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Saturday, April 23, 2011

50th post special ... 86 v 98 the Show down....

Hey readers sorry I had to take some time to collect my thoughts gain ,some perspective on some things. Basically I was mentally drained by how bad the Mets were playing. But now the Mets have won 3 in a row and I feel like a new man. It has been a great 72 hours. So now with my batteries recharged and not having plans on a Saturday night I will try to answer the best question in The New York Sports world. If not raise some questions or whatever Yankees do when they have their 98 team questioned. For those readers who aren't familiar with this question because it seems so far fetched because its two different teams in two different era's of baseball. Both teams dominated their leagues by winning over 100 games. The 86 Mets won 108 and the 98 Yankees won 114 a 6 game difference.

So in 86 when I was 7 months old to a year old... A wee little tyke , The Mets were taking
the baseball world by storm. At the start of the 86 season the Mets proclaimed that they will win it all and stop at nothing to come through on their words. The 86 Mets were a scrappy powerhouse ( The first of its kind). From watching clips of the games that they played and from reading the book " The Bad Guys Won" by Jeff Pearlman who is king of the dick bag books( other books are about the Cowboys of the 90's , Barry Bonds and Rodger Clemens) The 86' Mets weren't gonna take any shit from anyone. I would of put of up clips of them fighting other teams but the only one I could find is this documentary called " I am Keith Hernandez" just a warning to our younger viewers there is some graphic material in this so proceed with caution. I don't want to hear it when you watch this and you are shocked by the hard core 70's porn that happens in the middle of it. I fucking warned you all. But back to the point the Mets were unstoppable during the regular season.
The Mets played the Houston Astros in a 7 game series in which the Mets won 4 games to
3 with some pretty crazy extra inning games. After they beat the Stros' they Flew up to bean town to face the heavy favorite Red sox who were in the midst of a solid season themselves but as history showed us they sucked in the World Series. So the Mets took it all in a 7 game affair with some historical events that i should have to remind you of ... But I will because what kind of Mets Fan would I be if I didn't.

Now for the Yankees. Back in 1998 the Yankees were fresh off their 24th World
Championship victory and many of the baseball talking heads were predicting them to repeat. But no one expect them to win a record shattering 114 games . They lost 48 games they won over 70% of their games. In baseball if you get a hit 3 out of every 10 you'll have a .300 .avg which is high . Baseball is a game where if you fail better then the other guy you make the Hall of fame. The 98' Yankees were the only team in history to succeed at the game of failing. A team built of talent and character guys like Scott Brosius , Tino Martinez, Chuck Knoblauch, Paul The Warrior O'neil and a bunch of other guys . David Wells threw a Perfect game David Cone became a true winner . They just came together that year. Also it was the begining of the Jorge Posada regin

The Yankees absolutely had no problem crushing it in the playoffs. They beat the then not owned by Nolan Ryan Texas Rangers in 3 games , then they beat the Cleveland Indians in 6. As
they entered the World Series against the N.l's "best" at the time San Diego Padres. Eventhough the Fathers had Tony Gywnn and Greg Vaughan they were horribly mismatched. It wasn't even close the Yankees swept the Padres out of contending for at least 15 years. Some where a little M.D was holding a Yankee pennate crying that his team won as he blasted his brothers copy of London Calling or was it Hanson (?) .HA!

OK now lets look at the line ups I am going to put up the starting 9 ( with a Dh) with 3 bench
players and 4 pitchers


1. Mookie Wilson- LF .289,9,45,25
2 Wally Backman-2b .320,1,27,13
3 Keith Hernandez -1b .310,13,83,2
4 Darryl Strawberry-Rf .259.27,93,28
5 Gary Carter-C .255,24,105,1
6 Howard Johnson- Dh .245, 10,39,8
7 Ray Knight- 3b .298,11,76,2
8 Lenny Dykstra-Cf .295,8,45,31
9 Rafel Santana -Ss .218,1, 28,0

Tim Tufel- infield .247, 4,31,4
Kevin Mitchell- inf/of.277,12,43,3
Ed Hern- Catcher.265,4,10,0

W-L- Era -K's
1. Dwight Gooden-17-6,2.84,200
2. Ron Darling- 15-6,2.81,184
3. Sid Fernandez-16-6,3.52,180
4. Bobby Ojeda -18-5,2.57,148

era/Saves/save ops/ks
1. Jesse Orosco-2.33, 21of 21, 62
2.Rick Agulirea- 3.24, 0 of 0, 104

1. Chuck Knoblauch- 2b .265,17,64,31
2. Derek Jeter- Ss .291,19,84,23
3. Bernie Williams- Cf .339,26.97,15
4. Paul O'niel- Rf .317,24,116,15
5. Tino Martinez- 1b .281,28,123,2
6. Darryl Strawberry- Dh.247,24,57,8
7 . Scott Brosius- 3b .300,19,98,11
8. Jorge Posada- C .268,17,63,0
9 Chad Curtis- Lf .248,10,56,21

Luis Sojo- infield .231,0,14,1
Shane Spencer- Of .373,10,27,0
Joe Giardi- Catcher .278,3,31,2

1. Andy Pettitte 16-11 4.24, 146
2.David Cone 20-7 3.44, 209
3. El Duque Hernandez -12-43.13, 131
4. David Wells 18-4 3.49,163

1. Mariano Rivera- 1.91, 36 of 36, 38
2 . Jeff Nelson- 3.79, 3 of 3, 35

Wow that was a lot of fucking stats. Ok so on paper the 98 yankees are just insane. I gotta give it to them Mo was an amazing 36 for 36 thats crazy. Thats the definition of locked down. Now if we set it up as a 7 game series... It's a tough call. Either way I am gonna hear it. But my opinion this would go the full 7. Just a back and forth but you know what I am gonna go with the Mets. Call me a homer but the Mets were extra inning tested. They never gave up during any point of their run to the 86 championship. The Yankees have the stats to make other teams crap their pants but they were never tested through out the playoffs. I think if put to it the Mets would edge them out. Its tough honestly as I am writing this I am thinking that the Yankees could take it in 5. It's two different era's it's cocaine vs steroids . The battle continues . If you have an opinion let me hear about it . The stats are up just state your peace.
Winner of theme songs-86 Mets with their 3 awesome songs : Meet the Mets, Lets Go Mets Go and Get MetsMErized....… Sorry once again for the jumbleness these pictures are too good too not put up.

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