and helped his cause by holding the Rays to one run on two hits while striking out five and walking none in six innings."
   I almost can't believe I'm saying this but is Bartolo Colon really no longer a worst case scenario? It's only Spring Training but he really did pitch well last night, and has been all spring. In 4 games he has a 2.40 ERA, and when competing against the completely worthless Sergio Mitre I think I might possibly be OK with him as a back end of the rotation guy. He is definitely far removed from his Cy Young season in 2005, and his fastball isn't what it used to be, but Colon has made a strong case for himself as a serviceable starter for the Yankees. The Rays that Colon pitched against were not that much different than he might see in the regular season, and he struck out Ben Zobrist, BJ Upton, and Evan Longoria, so he can't be all bad right? I'm well aware that Spring Training is drastically different from the regular season, but Colon has kind of been pitching well rather than gorging himself on Wendy's like I assumed he would be. Ivan Nova has also been killing it, and I like him in the rotation anyways, literally anyone except Sergio Mitre, who has never been good as far as I can remember.
  Also this who "the Yankees are interested in Oliver Perez" rumor is literally fucking terrifying. As much of a heart attack waiting to happen as this whole contest for the last two starters has been, the idea of Oliver Perez as a Yankee makes me want to cry.  Granted, the only team he pitched well against since like 2007 has been the Yankees, but still I promise to abandon Yankee fandom and jump on the Oakland A's bandwagon if they so much as look at him.


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