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Friday, April 1, 2011

Funny thing. 181 days ago I had the same feeling

Some where right now M.D the baseball Zeus (?), is laughing his ass off at how bad the Mets lost today. I don't blame him it was a rough game to watch. I should have known that I was in for a bad time when my fellow Mets fan Bkens turned to me and said " Johnson's going to throw a 2 hit shutout ."

For 6.2 innings 2 hits would've been nice. Johnson was killing it he was showing why all that cy young hype is well warranted. He made David Wright look like it was his first day of kids pitch baseball and his dad was yelling at him from the dug out. He went 0-4 with two strike outs. The one positive is that the one game Beltran is going to play this week. Is that he brought in the first run of the year and didn't break anything making some plays in the outfield. I could go on for a few more lines about how bad the game was and how they were flat but i don't want to do that. Not because I think who ever read this will be bored but the it will just make me mad.

So instead I'm going to talk about some of the other games maybe some fantasy news. Lets see how it goes .

The Phillies came back to win against the hapless Astors by a walk off single by John Mayberry J.r who's only claim to big league fame so far is that his dad played in the majors from like 68-82 or something . Halladay looked well like Halladay going about 6 innings with 5 k's and 1 earned run . Their bullpen was shaky but it was fine because the Astros bullpens sucks even harder then Cole Hammels wife ( Yeah let the shit talking being). Boston was a huge disappointment for me today . I jumped the Jon Lester train by 2 rounds to lock him up and and he gives up 3 home runs today. The funny thing is I had Mike Nappoli who had one of those three blasts and he had 3 rbis as well so I'm 50/50 on my level of enthusiasm. I'm not super pumped that lester has like a 500 era and I like that my catcher is crushing it. Lets see what other games happened today , oh yea future A.L east power house Baltimore crushed Tampa. Its like these two teams are staring in their own crappy version of Freaky Friday. Thanks you the hard nose style of
Buck " Fuck You Derek Jeter " Showalter. They have really turned them self into a team that is worth taking a look at or drafting all of their offensive players, but we all know how it ends. With the Yankees and the Red Sox battling it out for the East and the wild card, I would love to See the O's finally stop doing their best pirates impersonation and stat playing good baseball again. Speaking of the little shits of Pitts , they won today against the only team they can really beat, the cubs. Who started Ryan Dempster today ? What , why start him when they made a trade for Matt Garza who is an ace type pitcher. I don't get it and they paid for their selection with my boy Neil Walker blitzing a Grand Slam , that might have been the first grand slam of the new year. Was it I really don't know , I know John Buck had one tonight against the mets but I missed a lot of games yesterday due to the fact I hate most of those teams. Toronto Fucked up the Twins , yes The Blue Jays won 13-3. Their rookie catcher had 2 hrs with 5 rbis. So he wont do anything else after that ,just like last year I picked him up he had a huge game and then batted .173 for the rest of the month). Im watching the Giants play the Dodgers right now and Brandon Belt just hit his first career homer off Chad Billingsley. At that point Mike Dequatro just became a straight up Giants fan. Why you ask well he wants to be Buster Poesy BFF, His favorite kung fu movie is actually "Kung Fu Panda", He probably came up with a John Sterling home run call for Brandon Belt it probably sounds something like " BRanDon BElt..ED One " , he has wet dreams about Brian Wilsons beard every day and I think the only word he knows how to spell correctly is Lincecum. I'm just kidding he holds his front running until Football. I honestly I kid Mikey he is a solid dude through and through, he did a great job on our logo and well he is a yankees fan so I cant really say too many nice things about him. Good Job and thanks so much Cuz ( he is my cousin).

The one team that I like a lot besides the Mets and O's are the Kanas City Royals . What can I say I love to be horribly disappointed. Just like Jets fans except I haven't been arrested for assaulting a 4 year old dolphins fan (Oh yeah I'm a rare Mets, Giants fans So suck it ,Lets go Big Blue ) . But back to my point The royals are going to be sick in like 3 years . They have got some young talent that could be game changers . They beat the Angels today by a walk off jack from someone who is going to very quickly getting into my favorite players list and I might possibly buy the kids t-shirt jersey Kila Ka'aihue. Im not made of money.

I'll write more about K.C later in the season. 2015 World series Mets V Royals I will attend every game home and away.
Thanks again to Mike Dequatro for his work on our logo. I hope he comes up with more good stuff like that . Oh this is our 20th post so I think the next post #21 M.D should write a list of 21 reasons why Paul O'neil is a warrior.

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