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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different...Kind Of.

  I'm going to take a leap here and say all 3 of you reading this probably like music. There's a so called "supergroup" called The Baseball Project bouncing around now, and they're actually really cool.They have Peter Buck from R.E.M. and every song is about baseball. During the Twin's "Playoff Push" against the Yankees last season (what a joke), they released a song called "Don't Call Them Twinkies" with the singer from the Hold Steady. The Baseball Project has 2 albums out now, and spent the spring traveling around various spring training complex's playing concerts before games. Both their albums are really cool and well worth giving a listen to. Their website is here.
    What the fuck is happening with the Cardinals? Like I said yesterday, there is all sorts of strange shit happening in baseball. To me the Cardinals is one of the strangest. Did losing Wainwright for the year fuck with them that badly? I Thought that Kyle McCllelan was supposed to be solid enough that the Cards' would be ok. Is It the Pujols thing? Are they that worried about losing him? The Cubs' could afford him, but it's unlikely it'll happen. Is it the fact that Colby Rasmus is kind of a dick and Tony LaRussa is the only one willing to tell him? I honestly can't see any reason why a team like the Pirates should be beating the Cardinals so soundly.
     Speaking of dicks, well known dick Manny Ramirez is still doing the whole "Manny Being Manny" thing. He told reporters he liked to get booed, and liked to strike out three times. As if the Rays weren't struggling enough with the loss of 87% of their roster, the addition of an asshole and a monkey look-alike certainly isn't helping. Another team that was supposed to dominate the AL East is 0-5 right now, and to steal a phrase from Bryan, look like the fucking Hooligans out there.
    Finally! I knew slacking on this blog would pay off. The White Sox beat the Kansas City Royals. Let's get things back to normal in the baseball world here, I'm totally OK with the White Sox being in first in the Central, especially because the more Ozzie Guillen is in the news claiming things like "there aren't enough Latin baseball players" or that he "isn't a fucking nutnjob" the better it is for everyone involved.
   Anyhow, I'm well aware that I phoned things in tonight, but I'm tired and not much cool shit happened in baseball today. I do want to close with this: Thanks to everyone who's been reading Phantom Ballplayer, everyone who helped out with advice/posts/artworks, and all the 400 some odd page-viewers we've had this month. The support is awesome, and we're very thankful.

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