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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can switching to Phantom Ballplayer really save your life? I have no idea but we are kinda funny and this blog is about ballpark food, so no it cant

If many of you are like me you probably enjoy eating some sort of food. Not to get into any real details I enjoy eating food that had a face. I know its wierd that I have no problem eating
Babe or the Cow who jumped over the moon but i cry like a 4 year old when I watch Disney's " The Fox and the Hound" the shit gets to me. I really dont know why I said that . But any way, If you do attend a local ball game which many of you its the two new New York venues Yankee Museum and the Beautiful fan friendly Citi Field ( Yankee stadium can suck it ). You probably will be hit with some hunger pangs around the 3rd inning . Now since I am a rotund gentleman I have compiled a list of the top 10 best things to eat at a stadium. This is some of the stuff I have eaten or I have heard about because its tough to travel when you have no money and have oddly small thumbs(its a hitchhiking joke... i got small thumbs get it ? Yeah you get it . )

The Dodger Dog.. L.aDodgers
- Why because that shits been around forever and anyone who I have talked to says its pretty good

The 3/5ths burger Some minor league team - I totally forgot what minor league stadium this was in but I saw this monster on Man V Food and It looks Unreal

Crab Cakes at Camden Yards. ..O's- I went down to Baltimore last year with my cousin Mikey and a few other friends and I searched for 2 hours trying to find these bad boys cause a Fat man will walk for days trying to find the food he wants .When I did find them I didn't get them because they were $16 so I just got mad and I signed Mikey up to win a car and receive a ton of monthly car info but i put the wrong address so now his neighbor gets car booklets every month. Plus now i hear it comes with a post card pre addressed to Theo Epstein saying he is an idiot

Garlic fries in San Fran.. Giants- These look amazing but they look like the worst thing to get if your with a date or maybe your date doesn't mind your breath to smell like a orchard of garlic.

What ever this thing is in Pittsburg... Pittsburg Pirates- What a beautifully put together meal .... Thats it 7 hours in a car I am going .I'll be back on friday

Yankee stadium Fries..... With Cheese - Ok so two years ago when the new Yankees stadium opened up my buddy Jack got Mikey,M.D, and my self free tickets to a Yankees game. So M.D and I got wasted in the parking lot before the game and then during the game .
Around Inning 5 I got a hankering for some fries so I mozied on over to a consession stand and aksed for obviously fries. They guy behind the counter said " You want Cheese on them fries you won't regret it ." Geuss what he was right
I was in heaven. So much so I rooted for the yankees to win that day because of the food . Now I understand why Minka Kelly dates Derek Jeter.

I think this is called a Tomohawk.. Kc Royals- It look like a rack of lamb with onion rings. I dont really know and I am not gonna guess but all I am gonna say is I will have 3 of these.

The Ichiroll.. Seattle Mariners- Fantasically named this invention has attracted people from all around the world to try it. How do I know they came for the Roll...
Since Ichiro debuted in 2001 and Griffey was gone by then and the team has sucked lately its pretty obvious its al for the roll.

Finally 2& 1 .. well since its from the same team I will just put it all together like on tastey kick to the face .

2 .
Chicken,Beef, and Pork Tacos for the Taqueria(Taco-riea) - order the combo to get all 3 you wont ever regret it. Placed on a corn tortia and comes with three different dipping sauces .
Cant be beat and since everyone is trying to get to shake shack there is no lines.

Pulled pork Sandwich from Blue Smoke- OH MY GOD. I cant i seriously cant think of better words to describe it . If I ever moved away from Dear old new york I would fly back every baseball season just to have this sandwich . OH my God !

So that is my top 10 list of food . If I missed anything or if anyone has a suggestion please let me know .
Honorable mention ... I kept this one off because it has a 50-50 reaction to it .

The Luther
- Named after Luther Vandross . This simple and artery clogging burger is well just simple tear jerking. A cheese and bacon are placed gently on top of a juicy 90% lean burger. Which is then placed in between a halved Krispy Kreme Doughnut... Yes A fucking Doughnut. I think I just had a heart attack thinking about it ... But in a good way like when you fart in gym class and the jack ass next to you gets the blame. Has that only happened at my school... Well this has been an oddly revealing blog I think I am gonna go before I say anything else. Also I am sorry for the odd breaks in the words . This is a visual blog .

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