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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Everyone Gets a Playoff Spot!

 Bud Selig, AKA Martin Landau, is really pushing for this expanded playoff thing. It's a terrible idea. Granted, I love the idea of having baseball on more often, and I understand how much revenue would go up etc. etc. but where does it end? Baseball could at some point just become one long post season, where everyone gets into the playoffs and no one ever has to spend their October playing golf. All this expansion of the postseason is is an attempt to make the smaller market teams commercially viable.  Is it the Yankees fault that Orioles come from a less enthusiastic baseball town, have a smaller payroll and very little big name talent? No, it's not, so putting the Orioles through the misery of attempting a playoff run any time soon is just unfair to them.
    As much as I hate to say it, baseball is, in many ways, a business. But you know what else it is? A motherfucking game. What's the most basic rules of a game? Someone wins, someone loses. By letting everyone into the playoffs, no one really loses. It makes the regular season games less exciting, because why would anyone try and win if they knew they'd end up playing postseason ball anyways? It's along the same lines as giving out participation trophies or whatever, all it does it make people not want or need to try to succeed.
    Even players are against it, with Tim Lincecum clearing the smoke out of his room to say he thinks it's a bad idea, Mark Teixiera throwing off his programming to say he thinks it's not a good idea, and Derek Jeter finally having an opinion on something and agreeing with him. Does playoff expansion mean the end of baseball? Of course not, and the odds of having it get to the point where every team gets a playoff spot are slim to none, but it's something to think about. I know it's not just me, and I'm sure people said all this before the last time the Playoffs expanded, but it's a terrible idea Count Dracula, a terrible idea.
        Poor Tony LaRussa huh? He's got a center fielder who he clearly hates, and now, to the delight of thousands dozens of Oakland Raiders fans, his daughter is going to be half nude in front of them, risking her life around a bunch of demon looking things like she's Sinatras' wife in that Rosemary's Baby movie. I'm sure he's proud of her, in that weird way strippers parent's still kind of love them, and I bet you he'd rather have a demon nailing his daughter than Colby Rasmus any day of the week.
Finally, the most important point I've had to make all day. I had a very long weekend, full of festivities, Easter Eggs and alcohol, so I have not had time to post since Thursday. I have however, been keeping up with reading Bryan's post, and must defend the honor of both myself  and the greatest baseball team to take the field since the 1932 Yankees, the 1998 Yankees. Seriously Bryan? You think that group of reprobates and miscreants the Mets fielded in '86 could have even matched the glory and the power that was the 1998 New York Yankees? They beat the Mets 1986 record of 116 wins (postseason included) by 9 games. You know what else the 1998 New York Yankees did? THEY KEPT WINNING! Unlike the Mets who settled into a long period of decline that continues to this day. The Yankees dominated the Major Leagues until 2001 when they got bored of winning the World Series and let the Diamondbacks have it. The '98 Yankees would beat the '86 Mets 100 times out of 100, no questions asked. Enough said.

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