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Saturday, April 30, 2011

I think its time for another top 10 ... Top 10 possible entrance themes to strike fear in the hearts of the opposing pitcher

So it has been awhile since I did a countdown like the food one. For the past 3 years I have been asking teammates,friends,family and rando strangers that strike up conversations with me about baseball( I'm not kidding. I was on line at a CVS once and I got like Shampoo, Body Wash, and some Degree , To keep it looking good for the ladies and I like to be cheap. So as I stood in line keeping to my self 2 random people on line with me just started talking to me about the Mets. It wasn't the last time it happened. I'd say on average it happens 2x a month. Is it because I look like I care about other peoples opinions or is it because I exude total Bro'ness? ) What music would they use to walk out to the plate to. The Answer surprised me and some of them were just God awful. But some of them were actually surprisingly awesome.

So I am going list the best and worst ones . Now I can grantee you that this will not be as
good as the countdown about food because lets face it food at ball games have just gotten better and better.

10. A Day to Remember-The Downfall of US all -Look this isn't my cup of tea but this is just awful and you should be ashamed if you listen to this. Just be a man and listen to real Metal.

9.Tupac- Changes- Don't get me wrong I like this song I was a young kid when Tupac was gun downed it changed my life I started living less hard but yo Thug life is Fo'ever. But this is not a entrance song. Thats just the way it is

8. Don Johnson-Heartbeat- Someone looked me dead in the eye and said this . If you ask me who in person I will not tell you to save this persons reputation.

7.The Knight Rider theme song- It's a bad thing when you cant pick a real song to be your theme but a shows theme that isn't Good Times . But this just gets progressively worse as I go on. Also that video makes Hoff look like a serial rapist.

6. Republica- Ready to go - This was actually used . I will never be ready to go the way they want me to be ready to go . I never shouted anything from a roof top. LAME

5. Ace of Base- It's a Beautiful Life-. I just wanted this song to be in your head for 6 days. Your welcome. IT will make you move your feet.

4. Akon- Smack that- I was pitching against you two things would happen. I'd throw at your face and then Laugh as I smack that when you being removed on the stretcher.

3. Miley Cyrus-Party In the USA- Nick Johnson I don't care if you have a daughter who likes this song . This is why you get injured. I think I just got put up on a watch list because of that link. Good thing I am using my dads laptop. Thanks dad!

2. Europe-The Final Countdown- No ! Man there is only one person who can use this song and it is not you.

1-AnyThing by Creed- It almost sounds like a really cool song and then you find out its about Jesus and how much Scott Stapp Thinks he is totally awesome and the United States version of Bono. Except When Bono's being a douche he helps people, when Scott Stapp is being a douche he just drives drunk and is racist. I remember when the disaster known as Creed hit (I got caught up in it for 3 months) Every highlight reel and every slightly religious White baseball player had Higher as their walk out theme. I blame the steroids.
(*1. Rebecca Black-Friday- Now you are on a list you mother fuckers HA! Do I really have to explain why this song would be the worst fucking song to every walk out to an at bat to? I thought Nick Johnson was a tool but the first person who walks out to this takes the fucking cake. )
Looking back these songs are so bad. I have to really bring it on the Best songs. I feel like I might of lost a lot of readers. That is the mastery of Creed.

Honorable Mentions-
DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem- What ever happened to you Ruff Ryders. Man you were almost every where. Oh I just read Dmx was in prison on federal charges... Thats awkward.

*Muse- Uprising- Really this is a song I would like to hear be for a team takes the Field. Most people might disagree but I like it and I am writing this so .... Yeah This is a good mention.

10. Johnny Cash-Folsom Prison Blues- Come on how intimidated would you be if some big redneck mother fucker just slowly walked out to this. You'd think he killed someone and was cool with it. I know I would . You don't pick Johnny Cash and go at it half assed

9. Jay-Z - 99Problems- Easypick I know but you got to admit it takes confidence & skill to use it. You cant bat .198 and use this, because you got 98 problems and a curve ball seems to be one of them.

8. WU-tangClan -Protect your neck- I don't want these guys to blow up my project. And does anyone else hear a high pitched whine when this video plays?

Enough Rap - That should bring me back. Who hates Thriller... No one hates thriller!

7. The Pouges- A Needle for Paddy Garcia- This is M.D's walk out tune. He is the most intimidating batter in Long Island standing at a whopping 5'10 210 with gangly long arms a 3 ft vertical leap with a life time .240 batting average.... You bastards have been put on notice. Thats not him but similar events have taken place.

