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Monday, April 25, 2011

OH Canada, Your baseball teams had awesome hats , Oh Canada your team would probably be better in the National League

Lets give it up for The Toronto Blue Jays. These guys are still playing baseball. They'd be good to if it wasn't for the Yankees, Red Sox, Rays and now the Orioles. So yeah give it on up to the birds up north. Right now that I got that awkward intro out of the way lets get in to the shit of it. The Blue Jays are right on the teetering point and the rest of the world has to recognize.

Last season the Blue Jays (really Toronto. Who do you think you are Carmello Anthony ?) Finally had a season that they wanted they won 85 games. Which would be great, compared to their 09 season of 75 wins and 87 losses. The only problem is that the Rays won 96 the Yankees
won 95 and the Red sox won 89. So they ended in fourth place 10 games out of the wild card race. Again thats great for a team that has been a laughing stock since the Expos left to become the Nationals. Thus making laughing at Canadian baseball a one team circus. Playing in the Rodgers Center which now has a hotel in center field. I guess thats where A-rod hid his native stripper . Remember that back when A-rod was a villain around the whole league. So it wasn't that
long ago but he actually had a stripper up n Toronto just hanging out waiting until the Yankees strolled into town. What a life I guess thats why he has a picture of himself as a Centuar in his, that fancy F word for lobby of your house. Yeah that picture actually exists I didn't have Mikey make it up. I found that shit on Google so you know its real.

So what I am proposing is what happened back in 1995 when The Brewers switched leagues. The Blue Jays take up residency in the N.L. We will move a team that would be a sight to see in the A.L.... See you later Philly. The Jays would instantly compete like the Miami Heat, since they enjoy building from the draft (cross sports burn ). Toronto going to the Nl central would make the Pirates go to the Nl east and the Phillidildos to the Al east. Tell me Yankee fans how many games would you love to see. Playing against Boston and Philly with the games actually mean something. Plus it would be nice to have a team that has a worse track record then the Mets in the same division as them because I don't think i will be able to handle the next 5 years.

That could work, Bud Selig I know you read the phantom just send me an email I got a million Ideas that will be nothing but gold .

Toronto is in the bracket of a team on the rise. Just like the Pirates, A's and the Rockies these guys are growing into something special. But unlike those teams Toronto has something they don't. A guy who hit 52 home runs and also a line up that can hit straight up bombs. With prospect catcher J.P Arencibia hitting Canada like scars(scras?),Jose Bautista looking to crush another + 30 home runs and Mustache enthusit Travis Snider trying to live up to his hype.

Now like most things I am not going to act like I know whats what . But Its been over 18 years since the Blue Jays made the playoffs and 19 years since they won it all. This franchise has bought into the whole young Gm wave that is sweeping the league. So that means five things

1. They will not get any big name guys who are in the prime of their careers.
2. Their Farm system is going to be stacked. They also will trade some of their higher prospects to get a real 2nd basemen. They have to figure out what to do with Aaron Hill. He was great that one season but his injuries have delayed the development of that team.
3. They will hire former players to be consultants to rear the players in the right way
4. They will have strong starting pitching but they cannot compete until they get a real closer. What they have right now will not do. Any where Octavio Dotel takes up space after the 04 season is the worst bullpen. So they need to lock it down . I know a young fireballer who has the name of a Blue Jay Legend if they want to get all nostalgic.
5. ...... OH NO !!! I Totally forgot the 5th thing. It was going to be really funny. I can't believe it I am so unhappy. Im sorry Canada I was a boot' ( had to ) wrap it up all nicely . Something you could hang your hat on and be proud to be Blue jays fans but ... Wait - Finally once they win over 92 games some one besides Joe Carter will get bj's up there.... Sorry Canada thats all I could think up. I failed you just like the rest of....Wait! Lets try... When Toronto takes the East both Jack Donaghy and Jim Halpert will have to accept Toronto as a real sports town before Philly .... Now that I wrote that, it's not that funny. So I am gonna just end this. Sorry again Canada.

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