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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fired Food, Wrestling and America. Mikey recollects on sundays news

For the first month and a half of the Phantom my cousin Mikey has been one of our biggest supporters. The kid made our awesome logo and has been preaching the word of M.D and my self. Well not really preaching but the kid has been crushing it when its comes to plugging the Phantom on Facebook and on his site Gameplay heroes which is a site about how him and his friends reenact the works of Andrew loyd Webber.... Wait no, I'm sorry its about Video games . I'm kidding him and his friends are pretty sick gamers wether its about mortal kombat , Gears of war2, or any game they are probably the best on xbox. Actually after watching Dateline tonight I think they might of planned the bin laden hit. Fucking Call of Duty man, makes you think. Anyway Mikey asked me if he could post something about how he felt on sunday and since he has helped us out so much it wasn't even a question. So here is Mikey telling you stuff about stuff. Yeah that seems like a good introduction.

"So last night, me and a few of my buddies got together and went to a place called Phatsos’,
getting some awesome fucking Heroes and fried desserts (which didn’t benefit me today, since I had to stay home from school) and we sat down and watched the WWE PPV Extreme Rules. We ended up getting a text around the 3rd or 2nd to last match, to turn on the Met Game. And we turned it on just in time. Throughout the entire stadium, was USA chants. We had no clue what was going on, we were just like, that’s pretty sick to get a stadium to do that. We were baffled by the reason stated by the commentator. “There are reports stated, but not yet verified by the White House, the Osama Bin Laden has been killed.” All 9 of us, Shocked… Sat there not saying a word, totally forgetting about the PPV, I managed to blurt out “turn this shit off, put on the news, were not going to get anything here” and we turned it on to see the President’s address. And I must say, I’m not a big fan of Obama, but my god did I earn some respect for him last night. I also found a bit of respect for the Philly fans, which watching that gave me chills.
One thing I found quite funny, is how quickly the news spread at the baseball game. It seemed everyone found out at the same time, looking at their phones and all, but the people at Extreme Rules didn’t find out until the very end. John Cena (Derek Jeter of the WWE, as well being known for respecting our Troops more than anyone in the business) came out after the triple threat cage match main event, and made a
chilling speech about how we killed him. I know this is a baseball blog, and I’m a huge baseball fan, don’t get me wrong. But this shows entertainment value. That when Cena said that something bigger happened, and he’s going to put down the title, People actually booed and moaned about it, not knowing what he was talking about. But as a nation, everyone at these two events had the same exact reaction. Erupting in deafening cheers, followed by an ever bigger USA! USA! USA! Chant. Even watching the baseball recap on Quick Pitch at 3 in the morning gave me chills, as well as seeing the recap on WWEs RAW tonight. It just shows that how meaningful the people of this country are, as well as our service men and women. I’m talking about these two events in detail because it’s about sports and entertainment. But I will not forget to mention, how much it ment to the country that crowds of people gathered to the WTC Site, Times Square, The White House, and even random streets In the city. All in All, this was an amazing day, not only for defeating a mother fucking terrorist, but as a nation we showed how strong we really are, and we couldn’t do it without our Military, Government, as well as our people.

I would like to thank everyone in the service, especially my cousin - Airmen Chris DeQuatro

Mike DeQuatro

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