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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Down Goes Frazier!

Oh no! The Texas Rangers, already the most overrated team in baseball, maybe tied with the San Fransico Giants, lost their MVP left fielder to a broken arm. Can you believe it? Josh Hamilton never gets hurt! Wait...I'm not 100 percent sure that's true. I guess smoking crystal meth makes your bones really brittle or something. Does it suck for Josh Hamilton? Yeah it does, but maybe now the Texas Rangers will get off their high horses and we can see more fantastic photos like this one. By the way, sweet tattoo's there Hamilton. I'm sure you don't regret any of 'em.
   The insanity continues around Major League Baseball. As much as my father and most of my friends hate the Phillies, they were supposed to be THE dominant team in not just the National League, but all of baseball. But like the Pirates and the Royals the Nationals are actually playing pretty decent baseball. And they beat the Phillies. Jayson Werth and his homeless guy beard laced up the Phillies last night. Granted, they played against the Phils' afterthought "Fat" Joe Blanton, but it was still a solid victory. Werth played phenomenally against his former team, although the Phillies fans, well known for being the kindest and most respectful throughout baseball, booed him every time he was at bat. Is this the year for the Nationals? Was your resident baseball Zeus wrong? Probably not, but it was nice to watch the Phillies get beat up on.
    In other news, as expected, my fantasy team is KILLING it, first place in my division, tops in the league. Sure it's only April, but this is the kind of dominant hold I don't plan on relinquishing.
P.S.- Bryan's right, Brendan Ryan is my fucking dude, sweetest mustache since Keith Hernandez started hawking the Coin Gallery of Oyster Bay; I refuse to call Felix Hernandez "King Felix" at least until he throws a shutout for the Yanks'; and Ichiro is the fucking man.

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