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Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Patriots day You goofy tawkin Bastards !

Since today is Patriot Day up in Bean town I will so the Red Sox some love. Even though they wont show that guy who won the marathon love. A Downhill race ? Are you serious it was 26 Miles . Thats probably a lot harder then it sounds. I know my Cousin Jason ran a few half marathons and I think he is going to or has run a full marathon which is absoultey amazing that dude is a legit bad ass . Just him telling me that he has plans to run a marathon makes me tired and feel like a douche.

So writing about the Red Sox is not really how I wanted to end my monday . But I have to
give credit where credit is due. They handed the Blue Jays their ass today. Jed Lowire had a 4 for 5 game with 4 rbis and a home run basically putting Marco Scutaro on the next train to the South Station and then the fuck on out of Boston probably landing in Baltimore so he can continue to be a thorn in the ass of the Al east. Kevin "M.D favorite Player" Youkilis and Jacoby Elisbury also went deep. Crawford and Gonzo hit doubles. With Dice-K throwing 7 gem innings. Proving that the Red sox are not yet out of the race yet.

Like I just said they are not out of the race. Since the race hasn't really started, they're
stumbling start shouldn't be looked into so deeply. The Red Sox will be up at the race by the time inter league play comes around. They are To big to fail they are like the car companies or the big banks ( educational ). They are stacked through out . They are the Phillies pitching staff of hitters. Sounds dumb I know but its true. Oh yeah and they also have some pretty good pitchers who could be Cy young candidates if they stay healthy( My dude John Letser, That kid beat cancer and then threw a no hitter and won the World series. Respect) and the bullpen will lock down shortly its just a matter of time before it all clicks and they take off. With the Yankees losing turn coat Pedro Felcaino for the year there is no way Boone Logan can handle it. First off his name is Boone and that line up is too good

Like I said in a post a few weeks back Terry Francona is a great manager . I am not just saying that because he wears Ben Franklin Glasses outside of the 1770s. He can get the most out of his players. Last year the Red Sox lost a whole bunch of talent and they should have been dead in the water by june. But because of Terry the Red Sox called up some young guys who have potential and really just fucked up some teams.

So in closing lets just get this point across. Boston is going to be a tough team , the deserve the respect and a lot of the hype they all ready have. They did a great job in the off season with those big moves we have heard so much about . But I will say this only once. No matter how many home runs you hit, no matter how many strike outs you throw, or Games you win . It doesn't matter because The KANSAS CITY ROYALS are gonna win it all bitches. Kila Ka'aihue is going to bust out of his slump and hit 30 homers this year. So suck it , But don't count today because they lost to the Indians. Which might be the rivalry to watch this year...

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