6. Bruce Springsteen-Tenth Ave Freeze out-This one is my walk out tune. A little Bruce to jump start the Offense. That slow build up to the Big man getting down on the Sax'amaphone. Gets you going . My .460 avg. 25 rbis and just total awesomeness speaks for its self. To be honest we have yet to actually use theme songs at games because we suck but the time will come. we were 4-16 last season and two of them were forfeits .

5.Eminem -Not Afraid- This is just taking over for walk out themes and I have to say I really like it. This song and I need a Doctor are two really solid songs.

4.Childish Gambino- Freeks and Geeks- Donald Glover is killing it with this. I will give it one more year let it be put on a highlight reel instead of a Addias commercial then it will make it big.

3. Rush -Tom Sawyer- Now I hate Rush but I have to give credit when credit is due. Neil Pert And his 36 piece drum set bring it on this one .

2.Metallica- Enter Sandman- Billy Wagner's Theme... Lets get serious Mariano Riviera is what they are singing about.

1. Garth Brooks - Friends in Low Places - Just fucking with you but how great is this song.

For real this time ... This song has to inspire you as well as the people who came to see you play. When they hear it they just know that shits about to go down. SO here it is

1. Jay-z - Run This town- Sorry people this song gets me going! Listen to it and put your self in game mode and you will understand what the deal is. How pumped did you just get. Thats why its #1

If you guys have any songs you want to let me hear to change my mind. Bring it on everyone . I could be wrong but I think it's a solid list.

Plug City -
Oh I put in a link to my cousin Leann's (Mikey's Sister) blog. She is writing about awesome bargains and shit like that. So if you want to be a responsible shopper check it out.... Also the Metal Link is my friend Jason and Anthony's Band Death Becomes Her. Check Them out.

I'll get back to real baseball when the week starts.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Ozzie Guillen: Manager of the Year

     So Ozzie Guillen got kicked out of the White Sox/Yankees game in the first inning the other night after arguing balls and strikes, which is an automatic ejection no matter what. Anyways, just Ozzie being Ozzie, he gets the boot, then heads to clubhouse and does what? The same thing it seems like every nutjob fucking athlete does, jumps on twitter to continue his rant. So his tweets read something like "this one is going to cost me a lot of money. this is patetic" and "today a tough guy show up at Yankee stadium"; so not only does Ozzie suck at spelling and grammar, but he's also fucking crazy, which is why he's my candidate for manger of the year. MLB obviously got wind of these tweets, and Guillen got suspended and fined an as of yet undisclosed amount of money. Following Ozzie Guillen on twitter is easily one of the smartest things you can do as an internet user, he's constantly hilarious and I've said more than once on here that I like my Guillen crazy, and this is just more of what I love about this guy. Manager of the Year, I'm calling it now.
     The Braves are having a tough week. About a week ago, Roger McDowell, best known around here for being on one of the most respectful and courteous teams every to take the field insulted some fans in San Fransisco.This just proves the "second spitter" theory. Had to be McDowell. He made a bunch of jokes involving their sexual orientation, which apparently upset some guy there with his kids. McDowell than proceeded to threaten the dude with a bat, in front of his children mind you, asking him "how much his teeth are worth". I see where everyone's coming from, calling McDowell a dick, but is this not one of the greatest pre-fight lines of all time? I'm keeping that shit in my back pocket for the next time I drunkenly decide to thrown down. Game over. That line would make a fleet of bikers run for cover, bring it on world. Bring it the fuck on.
      Continuing with the Braves shitty weak, Derek Lowe got pulled over for boozing on the road. Apparently, he was racing someone, which shocked me. Derek Lowe? Racing someone? I would have bet 10 times out of 10 that Derek Lowe was cruising around in some ridiculously over-sized pickup truck. He was racing around the streets of Hotlanta when he got nabbed stinking of alcohol and bombed (get it? I'm a punny motherfucker.Is that a pun? I think it is, loyal readers, correct me if I'm wrong) his field sobriety test, then decided against taking a breathalyzer. Dead. Fucking. Giveaway. Usually you're pretty fucked if you get pulled over drunk, but if I was a cop and some dude declined to take the breathalyzer, I'm bringing him in instantly. It's always worth the risk, what if you blow like a .06? Boom! Your laughing in the cops face and stopping off at 7-11 for three more.
     The entire time I've been writing this, I've been sitting in my basement watching Intentional Talk. First off, I was furious when I saw that name. How did I not think of that for this blog? I'm a dumbass. The point I want to make though is that A) Kevin Millar is a fucking clowncar. He's just such an idiot, and says the dumbest things ever.Not that I like to attack people's families, but Millar has a kid named Canyon. Fucking Canyon. Of all the dumb, made up, non-names I've heard in my life, Canyon just might be the worst.  Even worse than that jackass Millar is Chris Rose. Who gave this nerd a job in baseball? I literally cannot say enough terrible things about this guy. Anyways, fuck Millar and Rose. Phantom Ballplayer is better.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ken Griffey Jr: Baseball Legend , Tragic Hero

