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Monday, April 11, 2011

Win one for the Chipper.. Yes this is a Chipper Jones Blog.

Ok lets start this shit. I think us Mets fans can remember back in the late 90's and early 2000s when the Mets Braves rivalry made the Yankees Red sox one look like an elementary school yard fight. Every time the Braves rolled into town Mets fans went to Shea in droves chanting "LARRRY ! LARRY !" amongst other words that I can say but wont because I am a fucking classy guy.

Ol'Larry would just brush it off and then hit a home run, then call Shea stadium a dump and make our nights a living hell. Thats how it normally how it went and yes Mets fans will shoot back with quick insults like bagging on Chip with "Hey hows your Hooters waitress" etc , etc. I am writing this because this past week he reached the 2,500 hit milestone. He would have probably hit over 3,000 by now except injuries held his legend status back by a few years.

Even though he haunted of very souls every year. Mets fans cant deny the fact that we respected the shit out of that guy. He was the N.L answer to Cal Ripken in some ways. He might not of stayed healthy his whole career but he put up solid numbers every year. A lifetime .306 hitter with 436 homers( Like 100 hrs at sheer alone, I don't think it was 100 but it was like 52 or something.) , 497 doubles, 1497 rbis, and won the Mvp in 99 with a ring from the 95 series. The guy has also never left Atlanta for his whole time in the bigs. He could have ,God knows I wanted him to sign with some team in the West so he'd come back to Shea every 5 years of so and never ever be a pain in the ass again.

I would just like to say This about Chipper . He is a great ball player as much as I detested the Braves and what they were about he was nothing but a champion. When this guy retires and he will in the next few years he should and probably be greeted with open arms to the hall of fame. Hey Chipper , Thank you for being a good bad guy to us Mets fans. We will miss you whenever you hang up those old ass mizuno spikes . Congrats on the milestone only 499 hits to go.

Oh before I go I know a lot of our readers are from the New York area and mainly the U.S but I would like to say whats up to Our Singapore viewers. Terima kasha untuk membaca bro. ( Thanks for reading bro in Malay)

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