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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Changes in Lattitude changes in attitude... IT doesn't matter you'll still end in third place

So just like the other day I am going to shine the spot light on to teams from a different state. Twist since their both in the East so I actually know a little bit more about them then the West coast. Right now I am going to take a look at the Florida Marlins and the Tampa Bay Ray or how they are known up here the Florida Mets and the Tampa Bay Yankees.

Lets start somewhere that was mentioned before ... The Florida Marlins and their fancy ace Josh Johnson. That guy can go.... Well, he can... Fuck I can't think of anything really because he is so good. Johnson and Mike Stanton are the two that will get a free pass. Two reasons 1. Johnson is nasty and like 8-2 against the Mets. 2 Stanton is a beast! That kid is a man he once hit a home run that went in to a catchers glove in the bullpen. It wasn't on anyones hand it was on a fucking bench(Look closely in the corner as Anderson goes to the wall you can see the ball land.) And he's on my fantasy team so I can't hate on that . Now its been a while since the Marlins have been this good and as a Mets fan I pretty much accepted the fact if we want to make an impact in the division this is the team we have to beat consistently.

Since playing in Dolphin,Joe Robbie, Sun life, Land Shark, Pro player, or the Teal shit house stadium. No one goes to their games. Seriously there has been more people at a Hooligans game then a marlins game. It's not like they don't try to get the asses in the seats . They have hot girls walking around doing stuff. I guess dressed in marlin half jerseys and those really
short shorts , I think its for the kids I cant be to sure. They try fad promotions like those fucking annoying ass horns that were tooted at the world cup what were they called the vooo voo zauhaws(?) Whatever they sucked . Anyone who has one , or ever thought they were awesome stop reading this blog this shit is not for you and punch your self in the kidneys until you piss blood . Those things were so disruptive the 7 people who were at the game blew them so loudly that the umps couldn't hear the manager make a defensive switch when he was standing right next to him. Also after they got no hit by Doc Halladay they gave the remaining 45,000 tickets out at the next time the Philidildos came to town so people could say they saw "history" . Ok now its time to get realistic . This young team is so good its just sad that their owner is one of the biggest tools in the game. He treats his organization like a fucking circus. He complains that they needed a new stadium . Why didn't he ask back for it in 03? Was the economy bad then? No! It wasn't I was paying like 1.85 for fucking gas and America was rocking and Rollin' , this dick waits until he dismantles the team and has basically wash outs players play. Trading away all the real talent and riding the D-train until that fucker fell apart. They went on the long road to suckburg for like 5 years and asked the state for a new stadium . Are you serious !! If I owned that team and wanted a new stadium . The next day the next fucking day I would of been on the phone " Hey Gov. of Florida. Lets build this sucka today! Oh why do I need a new stadium? Because I am a champion thats why. " And thats how I conduct business everyday. Except it doesn't go as smoothly and I am not a champion.

Hey Tampa Bay Rays. I haven't forgotten about you and those terrible moves you made this off season. Your decision making this year was just as bad as when I have been drinking and
suggest W.C steakhouse at 3:30 am. Yeah it will taste great but the next day will be shit. How'd that Manny thing work out for? Just because you have been good for the past three years doesn't make you a a contender. What makes you a contender, is when you can lose a talent guy like Carl "Spremy neck" Crawford and not miss a beat. You think the Yankees stopped winning when Tino Martinez went to the Cardinals? No, they Signed Jason Giambi and he injected them with 40 home runs. Also you're not cool when your wear plaid either way its super lame. I have plaid shorts , guess what I barely wear them because they kinda suck and it's only works for
like 2 weeks in august. Again I don't really know enough to really give them a fair look through plus I am irritated maybe you could tell. Whatever fuck the rays they haven't been cool since they dropped the Devil from their name.

I guess I should thank these two teams for taking the bullet. They provide baseball for transplanted New York fans. Plus the Mets and Yankees player there a few times a year.

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