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Friday, April 8, 2011

Bryce Harper, Broken Legs and Barry Bonds

 So I'm well aware I didn't post yesterday, but I went to the Yankee game and then napped like a motherfucker, so no posts for you. Anyways, yesterday was allegedly super eventful, Bryce Harper made his debut, Nick Swisher broke the Asian fella on the Twins' leg, and the sham of a trial for Barry Bonds continued on.
   So Bryce Harper made his minor league debut yesterday, and he was well worth the wait.Despite looking like the Ultimate Warrior with all that eye black, Harper went 2 for 4 with a couple of RBI's and a strikeout. Not exactly the second coming of baseball Jesus, but still pretty solid for a first game in any sort of professional setting. It must be tough to be one of these young guys on the Nationals. The entire front office, as well as a bunch of Major League Baseball officials were there to watch Harper play, and collect items for memorabilia. It's insane to think that this kid is so highly touted that the lineup card, all the bases, and a bunch of autographed baseballs from his first minor league game are already being collected. This just proves that in like 2 years the Nationals are going to be totally relevant, a homegrown team that could be a legitimate contender, but for now...back to the basement!
    Like I said, I went to the Yankees-Twins game yesterday, and got to witness Swisher's slide firsthand. It was aggressive, not dirty, but he still broke this dudes leg. It looks almost like he kicked him, but it was just an old school slide. I like it. Aggressive play is something the major leagues lack, there's very few tough plays anymore. With players being paid so much, they are afraid to be as tough as Swisher was yesterday. I understand that when your body is earning you millions of dollars it's important to take care of it, but look at players like Thurman Munson. He always played hurt, he always played aggressive. There is not enough of that in baseball anymore. Everyone is trying to be friends and not hurt each other which is noble, but it takes something away from the game. Rarely do you see fights, trash talking (except from Pedroia), warning pitches or hard, fair slides. There's no need to criticize Swisher for his slide, he should be applauded for it. It obviously sucks that Nishioka broke his leg in his first week in the American Major Leagues, but that's the price you pay for being a part of real baseball.
This Barry Bonds perjury trial is a fucking sham. It's a huge waste of money for a dead issue, and I'm sick of reading about it (so I write about it? Genius!). I don't think there has ever been anything more obvious than the fact that Bond's took more steroids than the rest of Major League Baseball combined and then lied about it. Instead of admitting to it like he should have, he made himself look like a total dick by denying it. Bonds was already a whiny fuck, this is just making him look dumb. He has possibly the most tarnished reputation in baseball history, if he had just come clean and moved on like everyone else he might have been OK, but he couldn't do that. Nobody cared when he broke all those records because he started off with the reputation as one of baseball's "bad guys", this is just making it worse. Anyhow, here's the verdict of the perjury trial right here-

Motherfuckin' Guilty.

P.S. Yes, I do totally hold a grudge against Barry Bonds for that time he laughed at me when I wound up on the Shea Stadium Kiss Cam. Worst day of my life. Fuck the Kiss Cam and Fuck Barry Bonds.

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