(Yes This is a Wine Label)

This is the first year since 1973 that a Griffey would not be on a major league baseball team as spring training ended. I would like to take a break from my normal rants about the Mets or a rants about another team,their talent , and any gripe I might have with what ever I can come up with. I just want to shine a spot light on one of the greatest player of the modern era. Ken Griffey Jr, The Kid, The man with the sweetest swing in the game.

Here are his stats. Over 2671 games played, 2781 hits, 630 home runs, 1836 rbis , had a career .287 batting average, was an 11 time all star, 9 time gold glove winner , an 8 time batting champion and the 1997 league Mvp. Like many before me have said and many will say after Griffey is a first ballot hall of famer. Playing most of his career with the Seattle Mariners with 8 and a half years with the Cinncinati with a quick stop over with the White Sox. In 2009 he returned in a blaze of glory to the Mariners . In his first season back he cracked 19 home runs as a full time DH. Griffey showed his age that season and called it a career in the early part of 2010. Thus ending a great and tragic 21 year career.
With the above stats that I listed some of you might wonder why is his career tragic. This is the part that I did not want to write about but I have to. Griffey had these amazing stats but he could of been the best all round ball player in the history of the game. We would not have to care about guys like Bonds or Sosa and another of the steroid era because it would of been Griffey as the all time home run king.
In 2000 the Mariners felt they needed to get younger and Griffey wanted to play closer to his family . So with a mutual agreement was reached and The Mariners traded him to The Reds for pitcher Brett Tomko, Mike Cameron and a bunch of dudes who never really amounted to much. The Reds signed Griffey to a contract for 9 years worth 112 million dollars. Not that a bad deal to go to ohio's best team with that creepy mascot ( Self promotion ). His tenure in
Cinncy was supposed to bring the Reds back to the championship. Ken changed his number from 24 to 30 in honor of his dad. In his first season he launched 40 home runs . But the playoffs eluded the Reds every year. As the seasons went on and the years past Griffey by time and injuries caught up with the kid who looked ageless. From the years of 2002-2004 Griffey missed a total of 260 games in 3 seasons. Baseball was bleak the Angels(beat the Yankees), Marlins(beat the Yankees) and Red Sox(beat the Yankees) won the world series. Chaos was running a muck the fucking Marlins with Luis Castillio was actually important that how crazy baseball was during that time.

In 2005 baseball fans got punched in the nuts or lady nuts ( because
women watch baseball too) by the steroid era hitting its climax. The Mitchell Report came out . If you are not familiar with what the Mitchell report was . It was a list of baseball players that have taken steroids. Basically a list of guys who's long careers were ruined. It was the biggest black eye in baseball since the space jerseys. Griffey was finally healthy and came back and knocked 35 dingers to win the Mlb comeback player of the year . He played 3 more year in Cincy before being traded to The White Sox for a rental. In the off season he resigned with the Mariners to end his storied career with the team that gave him his start.

Ken Griffey Jr played his whole career in midst of that black cloud. He resisted he temptation that many players fell into. But we don't live in a world were you get rewarded for doing the right thing. Ball players who cheated or however you see it won the World Series but Griff never got to play in one World Series game. It is really sad if you think about it

I don't want to spend the whole time lamenting ( Thanks scrabble) on the negative points
of this great career. Lets end this on a positive note. Ken Griffey Jr is just awesome. He played the game like he was a kid. Like we all did or still do just going out there every time he was on the lineup card playing his heart out. Have you ever seen Griff make a leaping catch at the wall. Just awesome. Have you seen his home run swing. Beautiful! The man had a whole generation of tee- ballers trying to get that awesome upper cut swing. I have to say I was one of those kids and let me tell you it did not really work for me. My coaches hated it but it was fun because Griffey had fun swinging like that. I always wanted to try stealing a home run but the problem is I am too slow and my vertical leap is like 2 inches so I never could. Ken Griffey is a great Role model for any young kid who is learning how to play the game. If there are any fathers who read this blog I recommend you find some Griffey highlight reels. I would just like to thank Ken Griffey Jr for all you have done for the game and may you do great things in your retirement .... What ever you do Don't become a Bro'nalyst. ( another plug I rule... Not really )

