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Monday, April 4, 2011

Dear Jeffery Maier... We are coming for you ! Love Buck and The O's .. Weekend wrap-up of opening weekend

So who really saw any of those weekend series out comes happening? Anyone , Anyone ? This past weekend brought upon some of the oddest starts to some teams seasons and also someone who had a good job thinking he was super funny and having his joke end in the worst possible way .

If you are a baseball historian,enthusiast, or an Orioles fan you had a good little chuckle at the title of post. If you're not, let me explain back during the 96' playoffs or what people in Boston call their Karate Kid phase. ( the yankees being the Kids from Cobra Kai from the years from 96-04 being
the part of the movie where William Zabka is just beating the shit out of Ralph Macchio. Then in 04 just before they could sweep the leg, Daniel Son pulls off a crane kick to take it ... I might of fallen asleep watching the Karate kid recently.)
My point the Yankees played the Orioles in the ALCS and in Game one Derek Jeter hit basically a double that was helped out by 12 year old Fan Jeffery Maier thus giving birth to the legend of Derek Jeter and killing the Maier Families travel plans to a very nice city. Since then the wheels have fallen off the Orioles' franchise. Yes, they made the ALDS the next year, but they never really had a good season since 96'. Now this year with a new manager and a new attitude the O's have started out 4-0 with some pretty impressive baseball.

Besides those new look O's there has been other shocking starts to the new season. My team the Mets have really come back after that embarrassing loss to open the season . They bounced back and won the next two games. Well, they didn't really bounce more like they got punched in the face and then hit back Unlike K-rods girlfriend's father. Ok let me talk about what happened for a second after the 6-2 loss on friday. It was really funny. When I saw that joke the first time while watching family guy I almost peed because lets face it, Its kinda true. There has been some lost seasons in the past 4 years. What makes this story funny is that someone who went to college for years , who has probably worked high school girls lacrosse game for Msg varsity. Worked their way up to work for the Mets on their way to a real job with the Yankees or the Knicks has thrown it all away like Phil Collins. Has any other mets fan gotten the feeling that this is going to be a season full of awkward promotional videos( I'm sorry but the one M.D showed me was really funny but it was removed by the uploader. But this one is simply AMAZIN!") and terrible ideas . I mean it's going to be game 4 tuesday and they are all ready the joke of the league and the Cubs lost to the Pirates.
The two teams that played in the 2010 world series had two way different weekends . While the Champion Giants were getting physically assaulted by the Dodgers both by the fans and the team. The Texas Rangers were just flat out jackin shots off Boston's best pitchers . They broke some sort of record.

In a quick recap of the opening Weekend. The Reds are no joke, the twins forgot they were the twins and got Blue jay'ed (I feel like starting a saying. This might work.) The Pirates are 2-1 ? My Royals are extra inning tested and winning approved, The Yankees and Phillies both had good starts to no body's surprise, and the Padres caused Matt Holliday's appendix to burst with their winning ways.

Everyone at The Phantom is excited that baseball is back. Now we can all stop pretending to care for basketball and hockey. Opening weekend went so nicely especially after the 31st it turned out to be a nice weekend to watch some games and drink some beers. Also since it was baseball weather The Hooligans started "spring training". 2011 Hooligans (insert awesome catch phrase ) I amHappy that The Mets turned it around on Saturday and had that easy win against Yankee great Javier Vasquez on sunday to ease the pain of this up coming Philly series . I just hope they take one game from The Phillies, the one game I want is the one against Cole Hamels because he has to be the weak starter for that team. Someone has to and I doubt Joe Blanton will be because he is so under the radar he might win big this year. He is so under the radar journalist who have worked in Philly for years forgot he was on the 08' championship team.

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