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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The "Year of the Pitcher" Continues?

   OK, maybe not another "Year of the Pitcher" since every team except the Red Sox has like 25 home runs to it's credit already, but there has been a lot of crazy stuff going on with pitchers/pitching so far this season. Josh Johnson, the Marlins ace, started off his season against the Mets, and took a no hitter against them into the 6th inning. That's fine, everyone knows it happened. But he did it AGAIN last night, this time against the Atlanta Braves, a team with no small amount of offense. This time, Johnson kept his no hitter going well into the 7th inning, eventually giving up a hit to Freddie Freeman, a kid who is (depressingly) younger than I am. Anyways, if things keep going like this for Johnson, I'm calling a no-hitter for him by June. Boom! Baseball Zeus has spoken.
  A.J. Burnett, the man who literally causes Yankee fans to seize up in terror every time he's on the mound has been...really good actually. He's 3-0, and showing a lot of confidence when he pitches. Sure it doesn't hurt that the Yankees have given him a ton of offense over his starts this season, but they did that last year too and we all know how that went. The reason other Yankee fans and myself are psyched on Burnett right now is because he wasn't supposed to be any good. The Yankees were merely hoping he'd stop going insane, running around with black eyes and just pitching enough to not have them basically give up a win every 3rd day. Did Burnett just need a little confidence? Or is it the fact that after last year everyone basically expected him to just sit around and have shitty tattoos? Intriguing to say the least. I say good for you A.J. Burnett, good for you.
     Poor Ozzie Guillen huh? He's pretty far from sane, bitter for some reason I can't quite figure out, and his first name is actually Oswaldo. Oh, he also has a bullpen that can't get anyone out. Big fat Bobby Jenks is looking pretty good these days isn't he? Bet you wish you hadn't alienated him and his lame goatee huh? Well it's too late now White Sox organization, it's too late now. The White Sox had last night's game won against my boy's the Oakland A's, but a shitty bullpen blew things up. The White Sox have been consistently losing games within the last few innings due to a shitty bullpen and a defense that seems to give up past the 8th. It may suck for Chicagoans (is that the word?) and White Sox fans, but if we get another fantastic Ozzie Guillen quote out of it, well then it's all worth it.
    Seriously Roy Halladay? 59 career complete games? Is this baseball prior to the 1980s? What the fuck are you doing? Roy Halladay is a fucking trooper. Granted he's part of the whole "Four Aces" (poor Joe Blanton) douchebaggery, but he's literally been throwing crazy amounts of innings and complete games and just straight dominant performances for the majority of his career.Halladay has a win-loss record of 196-86. That's fantastic. He's nuts, a total throwback and it's awesome. The whack ass way baseball gets played these days, with pitch counts and innings limits and all that means nothing to a dude like Roy Halladay. Throws gas, for all 9 innings, goes home and makes shitty commercials for MLB 2K11. No big deal.

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