I Really Really Like The St. Louis Cardinals

      I predicted the Brewers to steal away the N.L. Central, but I really do like the St. Louis Cardinals. As a team, they have an awesome tradition, they've got Pujols, a sick logo, a manager with a kind of hot daughter, and a direct sponsorship from Budweiser. They're at the top of the N.L. Central right now with a 13-11 record, playing great ball. The Cards pitching staff, even without Adam Wainwright has been great, especially Kyle McLellan, who has stepped up big time and is sitting on a 3-0 record and a 2.16 ERA, pretty good for a guy converted from a reliever to a starter. Kyle Lohse has been fan-fucking-tastic for the Cardinals, especially last night, although it was against the Houston Astros. Lohse has a 1.64 ERA and a 4-1 record, it's really cool to see all the "under the radar" type of guys stepping up to replace the ace.
    Albert Pujols. Enough said? Not really, after getting off to an atypically slow start, Pujols has finally started to heat up and he's always a threat and can be a game changer in any situation. Also his last name is Poo-Holes, which makes me laugh because I'm 8 years old. Matt Holliday is being his usual self with a .429 batting average, crazy. With these two guys playing up to their usual standards, it makes the Cardinals one of the most dangerous ballclubs out there. I wouldn't go so far as to say unstoppable, because they get stopped every season, but definitely a threat to the Brewers eventual dominance of the N.L. Central. Pujols is in the midst of contract disputes, which is fucking shocking. I think I've said this before? I don't remember. Anyhow, St. Louis Cardinals- throw all the money you have at Pujols, he's always going to be worth it, and fucking with your star player is never a good idea. It leaves everyone with a bitter taste in their mouths, the fans especially. Look at the way the Texas Rangers dicked around Michael Young, everyone thought they were dicks, except the fucking idiots in Texas who don't know any better.
     The Cardinals are also one of the most storied team in baseball. They have an amazing history of players, (say what you will about Mark McGwire, but all y'all motherfuckers were psyched on him back in 1998) from Rogers Hornsby and Stan Musial to Lou Brock and Bob Gibson.How great was Stan Musial? Probably one of the greatest of all time. No, I never saw him in person, but the dude is a fucking legend, for real. They've got 10 World Series Championships, a distant second from the Yankees, but the 2nd most in the Major Leagues. They also have that whole Cardinals-Cubs rivalry, which is nice for them because it hasn't been too much competition over the last, say, 85 years or so. (Unless Henry Rowengartner becomes the ace of that staff again) Scratch that, further research has shown the Cubbies actually have beaten the Cardinals more often, 1,082-1,038. Anyhow, the Cardinals are clearly a superior team.
    The Cardinals also have one of the sickest logos in baseball, the "birds on the bat" thing is right up there with Yankee Pinstripes in terms of all time classic logos. They don't utilize they're bird logo hat enough, cause it's fucking awesome. I own two of them. The Cardinals are one of the most storied franchises in baseball, and while the Brewers are still gonna dominate the N.L. Central, the Cardinals are definitley a team to watch. I'd even go so far as to call them the Yankees of the National League. And I mean that in the best way possible, fuck Yankee haters. And Cardinal haters for that matter too.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mets win five so I talk about :Brad Penny is the Sinatra of The Mlb, and some other shit

So I have been in a relatively good mood for the past few days. The weather is getting nicer( as a storm is aporching) here in New York. Baseball is now the #1 sport because the Knicks and Rangers lost in the playoffs. So now its time to shine. The Mets have taken the torch and have been running with it winning Five in a row. They welcomed back Jason Bay who returned with his heart on fire. Blasting his first home run of the season in his second game. But with everything now geared towards baseball. There are a few things that are just bothering the hell out of me and since I have the venue I can share these issues with the readers so lets just dive in to them.

The first thing that I don't get and it kind of makes me mad. Is Brad Penny
and is ability to just be a champ. This guy who looks like this (<-- ) has been crushing it with some of the hottest women of Hollywood. It doesn't make any sense. Brad Penny if you don't know is basically a # 3 pitcher he isn't that great he was on the 03 Marlins when they beat or did the yankees lose on charity again ? He has 109 career wins and really thats it he pitched for the Dodgers ,Red sox, Cards and now the Tigers. He looks like a fatter Fred Durst.
This mother fucker has dated Alyssa Milano, Eliza Dushku and is now marrying some hot russian chick from that dancing show her name is Katrina Smirnoff . Yeah these links should prove my point. How does this happen? Its just mind boggling really, Chubbs here can lock it down with slamming hot chicks but he cant lock down more then 15 wins. I guess God doesn't give with both hands.

