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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ryan Braun Joins Tulo and Tex as the Players Who Will be on the Same Team After Skynet Takes Over

    Super long title huh? Anyhow, 2 posts in 1 day, so consider yourselves blessed. Ryan Braun just signed a deal that's going to keep him in the Brewers organization until motherfucking 2020. It's only an extension, since he was signed up until 2015 anyways, but for the 5 years to bridge the gap to 2020, Braun is going to make $105 million. I realize that 2020 isn't actually that far off, but doesn't it sound like it's thousands of years away? If I'm still alive in 2020 I'll be psyched, because I am 100% sure shit is going to be exactly like this. Anyways, just a heads up on this Ryan Braun thing because it's fucking crazy. It's a good deal for the Brewers because as I said the other day, Braun will be a huge part of any success the Brewers have. Where does this leave Prince Fielder you may ask? Right here, right fucking here.-

Happy now Bryan?

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