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Monday, May 9, 2011

Are Baseball Teams Reading PhantomBallplayer? I think so .... How else do you explain what happened this weekend

I am starting to wonder about who reads The Phantom ladies and gentlemen. I think we have reached fans who actually play Major League baseball. I might be losing my mind or I might be flattering my self which I am known to do. But How else do you explain The Indians hot start, The Reds slapping around the Nl Central, The Royals Pirates,and Toronto all playing surprisingly well or over, The Rays and Marlins are both in the chase for First in the East, M.D's unhealthy infatuation with the Oakland A's and now this past weekend the resurgence of the Detroit Tigers? Is it Just the teams being talented ball players and doing what they spent their entire lives being the best at or are they reading the words that M.D and my self put on the interweb.

Let go into depth about my proclamations here for the new readers we get everyday . Lets start off with the Pittsburg Pirates. One of the first posts of the Phantom , M.D posted up a quick run through about how the Pirates have a chance of breaking that pesky 16 or more seasons making the without the playoff streak or being competitive. Since then the Pirates have been a surprise of the Nl central. They have really hung in there and beat on some good teams. Obviously McCuthcen and the Boys from Steel City are reading .

Next up The Kansas City Royals. Now we haven't written anything about teem yet but I have made some mentions in shout outs and Of course my support of Kila Ka'alhiue who is now in the minors. The Royals have been a team that is something to watch especially in extra inning. It seems every game that the Royals go past the 10th in the usually end up winning. I love seeing the Royals play exciting baseball. I have been saying for the past 3 years the Royals are going to be the team to beat and every year I look like a jack ass so atlas for now I look like a genius.

Heres a combo one The A's,Blue Jays, Rays and Marlins well they have really played to their exceptions. These teams before the season started with pretty high expiation that I was to high even for them. But To my dismay I have been wrong about . These teams are just going to battle for the wild card lets face it The A's have the best chance to take their division but I honestly don see any of these teams cracking past 2nd. Oh shit I forgot about Boston .... But I am pretty sure the Boston fans don't need reassurance.

Finally the other guys from he AL central . The Indians and the Tiger who really saw any of
that happening seriously I know I talked about it before but seriously the Tribe might be for real people. Its 1995 all over again! Just unbelievable and some pessimists might think the Tribe are just playing on borrowed time, but only time will tell. I guess Verlander and his crew got offend when M.D call the Tigers the team with the ugliest names in the Majors so he went out and threw a no hitter and then the Tigers took it to the Yankees snapping a losing streak which I happened to mention in a post last week.

So theres the proof sit on it for a second.... Its crazy, right? I just wish that the next time I write about the Mets and we all know I will they read it and take it the same way these teams have and start to win. Now I know baseball is a game of talent, strategy and luck but I think the way to a successful baseball season is by reading Phantom Ballplayer. The proof is in the pudding mother fuckers.

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