Is anyone else wondering why in the 3rd week of the season why Mlb has released the Allstar ballots. The All star game which will be in Arizona this july. Its just stupid , why now
why not in june? Also I was watching intentional talk starring Hall of fame Bro Kevin Millar ,they pointed out that the ballots have guys on it that have no right to be there and will steal votes from players who actually deserve the votes. Guys like Chase Utley and Kendrys Morales who haven't played one game yet are on the ballot. Also former Mets great 2nd basemen Brad
Emus is listed as their candidate for the game.He isn't even on the team let alone the majors anymore. If Derek Jeter is elected to the All star game this year as a starter and he is batting under .270 I will lose all faith in the idea that Yankees fans know anything about anything.
The Game is in Arizona... Really Mlb isn't there some sort of thing going on their with people who look like "non-Americans" get rounded up and sent to jail... Now I could be wrong about some of the details for the sake of a few laughs but that shit was serious .Though then again I can start up my campaign to be elected to the All star game again. Last year I got around one thousand votes . So maybe this year I can try for more votes. I'm not even joking many of my Facebook friends can back me up on this.

Finally I gotta answer back to a few things that were said by my fellow writer. I completely disagree with his stance on the playoff idea. It is great for baseball. Should baseball be held
hostage by Derek Jeter's opinion ? Is Bud Selig just Brian Cashman with glasses? No he's not he is a business man and he might be the crypt keeper. He wants to make it almost like the NFL playoffs. It wont get out of hand. Frankly look at what happened when baseball introduced the wild card. Teams didn't just coast into the playoffs they played their asses off. You'd think a Yankees fan would be all for it since the Yankees have wont he wild card 4 times and they were the first team to actually win the wild card in the history of baseball. Adding another spot would be the best thing for the game. Baseball is a business and Baseball is a game so why wouldn't you do something that will elevate both aspects ? Any way I know one person who'd be crying for it when the Yankees are 3 games out of the wild card when september 27th comes around. Baseball need to be updated every 10 years or so.
OH yeah! 86 is way better then 98. More people remember the 86 Mets because they were fun and they were an event. The 98 Yankees wish they had that half of their charisma.

But on a serious note. It has been a blast writing the Phantom for the past month. We talk a ton of shit and have a lot of fun doing it. M.D and myself have had a great time talking and writing about the game we love and causes us to basically fight each other like little children. THis launch party will be sick. We are going to follow in the footsteps of " Social Network" except without the club, the light effects, The new spiderman and Justin Timberlake. We hope we can continue owning shop on our quest to rule the internet with one poorly worded sentence at a time.

Four Aces? Maybe Not.

   Roy Oswalt has not been himself. How do I know that? He's on my goddamned fantasy team, that's how. He left last night's game after 3 innings, giving up 6 hits and 5 earned runs. He's been pitching well, but not up to his usual stuff. On top of that, Cliff Lee got laced up by the Arizona Diamondbacks (most irrelevant team in Major League Baseball? Maybe not.) the day before, giving up 2 home runs and 5 hits. Not so great looking now are they? Roy Halladay is still Roy Halladay, almost unstoppable, barely understandable as a pitcher, the guy is out of hand. Cole Hamels is also pitching well, and Joe Blanton is, well, Joe Blanton. The biggest problem facing these "Four Aces"?
     Run production. The Phillies offense has definitely been lacking it's usual power this year. Their 10th in the National League for overall batting average, preventing them somewhat from dominating baseball the way everyone predicts them to. It's actually kind of nice to watch the two teams that everyone predicted would run away with their respective leagues struggle a bit, also being from New York, I know that it's fucking awesome to see the Red Sox and the Phillies not living up to the expectations set for them, even if it is only April.
     Did anyone else catch this new sunglasses thing? Fielders have always worn sunglasses, but the other day I noticed Jason Bay and basically the entire Baltimore Orioles organization wearing sunglasses while batting. Is this common? I'm kind of lost here. I totally get wanting to wear your sweet new Oakley's all the time, but it looked really strange to me. Wouldn't they have trouble seeing the ball? What if they get hit in the face? All sorts of comedy can ensue from this, but I'm sure if they're wearing sunglasses at the plate they must be specially designed or something.
    The Mets have now won 5 games in a row. I know I slagged off on them yesterday, and they deserve it, but it's kind of nice to see a baseball team from Queens playing decently for a change. It should be noted, however, that the Mets played the Astros, Diamondbacks, and Nationals during this little winning stretch, so there isn't too much to be proud of. The Phillies are heading into the home run eating cavern that the Mets call home, so it should be interesting to watch how that goes (we all know the Mets are going to lose right? OK, just making sure.).
    Speaking outside of baseball now, Phantom Ballplayer is fucking killing it. We're getting pageviews like a motherfucker and beginning our domination of the internet. In honor of our awesome achievement, we're gonna throw a big ass party, cause that's what we like to do over here. More details will follow, but it won't be a cool launch party like you read about, no clubs, no DJ's, just straight up alcohol abuse in my backyard or some shit. Also, I know that my posts have been lacking in humor, talent, interestingness and timeliness lately, but I'm about to graduate college, and even at a good old SUNY school, my workload is enormous, so bear with me.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Everyone Gets a Playoff Spot!

