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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dust off the 07 championship memories Red Sox fans Your back on the road to another... 3rd place finish , just kidding maybe the wild card

So this has been a crazy weekend. Off the bat I would just like to say, I was right , well about 86% right. Who said that the Red sox were waiting to win until the Yankees paark'd thdair caar in the yar'd . Fucking Dustin Pedoria hit a 3 run blast, Josh Beckett turned the pages to 2003 and just went ballistic with 10k's on sunday night baseball. I was wrong when I said most of this Red Soxary( does that work for anyone? I'm open for opinions). But even though I was a day late I was wicked correct like asking to take a left turn down Yawky way and drink deerty wata. You know what I am gonna stop writing like that because my screen is littered with those misspelled lines that are a pain in the grundle.

Thankfully the game was moved to 8 at night on sunday so i wouldn't miss the first few innings whilst I watched My beloved Mets just miss out on 2 victories because they stopped scoring runs in the 6th inning because after the 7th everything stops at the ballpark. No beer, No hot dog venders , and No offense seriously! Its like they will just stop and hope that its enough. Even I have a lot to say about this game but I'm not here to talk about the mets yet. They have the Rockies coming in for four Monday thru Thursday. I think we have a good chance because its not late september and early october.

Back to The Red sox . After falling to the hot as fire Cleveland Indians who just won their 7th in a row. After falling to the hot as fire Cleveland Indians
who just won their 7th in a row ( I wrote this twice to help me except that it actually happened. I bet your surprised too.) They bounced back with John Lackey who started Game one of the series. He finally got to say he lived up to a part
of his contract and beat the yankees. I would just like to say one thing about John Lackey, He was so mad when The angels were ousted ing the 09 playoffs by the Yankees , now you would think he'd the one guy on that team to be ready and fucking amp'd for any game against the Yankees but he has been as bad as Tom Brady's dancing skills ( If you don't know who Tom Brady is. He is the lady in the blue shirt with the pony tail.) I am also failing to mention that it has been a mess with bean town bunch that want to live up to the idiots. SO I guess they should start bleeding in their socks and injecting.... Rogaine into their doofy ass beards.

But I am not going to hate the whole time. Now if your a Yankees fan I would totally understand you reading this next part out loud with every third word being Bullshit . I just gotta show Terry Francona and those sweet frames some love because I am a fellow glasses wearer and we kinda stick together. Like random people you give the head nod to a ballgame because you are both in the same boat paying way too much for a way too small cup of beer.

Boston has the possibility of being good. Yes yes I know everyfucking goon on the sports
channels have said that. But here is why I think they can be a team to fear. It is because of two people. Terry Francona, and Dustin Pedoria . Why them well? Because Dustin is a leader ,that
pesky psycho path can carry that team on his 4 foot 3 frame. By May 4th he will call out Carl Crawford who has one hit and Adrien Gonzales by calling them some sort of insult that will make them mad and start hitting. Something like to quote M.D " Crawford has a sperms tattoed on his neck , what an asshole !" . #15 will lead the charge for the Sox. He has the type of personality that his teammates will eat up and make it their own. Basically they will all shrink 3 feet and insult Jerry Remey ( Yeah I don't care who Jerry Remey was but its kinda funny to hear a guy just flat out say someone sucks when they played 20 years before he was born. )

All right thats enough about Boston, and The Yankees. I honestly don't care about the Al East except for the O's who had a tough weekend against the Best team ever according to Nolan Ryan , George W. Bush and Tim Kurkjian. They should know because they have never been wrong about anything ( how about that one ? not only do I like baseball I like to stir the pot as well. ) I hope everyone had a good weekend and I hope everyone is ready for another week of baseball.

P.s- How awesome are these sunglasses. Its like He invented the Franklin stove and then fucked your mom in 1974

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