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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mets win five so I talk about :Brad Penny is the Sinatra of The Mlb, and some other shit

So I have been in a relatively good mood for the past few days. The weather is getting nicer( as a storm is aporching) here in New York. Baseball is now the #1 sport because the Knicks and Rangers lost in the playoffs. So now its time to shine. The Mets have taken the torch and have been running with it winning Five in a row. They welcomed back Jason Bay who returned with his heart on fire. Blasting his first home run of the season in his second game. But with everything now geared towards baseball. There are a few things that are just bothering the hell out of me and since I have the venue I can share these issues with the readers so lets just dive in to them.

The first thing that I don't get and it kind of makes me mad. Is Brad Penny
and is ability to just be a champ. This guy who looks like this (<-- ) has been crushing it with some of the hottest women of Hollywood. It doesn't make any sense. Brad Penny if you don't know is basically a # 3 pitcher he isn't that great he was on the 03 Marlins when they beat or did the yankees lose on charity again ? He has 109 career wins and really thats it he pitched for the Dodgers ,Red sox, Cards and now the Tigers. He looks like a fatter Fred Durst.
This mother fucker has dated Alyssa Milano, Eliza Dushku and is now marrying some hot russian chick from that dancing show her name is Katrina Smirnoff . Yeah these links should prove my point. How does this happen? Its just mind boggling really, Chubbs here can lock it down with slamming hot chicks but he cant lock down more then 15 wins. I guess God doesn't give with both hands.

Is anyone else wondering why in the 3rd week of the season why Mlb has released the Allstar ballots. The All star game which will be in Arizona this july. Its just stupid , why now
why not in june? Also I was watching intentional talk starring Hall of fame Bro Kevin Millar ,they pointed out that the ballots have guys on it that have no right to be there and will steal votes from players who actually deserve the votes. Guys like Chase Utley and Kendrys Morales who haven't played one game yet are on the ballot. Also former Mets great 2nd basemen Brad
Emus is listed as their candidate for the game.He isn't even on the team let alone the majors anymore. If Derek Jeter is elected to the All star game this year as a starter and he is batting under .270 I will lose all faith in the idea that Yankees fans know anything about anything.
The Game is in Arizona... Really Mlb isn't there some sort of thing going on their with people who look like "non-Americans" get rounded up and sent to jail... Now I could be wrong about some of the details for the sake of a few laughs but that shit was serious .Though then again I can start up my campaign to be elected to the All star game again. Last year I got around one thousand votes . So maybe this year I can try for more votes. I'm not even joking many of my Facebook friends can back me up on this.

Finally I gotta answer back to a few things that were said by my fellow writer. I completely disagree with his stance on the playoff idea. It is great for baseball. Should baseball be held
hostage by Derek Jeter's opinion ? Is Bud Selig just Brian Cashman with glasses? No he's not he is a business man and he might be the crypt keeper. He wants to make it almost like the NFL playoffs. It wont get out of hand. Frankly look at what happened when baseball introduced the wild card. Teams didn't just coast into the playoffs they played their asses off. You'd think a Yankees fan would be all for it since the Yankees have wont he wild card 4 times and they were the first team to actually win the wild card in the history of baseball. Adding another spot would be the best thing for the game. Baseball is a business and Baseball is a game so why wouldn't you do something that will elevate both aspects ? Any way I know one person who'd be crying for it when the Yankees are 3 games out of the wild card when september 27th comes around. Baseball need to be updated every 10 years or so.
OH yeah! 86 is way better then 98. More people remember the 86 Mets because they were fun and they were an event. The 98 Yankees wish they had that half of their charisma.

But on a serious note. It has been a blast writing the Phantom for the past month. We talk a ton of shit and have a lot of fun doing it. M.D and myself have had a great time talking and writing about the game we love and causes us to basically fight each other like little children. THis launch party will be sick. We are going to follow in the footsteps of " Social Network" except without the club, the light effects, The new spiderman and Justin Timberlake. We hope we can continue owning shop on our quest to rule the internet with one poorly worded sentence at a time.

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