 Bud Selig, AKA Martin Landau, is really pushing for this expanded playoff thing. It's a terrible idea. Granted, I love the idea of having baseball on more often, and I understand how much revenue would go up etc. etc. but where does it end? Baseball could at some point just become one long post season, where everyone gets into the playoffs and no one ever has to spend their October playing golf. All this expansion of the postseason is is an attempt to make the smaller market teams commercially viable.  Is it the Yankees fault that Orioles come from a less enthusiastic baseball town, have a smaller payroll and very little big name talent? No, it's not, so putting the Orioles through the misery of attempting a playoff run any time soon is just unfair to them.
    As much as I hate to say it, baseball is, in many ways, a business. But you know what else it is? A motherfucking game. What's the most basic rules of a game? Someone wins, someone loses. By letting everyone into the playoffs, no one really loses. It makes the regular season games less exciting, because why would anyone try and win if they knew they'd end up playing postseason ball anyways? It's along the same lines as giving out participation trophies or whatever, all it does it make people not want or need to try to succeed.
    Even players are against it, with Tim Lincecum clearing the smoke out of his room to say he thinks it's a bad idea, Mark Teixiera throwing off his programming to say he thinks it's not a good idea, and Derek Jeter finally having an opinion on something and agreeing with him. Does playoff expansion mean the end of baseball? Of course not, and the odds of having it get to the point where every team gets a playoff spot are slim to none, but it's something to think about. I know it's not just me, and I'm sure people said all this before the last time the Playoffs expanded, but it's a terrible idea Count Dracula, a terrible idea.
        Poor Tony LaRussa huh? He's got a center fielder who he clearly hates, and now, to the delight of thousands dozens of Oakland Raiders fans, his daughter is going to be half nude in front of them, risking her life around a bunch of demon looking things like she's Sinatras' wife in that Rosemary's Baby movie. I'm sure he's proud of her, in that weird way strippers parent's still kind of love them, and I bet you he'd rather have a demon nailing his daughter than Colby Rasmus any day of the week.
Finally, the most important point I've had to make all day. I had a very long weekend, full of festivities, Easter Eggs and alcohol, so I have not had time to post since Thursday. I have however, been keeping up with reading Bryan's post, and must defend the honor of both myself  and the greatest baseball team to take the field since the 1932 Yankees, the 1998 Yankees. Seriously Bryan? You think that group of reprobates and miscreants the Mets fielded in '86 could have even matched the glory and the power that was the 1998 New York Yankees? They beat the Mets 1986 record of 116 wins (postseason included) by 9 games. You know what else the 1998 New York Yankees did? THEY KEPT WINNING! Unlike the Mets who settled into a long period of decline that continues to this day. The Yankees dominated the Major Leagues until 2001 when they got bored of winning the World Series and let the Diamondbacks have it. The '98 Yankees would beat the '86 Mets 100 times out of 100, no questions asked. Enough said.

Monday, April 25, 2011

OH Canada, Your baseball teams had awesome hats , Oh Canada your team would probably be better in the National League

Lets give it up for The Toronto Blue Jays. These guys are still playing baseball. They'd be good to if it wasn't for the Yankees, Red Sox, Rays and now the Orioles. So yeah give it on up to the birds up north. Right now that I got that awkward intro out of the way lets get in to the shit of it. The Blue Jays are right on the teetering point and the rest of the world has to recognize.

Last season the Blue Jays (really Toronto. Who do you think you are Carmello Anthony ?) Finally had a season that they wanted they won 85 games. Which would be great, compared to their 09 season of 75 wins and 87 losses. The only problem is that the Rays won 96 the Yankees
won 95 and the Red sox won 89. So they ended in fourth place 10 games out of the wild card race. Again thats great for a team that has been a laughing stock since the Expos left to become the Nationals. Thus making laughing at Canadian baseball a one team circus. Playing in the Rodgers Center which now has a hotel in center field. I guess thats where A-rod hid his native stripper . Remember that back when A-rod was a villain around the whole league. So it wasn't that
long ago but he actually had a stripper up n Toronto just hanging out waiting until the Yankees strolled into town. What a life I guess thats why he has a picture of himself as a Centuar in his, that fancy F word for lobby of your house. Yeah that picture actually exists I didn't have Mikey make it up. I found that shit on Google so you know its real.

