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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lets talk about the the West coast teams ... They still play some form of baseball right ?

So now that both the Mets, and Yankees were washed out due to a storm that was supposed to hit around 9 o'clock but showed up like that creepy people who show up at your job. Unwanted , early , and refused to go away. The rain was a mess making the roads even worse . The Grand central was probably the worst thing I have ever seen( I would have picked the Green Lantern trailer but I figured that will just insult it self ....) The rain made me look else where for baseball. So I looked to my left and saw that there were a bunch of west coast games going on and I want to drop some knowledge about the West coast for our east readers and Show the West some love and hate because God knows your teams need it especially you Mariners fans.

Lets start were it all began . The Dodgers the one team that give any mother fucker who
did anything in front of a camera a jersey and let them "throw" out the first pitch like they are
something. I understand A.C Slater because he took Bayside High to the Championships in 2 sports But seriously L.A get your shit together. You got Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp, Andre Either and some other talent I guess so they should win big. But they got Donny Baseball manning the helm now. He should teach them how not to make the playoffs. The Dodgers are pretty much The Mets of the west . Every year you think they might be good because on paper they look good but they are just a let down . Even their two appearances in the NLCS were a joke because Johnathan Broxton who crumbles faster then a 2nd grader if you yell at them for stealing your crayons. They need to be sellers by the dead line. They have to become a team that wont let the moment become bigger then the team . After the Fucking Mannywood debacle they need to do something special they cant finish to early

Lets double down on this one. The Rockies and The Padres are going to be the two teams
basically fighting it out for 1-2 of the division for the next couple of years. Why you ask ? Well the Rockies have a sick team. They have so much talent that they have grown so well. Not Since Donte Bichette& Larry Walker the Rockies have sluggers up and down the order guys like Carlos "Cargo" Gonzalez , Troy Tulowitzki, Dexter Fowler, the list goes on and on. Jim Tracey really has the easiest job next to Joe Geairdi . The Rockies have been the best second half team for the past 4 years .Must we not for get the apply name Rocktober making bands like Kiss, Rush, Bon Jovi and Mike and the mechanics kick them selves. Now for the Fathers. What makes them so special is that they have really good pitching . I would say its better then the Giants . They don't get a lot of hype because they have no real money to land a big name guys, so they rely on good second tier or thrid tier guys like Ryan Ludwick ,
Jorge Cantu and Brad Hawpe. They don't really need Home run hitters because they play inside of a park where its a mile to center field so they are heavy with good pitchers. MatLatos and Clayton Richards come to mind. When you see Latos pitch you a young kid just fuck with peoples heads and straight hate San Fran .

Next up the Angels and the Giants.... They are all hype. I just don't understand why these team make moves that nobody wants to make and think they will make the playoffs. Tell me why a team would say Pat Burrell can start in Left field , why sign Tejada but not Rentaria(?) . You are going to pay less for the same production , but at least Edgar won a world Series and probably cost Cliff Lee 6 million more dollars on his contract to the Yanke... Sorry The Phillys. But like the Padres the only redeeming factor is the pitching . If you have two ears and have heard of baseball in the past two years you know who i mean. So I wont go into it there is another team I want to rip apart even though they are marketing genius out there in San Fran. I cant believe that they could basically make every player have hysterical commercials, just because you make me laugh doesn't mean I don't find Brian Wilson just as annoying as Tickle me Elmo ( I actually have nothing against Elmo, frankly he saved me a few time when I had to baby sit my cousins. I just wanted to use this link) Now it's your Turn Los Angels of Anaheim Angels .
Your name is point less and you make me sad. I used to like the Angels back in the way back. They had my dude Jim Abbott, that guy was a straight up warrior . On a list of Warriors it goes Paul O'niel, Jim Abbott, and Quail-man( From Doug). Its has been a long time since Jim pitched for them. I would just like to say You are the Minnesota Twins of the west with a sprinkle
of a shitty team except For Torii Hunter. Beat a real team in the playoffs one . I know you'll say " We beat the Yankees and Twins and Giants in 02. What the Mets! Long time since 86 !" Well, mother fucker its been 25 year and What have you done since then? Get it together stop bitching that the Dodgers steal your crowds and the Umps are fucking you and Win a playoff series . Both teams make me hate re cap shows. Though the Giants did a real classy move when they dedicated their game on monday to the fan that was assaulted so I cant hate fully on them.

Finally I am not going to straight up hate this whole time. So I will not talk about the Rangers. I will finish off with the Seattle Pilots I mean the Mariners. The hard luck kids from
Washington State. How can a team that had probably the Best player of the 90's Ken Griffey Jr and couldn't make it to the promise land. Now the Mariners are a shell of a shell. They could not of been more disappointing and I am a Mets fan so you know this shit is serious. But i have a soft spot in my heart for The M's.... I cant even name anyone on that team besides Felix Hernandez, Brendan Ryan , and Ichiro. Only because M.D has extensive opinions about each one of these guys. Oh Seattle every time I hear about your games I feel like I m hearing about a little league game . When they lose I would just say " Oh that sad at least they hustled." When they win " Oh thats great! You are getting better and better every game." Reading this over again this might be the biggest hater talk because its just me pitying them and i don't want it to be. I just want to say I and rooting for them to be good and I want to buy a Griffey or Edgar jersey. The Sweet sweet Teal one or the old school white one they had in 95 when they beat the yankees with that amazing moment.

Well, west coast I hope you take this to heart because you know I didn't. I talk a lot of shit because I think those divisions are a joke but thats because I haven't really seen it regularly. I bet I would love to see teams finish under .500 and make the playoffs. I'm forgetting a team I just cant remember what team it is .... Oh yeah The 2011 World Series Champs Oakland A's ! And the Arizona Diamondbacks which I think the rest of the world forgot since 2001. Oh God Can this rain stop all ready I need to watch some east coast baseball... Real baseball.

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