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Saturday, April 30, 2011

I think its time for another top 10 ... Top 10 possible entrance themes to strike fear in the hearts of the opposing pitcher

So it has been awhile since I did a countdown like the food one. For the past 3 years I have been asking teammates,friends,family and rando strangers that strike up conversations with me about baseball( I'm not kidding. I was on line at a CVS once and I got like Shampoo, Body Wash, and some Degree , To keep it looking good for the ladies and I like to be cheap. So as I stood in line keeping to my self 2 random people on line with me just started talking to me about the Mets. It wasn't the last time it happened. I'd say on average it happens 2x a month. Is it because I look like I care about other peoples opinions or is it because I exude total Bro'ness? ) What music would they use to walk out to the plate to. The Answer surprised me and some of them were just God awful. But some of them were actually surprisingly awesome.

So I am going list the best and worst ones . Now I can grantee you that this will not be as
good as the countdown about food because lets face it food at ball games have just gotten better and better.

10. A Day to Remember-The Downfall of US all -Look this isn't my cup of tea but this is just awful and you should be ashamed if you listen to this. Just be a man and listen to real Metal.

9.Tupac- Changes- Don't get me wrong I like this song I was a young kid when Tupac was gun downed it changed my life I started living less hard but yo Thug life is Fo'ever. But this is not a entrance song. Thats just the way it is

8. Don Johnson-Heartbeat- Someone looked me dead in the eye and said this . If you ask me who in person I will not tell you to save this persons reputation.

7.The Knight Rider theme song- It's a bad thing when you cant pick a real song to be your theme but a shows theme that isn't Good Times . But this just gets progressively worse as I go on. Also that video makes Hoff look like a serial rapist.

6. Republica- Ready to go - This was actually used . I will never be ready to go the way they want me to be ready to go . I never shouted anything from a roof top. LAME

5. Ace of Base- It's a Beautiful Life-. I just wanted this song to be in your head for 6 days. Your welcome. IT will make you move your feet.

4. Akon- Smack that- I was pitching against you two things would happen. I'd throw at your face and then Laugh as I smack that when you being removed on the stretcher.

3. Miley Cyrus-Party In the USA- Nick Johnson I don't care if you have a daughter who likes this song . This is why you get injured. I think I just got put up on a watch list because of that link. Good thing I am using my dads laptop. Thanks dad!

2. Europe-The Final Countdown- No ! Man there is only one person who can use this song and it is not you.

1-AnyThing by Creed- It almost sounds like a really cool song and then you find out its about Jesus and how much Scott Stapp Thinks he is totally awesome and the United States version of Bono. Except When Bono's being a douche he helps people, when Scott Stapp is being a douche he just drives drunk and is racist. I remember when the disaster known as Creed hit (I got caught up in it for 3 months) Every highlight reel and every slightly religious White baseball player had Higher as their walk out theme. I blame the steroids.
(*1. Rebecca Black-Friday- Now you are on a list you mother fuckers HA! Do I really have to explain why this song would be the worst fucking song to every walk out to an at bat to? I thought Nick Johnson was a tool but the first person who walks out to this takes the fucking cake. )
Looking back these songs are so bad. I have to really bring it on the Best songs. I feel like I might of lost a lot of readers. That is the mastery of Creed.

Honorable Mentions-
DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem- What ever happened to you Ruff Ryders. Man you were almost every where. Oh I just read Dmx was in prison on federal charges... Thats awkward.

*Muse- Uprising- Really this is a song I would like to hear be for a team takes the Field. Most people might disagree but I like it and I am writing this so .... Yeah This is a good mention.

10. Johnny Cash-Folsom Prison Blues- Come on how intimidated would you be if some big redneck mother fucker just slowly walked out to this. You'd think he killed someone and was cool with it. I know I would . You don't pick Johnny Cash and go at it half assed

9. Jay-Z - 99Problems- Easypick I know but you got to admit it takes confidence & skill to use it. You cant bat .198 and use this, because you got 98 problems and a curve ball seems to be one of them.

8. WU-tangClan -Protect your neck- I don't want these guys to blow up my project. And does anyone else hear a high pitched whine when this video plays?

Enough Rap - That should bring me back. Who hates Thriller... No one hates thriller!

7. The Pouges- A Needle for Paddy Garcia- This is M.D's walk out tune. He is the most intimidating batter in Long Island standing at a whopping 5'10 210 with gangly long arms a 3 ft vertical leap with a life time .240 batting average.... You bastards have been put on notice. Thats not him but similar events have taken place.

6. Bruce Springsteen-Tenth Ave Freeze out-This one is my walk out tune. A little Bruce to jump start the Offense. That slow build up to the Big man getting down on the Sax'amaphone. Gets you going . My .460 avg. 25 rbis and just total awesomeness speaks for its self. To be honest we have yet to actually use theme songs at games because we suck but the time will come. we were 4-16 last season and two of them were forfeits .

5.Eminem -Not Afraid- This is just taking over for walk out themes and I have to say I really like it. This song and I need a Doctor are two really solid songs.

4.Childish Gambino- Freeks and Geeks- Donald Glover is killing it with this. I will give it one more year let it be put on a highlight reel instead of a Addias commercial then it will make it big.

3. Rush -Tom Sawyer- Now I hate Rush but I have to give credit when credit is due. Neil Pert And his 36 piece drum set bring it on this one .

2.Metallica- Enter Sandman- Billy Wagner's Theme... Lets get serious Mariano Riviera is what they are singing about.

1. Garth Brooks - Friends in Low Places - Just fucking with you but how great is this song.

For real this time ... This song has to inspire you as well as the people who came to see you play. When they hear it they just know that shits about to go down. SO here it is

1. Jay-z - Run This town- Sorry people this song gets me going! Listen to it and put your self in game mode and you will understand what the deal is. How pumped did you just get. Thats why its #1

If you guys have any songs you want to let me hear to change my mind. Bring it on everyone . I could be wrong but I think it's a solid list.

Plug City -
Oh I put in a link to my cousin Leann's (Mikey's Sister) blog. She is writing about awesome bargains and shit like that. So if you want to be a responsible shopper check it out.... Also the Metal Link is my friend Jason and Anthony's Band Death Becomes Her. Check Them out.

I'll get back to real baseball when the week starts.

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