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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Can We Start Calling Them the Worst Team in Baseball?

This picture has already been seen by just about everyone, but it's so fitting. 16-5? That's fucking embarrassing.I've never even claimed to respect the Red Sox, Theo Epstein seems to have collected an entire roster of total douchebags, my friend over here to the left being no exception, and maybe even the biggest one. Carl Crawford, the supposed savior of the Red Sox after a season decimated by injuries, has 7 hits! 7! That's it! And a sperm tattoo on his neck.
    These guys just cannot seem to buy a win. The Rays couldn't either but they woke the fuck up tonight. 16-5. They just straight up dominated the Red Sox. I almost, let me repeat, almost feel bad for them.Dice-K pitched 2! 2! innings. Team to beat in the AL East? I think not.

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