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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You cant spell Mets having a winning Season with out Ike Davis. Well if you can spell and like grammar you can but Ike Davis is the Man !

Like many New York Mets fans last season we all got excited when The Mets said sorry Mike Jacobs, Frank Calananotto (?) , and Fernando Tatis your collective under preforming asses wont do it anymore and they made the call to bring up the big kid Ike Davis. Rightfully so Ike fit right in. hitting 19 home runs and like 70 plus Rbi's in his first season also playing gold glove defense. Now I might be bias but I think Ike should have won Rookie of the year . Fuck Buster Poesy that 12 year old looking bitch. He anit got shit on Ike.

For real, Ike Davis has the best softball swing for a major league ball player. If any pitcher brings that weak ass shit Ike will crush it. He has made the Right Center field area of Citi look like that wiffle ball miniature that is in the center field area of Citi. Weather he's roping doubles in the gap or crushing bombs Ike Davis is growing into one of the leagues most dangerous hitters. In the First 11 games he has had an Rbi. He has one homer now but give it time he'll be crushing it by the end of April and being of May. I think Ike will hit over 25 home runs and hit over .285. Maybe he'll get an All star nod. Ok maybe not this year, definitely next year. How many years is Albert Pojuls going to be good or in the National league?

Lets talk about defense. My dude has been like Teix over at first base for the Mets. In 2010
he made 3 count them 3 over the rail catches that all were clutch. This year is no different . Yes the Mets have gotten off to well It would be a lie to say a bad start , lets just call it a rocky start , and the defense has been a let down. But the only real bright spot has been Ike. He brings back memories of former Mets First basemen like Keith Hernandez and John Olerud. Mets fans should remember that when the Mets have a Lefty/lefty first basemen they have either have made an intriguing playoff runs with gripping games or have won a world series .

I would like to talk more about how Ike is the best player on the Mets right now, but really I want to talk about the biggest reason why Ike Davis is awesome. Beside him having both the best and worst Bobble-head ever! The dude looks like The Boss Bruce Springsteen. I noticed that maybe his second game in the bigs. Since then I have been hoping he walks out to his next at bat to like Born To Run or Tenth Avenue Freeze out. But sadly he doesn't. I wonder if he knows that he looks like Bruce ? You think they have met and they did the whole mirror bit? I bet they have. Wouldn't you ? Right Now Rob K is laughing to the bank taking Ike in the 4th round. Son of a bitch

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