So what I am proposing is what happened back in 1995 when The Brewers switched leagues. The Blue Jays take up residency in the N.L. We will move a team that would be a sight to see in the A.L.... See you later Philly. The Jays would instantly compete like the Miami Heat, since they enjoy building from the draft (cross sports burn ). Toronto going to the Nl central would make the Pirates go to the Nl east and the Phillidildos to the Al east. Tell me Yankee fans how many games would you love to see. Playing against Boston and Philly with the games actually mean something. Plus it would be nice to have a team that has a worse track record then the Mets in the same division as them because I don't think i will be able to handle the next 5 years.

That could work, Bud Selig I know you read the phantom just send me an email I got a million Ideas that will be nothing but gold .

Toronto is in the bracket of a team on the rise. Just like the Pirates, A's and the Rockies these guys are growing into something special. But unlike those teams Toronto has something they don't. A guy who hit 52 home runs and also a line up that can hit straight up bombs. With prospect catcher J.P Arencibia hitting Canada like scars(scras?),Jose Bautista looking to crush another + 30 home runs and Mustache enthusit Travis Snider trying to live up to his hype.

Now like most things I am not going to act like I know whats what . But Its been over 18 years since the Blue Jays made the playoffs and 19 years since they won it all. This franchise has bought into the whole young Gm wave that is sweeping the league. So that means five things

1. They will not get any big name guys who are in the prime of their careers.
2. Their Farm system is going to be stacked. They also will trade some of their higher prospects to get a real 2nd basemen. They have to figure out what to do with Aaron Hill. He was great that one season but his injuries have delayed the development of that team.
3. They will hire former players to be consultants to rear the players in the right way
4. They will have strong starting pitching but they cannot compete until they get a real closer. What they have right now will not do. Any where Octavio Dotel takes up space after the 04 season is the worst bullpen. So they need to lock it down . I know a young fireballer who has the name of a Blue Jay Legend if they want to get all nostalgic.
5. ...... OH NO !!! I Totally forgot the 5th thing. It was going to be really funny. I can't believe it I am so unhappy. Im sorry Canada I was a boot' ( had to ) wrap it up all nicely . Something you could hang your hat on and be proud to be Blue jays fans but ... Wait - Finally once they win over 92 games some one besides Joe Carter will get bj's up there.... Sorry Canada thats all I could think up. I failed you just like the rest of....Wait! Lets try... When Toronto takes the East both Jack Donaghy and Jim Halpert will have to accept Toronto as a real sports town before Philly .... Now that I wrote that, it's not that funny. So I am gonna just end this. Sorry again Canada.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

50th post special ... 86 v 98 the Show down....

Hey readers sorry I had to take some time to collect my thoughts gain ,some perspective on some things. Basically I was mentally drained by how bad the Mets were playing. But now the Mets have won 3 in a row and I feel like a new man. It has been a great 72 hours. So now with my batteries recharged and not having plans on a Saturday night I will try to answer the best question in The New York Sports world. If not raise some questions or whatever Yankees do when they have their 98 team questioned. For those readers who aren't familiar with this question because it seems so far fetched because its two different teams in two different era's of baseball. Both teams dominated their leagues by winning over 100 games. The 86 Mets won 108 and the 98 Yankees won 114 a 6 game difference.

So in 86 when I was 7 months old to a year old... A wee little tyke , The Mets were taking
the baseball world by storm. At the start of the 86 season the Mets proclaimed that they will win it all and stop at nothing to come through on their words. The 86 Mets were a scrappy powerhouse ( The first of its kind). From watching clips of the games that they played and from reading the book " The Bad Guys Won" by Jeff Pearlman who is king of the dick bag books( other books are about the Cowboys of the 90's , Barry Bonds and Rodger Clemens) The 86' Mets weren't gonna take any shit from anyone. I would of put of up clips of them fighting other teams but the only one I could find is this documentary called " I am Keith Hernandez" just a warning to our younger viewers there is some graphic material in this so proceed with caution. I don't want to hear it when you watch this and you are shocked by the hard core 70's porn that happens in the middle of it. I fucking warned you all. But back to the point the Mets were unstoppable during the regular season.
The Mets played the Houston Astros in a 7 game series in which the Mets won 4 games to
3 with some pretty crazy extra inning games. After they beat the Stros' they Flew up to bean town to face the heavy favorite Red sox who were in the midst of a solid season themselves but as history showed us they sucked in the World Series. So the Mets took it all in a 7 game affair with some historical events that i should have to remind you of ... But I will because what kind of Mets Fan would I be if I didn't.

