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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Curious Case of Jake Peavy

   Fucking Jake Peavy huh? Is it all that shitty Jager? I doubt it. At one point Jake Peavy was one of the premier starting pitchers in Major League Baseball, and now he's hurt more often than my friends feelings after I spend a night binge drinking. When Peavy got traded to the White Sox, it was a huge deal, he didn't want to play for an American League team before that, so he shunned the Yankees, Red Sox, etc.Last minute trade to the White Sox, no big deal. The fucking Padres must have known something was up. Peavy had been on the DL before but usually came right back with more lights out stuff, still being an ace and all that. The second this guy got shipped off to Chicago, his fucking arm fell off.
    He's running around getting experimental surgery on his arms, basically milking the White Sox for all they're worth. Shockingly enough, Ozzie Guillen has been pretty normal about the whole thing, which hurts me to my very core. I like my Guillen crazy ,as I've stated in the past. Anyways, he pulled this injury bullshit again this week. He was finally going to come back and pitch the way he used to, making his first start at the end of April, the White Sox were happy, Chicago was happy, the President was probably happy, but no, Peavy blew his arm out after 15 pitches somewhere in the White Sox minor leagues. Speaking of the President and the White Sox having no pitching, you think he'd be willing to sign? Probably not, but he's got good form.
   Before imploding on the White Sox, Peavy actually had a great career. He's got more than 1,000 strikeouts, a 3.36 lifetime ERA and 102-74 record, not exactly Hall Of Fame numbers, but who gives a shit? He was an effective, occasionally lights out pitcher that no one in the American League wanted to hit against. It was terrifying for the latter half of the 2009 season, but once 2010 rolled around Peavy and the Sox were neutralized as a threat. Peavy spent more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff, and the White Sox came in second in the AL Central to those perennial first round losers, the Minnesota Twins. 
  Can Peavy regain his form? Probably not. He's been hurt for a very long time, and seems to get injured again in every rehab outing.The White Sox would probably be better off attempting to convert him into some kind of reliever or closer, which the don't have now that Big Fat Bobby Jenks is on the other Sox. The Peavy signing totally blew up in the White Sox face, even when he wasn't hurt, he was ineffective as a starter, at least outside of their division. A total fall from grace for Jake Peavy, who I have trouble believing I just said should be a closer, but who probably won't ever be as good as he was again.

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