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Sunday, April 17, 2011

I guess Drew Carrey and The Presidents Of the United States were correct... Cleveland Rocks They have been killing it in April , and in MAy the World

Has anyone else been confused about baseball lately? I can't figure it out, how is it that teams like Pittsburg, Kansas City, Baltimore, Toronto , and Cleveland have all gotten off to good starts. Well, join the club. The one that is the most confusing is The Indians. Cleveland is rocking and rolling like its Major Leagues 2 and Rube Baker just hit a bomb against the White Sox . So besides Betty White and those other old ladies there is something else hot in Cleveland. I can't believe I actually said that .

I am worried right now. Seriously I think one of those guys who wrote the bible predicted this. I think it was Jesus, Jeff or someone with a J name. I don't know who wrote the bible but I am pretty sure one of those guys said " One day the Cleveland Indians will inherit the earth,outside of 1999 and 2004 " Actually I am like 98% sure of it. So since that came true its just been weird. Sports casters don't know how to approach it they are tip toeing around it like when they found out that their dad just booked the lead of your communities production of the Vagina monologues . Shits just awkward right now. Drew Carrey is loving this shit right now. And your dad was amazing in that production he really made me feel with my heart.

Whoa, ok lets talk about baseball. So the Indians are hot right now. They had an 8 game winning streak that came to an end on the 12 to the Angels , but don't worry about it Native American fans you just swept the O's. They have started another winning streak all ready. The Indians are 11-4 that means they are better then the Mets and Red Sox combine . Scary right.

The Indians starting lineup sets up like the Island of misfit toys and the only cool one is the gun who shot jelly or the pokadot elephant with epilepsy or maybe its the jack in the box
with toreets syndrome which happen to be Grady Sizemore, Shin-soo Choo and Carlos ( low rider) Santana. But they are not the ones winning it for the tribe it is the pitching staff with guys like Fausto Carmona, Justin Masterson and a bunch of guys no one has herd of they have been crushing fools that have strolled into their cam grounds and then sending them out on a trail of tears ( yes you read that right a trail of tears joke that has a positive impact for Indians ). Also its guys like Travis Pronk Hafner and Jack Hannahan who are carrying this team to victory.

I am having a hard time writing this whole thing because all I want to do is hate them like M.D hates the Rangers but I can't . It's so hard to hate the underdog and the Indians are an underdog to every extent of the word. They have no big money guys, they have a lot of home grown talent and guys who hustle and play good baseball. But the thing is its still very early they are 11-4 and there are 147 games left in the 2011 season . I know that if I was in the Cleve I would love to get a group of people together at the local watering hole and just enjoy a game.

I have to apologize for the links in this post. I was hunting through youtube looking for
awesomely terrible songs to place all around like the Cherokee song ( I wonder if The Cherokee people are mad that song exists or that its pro Andrew Jackson, Wait do they still exist or are they like the Mohicans ? ) and I found these songs by the band Europe and I have been trying to write sentences where these songs would be in context but I cant keep it up for too much longer. I found some really great songs like this one and this one .

This gave me a great Idea. Ok so for the next week or so I want to hear back from anyone who reads this. I want you to come up with a theme song for The Phantom. If I don't get any suggestions to put up for a vote that means it is left up to me and I have some good ones lined up for this contest.... So maybe you should give me some input because if left up to me it might be dangerous. Someone has to stop me. The song has to be epic or just plain awesome. No bands that names are sentences because generally those bands suck.

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