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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another tops countdown ... Trust Me M.D will be back soon

AFter barring my inner most secret to you guys yesterday I have decided to write up another top list to make up for my idiocy . You guys seem to dig the last two I have penned up so this one is going to be supremely dodgey. This is a top ten list of the best motivational speeches from random movies to get you going. Yeah I know I am running out of shit to write about M.D should be back soon to stop this madness. But you guys can stop my ramblings by likes us on facebook and sending an email to with guest posts.

So lets begin. Same rules as before. This is not a list that is set in stone but it's going to be pretty cool. I have scanned Youtube for these clips and I will give the reason why ....Yada yada ya. Lets do this .
Horonable mention - Lou Brown from Major Leagues- I love to give another team a shit burger every so often
10. Kurt Russell as Coach Brooks in Miracle- He talks up his team of young upstarts before they play the Russians. Who didn't love the story of the 80's Us hockey team. I like it because He's not all up and down yelling and screaming like a Hooligans team party. He keeps his cool speaks in a soft but intense voice , gets right to the point and then breaks it off and they are ready to go. U.S.A In the 80's got shit done.

9. George C. Scott in Patton- Ok I know a lot of your are confused about what Patton is. Well Patton was a 4 star general in WWII and he was a total bad ass. Thats all you need to know because I do not have permission to speak.

8. Samuel L Jackson in Deep Blue Sea- Why? Why not Motha Fucka! Anything that man says inspires me to be the best. Actually that last link should be a whole post to its self. I actually saw that movie on its release date when it came out... I am a nerd I thought we went over this .

7. Mel Gibson in Braveheart- Its solid as a rock man. Watch it and you tell me that you wouldn't follow old Mel in to battle ?

6.Al Pachinco in Any given sunday- I know its about football but being drunk at 530 in the morning and Any given sunday is on an HBO channel. You get all pumped up when halftime against Dallas comes along you get ready to hit someone.

5. Bill Murray in Stripes- Another one where I show my age and my love of Bill Murray movies. This is a classic speech for outsiders. International readers this is how most Americans see them selves , as hard luck people who make stupid decision when the time calls for it. but back to Bill Murray, How awesome is this guy I think this sentence is going to be all links to great shit he has said. OK I had to stop with 10 because this is ridiculous .

4. John Belushi in Animal House- Come on this is every colleges hype up speech and random minor league team it seems. It seem we here at the Phantom have unintentionally lived our lives like Animal house .... Sometimes not all the time.

3. Well Pretty much anything from Rudy- Now this movie is near and dear to M.D's heart because he is an undersized defensive end with the heart of a champion and unfaltering hustle. Now there are so many good points in this movie that its hard to focus on one so I wont.

2. Peter Finch as Howard Beale in Network- Hold on hold on. I know you don't know why what or where I got this from let me explain. In 2006 the Mets had this play over the Diamond vision and this shit got me pumped. When it starts with " I want you to get up all of you to get up out of you chairs and yell" They put up LETS GO METS and shit was wild.

OK now here is the greatest of all time. This Gets you going but yet keeps you in the right state of mind .

1. Frank The Tank -the Locker room scene. We've come to far we have to keep our composure out there . There is a ton of great shit I could have picked from this movie but the composure speech is great.

So that was another sold in my opinion list. Maybe its wasn't as funny as it could of been but I feel super pumped up right now. So I am going to go high five old ladies and dropkick babies (yes thats real). Hopefully tomorrow I'll get my shit together. Hopefully .

Oh Yeah also check out gameplayheros. I guest wrote for them. I wrote about Batman. I ha some left over nerd rant left in me so they let me spout off over there.

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