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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just like the Mets I am blanking today

Ok so this will be short because I can't really think of anything good to write about today. SO lets see here lets see. Hmmm. Ok I got it so the Mets were totally embarrassed today 11-0 by the Phillidildos and their home grown talent acquired ace Roy Halladay. He cut them down in 7 innings with 7 k's. I'm happy that Halladay had a good outing but I'm not thrilled that it came at the expense of my team. The Morgan Freemans are full of conundrums.

The Tampa bay Rays and the Boston Red sox are just amazing right now. They have been nothing but exciting and clean. The brand of baseball they are playing right now is what I would show to young kids to show them how to play baseball. Wait I'm being told that they are doing the exact opposite . Both teams are 0-6 ! 0-6!!! How does this happen to these teams? They were listed as top contenders for the AL East .
Actually I know why they suck right now. Boston right now is just waiting for the
Yankees . I know blasphemy, but its true . Boston is setting it up perfectly. They look feeble and lost right now luring the Yankees who handled the Twins pretty nicely this week in to a false sense of security. Then boom Laser Show. They will take 2 of 3 from the Yankees causing the band wagon to open its doors again. Dustin Pedoria will not allow that team to become a joke.

That Little nut job will start a rally in the bottom of the 6th in game 2. By the end of the first go around he will be talking so much shit about Derek Jeter that it will make Minka Kelly break up with Ol' Jeets and she will buy tickets to the afore mentioned laser show.
Now For the Tampa Bay Rays. This is what happened, when you sign Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon and think that you don't need any help in the rotation. Who do you think you are the 09 Mets? Come on I under stand you don't have a ton of money so you were going to lose Crawford to the stalker Boston Red Sox ( I couldn't find the article about how Theo Epstein basically hired Cobb to Incept Carl Crawford... Nerd slam! ) But there is no reason you cant go out and scout out plug in guys. There were so many free agents that cost a lot less then those two dinosaurs. Oh yea plus they don't suck some of this one year wonders are changing the game for teams. Man-Ram and Johnny Damon and his super hot wife are way past their days in baseball. They will never put up anything close to the numbers the are projected to put up . Damon will hit about 9 hrs and Man-ram will hit 15 . Now that they have Longoria on the Dl for another 2 or 3 weeks and with Baltimore Toronto and New York all hitting home runs and stealing bases better then Tampa. They have a long way to go.

These teams are going to win. So get off the ledge. I don't know who I am reassuring here. I'm pretty sure there are no Sox or Rays fans reading this. If there is let me hear why your team still deserves all the hype I want to hear it. To end I would just like to say thank you to all he people who have taken the time out of their lives to check out the Phantom. Its been a fun 2 weeks and I hope we can continue to write stuff that you will enjoy. Thank you again.

P.s- How awesome is this Brett Gardner picture? I saw that shit at the Yankees game today and almost peed my pants.

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