Now for the Yankees. Back in 1998 the Yankees were fresh off their 24th World
Championship victory and many of the baseball talking heads were predicting them to repeat. But no one expect them to win a record shattering 114 games . They lost 48 games they won over 70% of their games. In baseball if you get a hit 3 out of every 10 you'll have a .300 .avg which is high . Baseball is a game where if you fail better then the other guy you make the Hall of fame. The 98' Yankees were the only team in history to succeed at the game of failing. A team built of talent and character guys like Scott Brosius , Tino Martinez, Chuck Knoblauch, Paul The Warrior O'neil and a bunch of other guys . David Wells threw a Perfect game David Cone became a true winner . They just came together that year. Also it was the begining of the Jorge Posada regin

The Yankees absolutely had no problem crushing it in the playoffs. They beat the then not owned by Nolan Ryan Texas Rangers in 3 games , then they beat the Cleveland Indians in 6. As
they entered the World Series against the N.l's "best" at the time San Diego Padres. Eventhough the Fathers had Tony Gywnn and Greg Vaughan they were horribly mismatched. It wasn't even close the Yankees swept the Padres out of contending for at least 15 years. Some where a little M.D was holding a Yankee pennate crying that his team won as he blasted his brothers copy of London Calling or was it Hanson (?) .HA!

OK now lets look at the line ups I am going to put up the starting 9 ( with a Dh) with 3 bench
players and 4 pitchers


1. Mookie Wilson- LF .289,9,45,25
2 Wally Backman-2b .320,1,27,13
3 Keith Hernandez -1b .310,13,83,2
4 Darryl Strawberry-Rf .259.27,93,28
5 Gary Carter-C .255,24,105,1
6 Howard Johnson- Dh .245, 10,39,8
7 Ray Knight- 3b .298,11,76,2
8 Lenny Dykstra-Cf .295,8,45,31
9 Rafel Santana -Ss .218,1, 28,0

Tim Tufel- infield .247, 4,31,4
Kevin Mitchell- inf/of.277,12,43,3
Ed Hern- Catcher.265,4,10,0

W-L- Era -K's
1. Dwight Gooden-17-6,2.84,200
2. Ron Darling- 15-6,2.81,184
3. Sid Fernandez-16-6,3.52,180
4. Bobby Ojeda -18-5,2.57,148

era/Saves/save ops/ks
1. Jesse Orosco-2.33, 21of 21, 62
2.Rick Agulirea- 3.24, 0 of 0, 104

1. Chuck Knoblauch- 2b .265,17,64,31
2. Derek Jeter- Ss .291,19,84,23
3. Bernie Williams- Cf .339,26.97,15
4. Paul O'niel- Rf .317,24,116,15
5. Tino Martinez- 1b .281,28,123,2
6. Darryl Strawberry- Dh.247,24,57,8
7 . Scott Brosius- 3b .300,19,98,11
8. Jorge Posada- C .268,17,63,0
9 Chad Curtis- Lf .248,10,56,21

Luis Sojo- infield .231,0,14,1
Shane Spencer- Of .373,10,27,0
Joe Giardi- Catcher .278,3,31,2

1. Andy Pettitte 16-11 4.24, 146
2.David Cone 20-7 3.44, 209
3. El Duque Hernandez -12-43.13, 131
4. David Wells 18-4 3.49,163

1. Mariano Rivera- 1.91, 36 of 36, 38
2 . Jeff Nelson- 3.79, 3 of 3, 35

Wow that was a lot of fucking stats. Ok so on paper the 98 yankees are just insane. I gotta give it to them Mo was an amazing 36 for 36 thats crazy. Thats the definition of locked down. Now if we set it up as a 7 game series... It's a tough call. Either way I am gonna hear it. But my opinion this would go the full 7. Just a back and forth but you know what I am gonna go with the Mets. Call me a homer but the Mets were extra inning tested. They never gave up during any point of their run to the 86 championship. The Yankees have the stats to make other teams crap their pants but they were never tested through out the playoffs. I think if put to it the Mets would edge them out. Its tough honestly as I am writing this I am thinking that the Yankees could take it in 5. It's two different era's it's cocaine vs steroids . The battle continues . If you have an opinion let me hear about it . The stats are up just state your peace.
Winner of theme songs-86 Mets with their 3 awesome songs : Meet the Mets, Lets Go Mets Go and Get MetsMErized....… Sorry once again for the jumbleness these pictures are too good too not put up.