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Saturday, May 14, 2011

I anit to proud to beg but , can someone tell Tim McCarver and Joe Buck to shut the hell up.

So today started and it really wasn't anything too specatualr . Normally I wake up to the sounds of cartoon birds cherping soft but yet loud happy tunes or how its know by me, police scirens and trucks hitting this one speed bump that they know is there but still drive 100 mph over hit so when their "cargo" finally hits the ground it makes this loud bang like a cannon being shot off. As I got my shit together and wondered into work the day just leveled off even the Mets losing to Houston today didn't even effect my malaise until I got a text from my brother saying that him and my father both had plans tonight and I would be on my own for dinner. With a new skip in my step I went to the local food store and duh' picked up some food. Got it all ready turned on Mlb network and then turned on "The Biggest game of the year" and my improved mood was stopped in its tracks all due to the voices of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.

Now it might just be me or if you might feel the same way but Tim and Joe have to be the worst broadcast team since Joe Morgan and John Miller left Espn Sunday night baseball. For years they have been ruining my watching experience and Its not like I can turn on the radio and listen to the Yankees on 880 cbs radio. John Sterling and Suzanne Waldeman ( my dog is ow losing his shit. Not because of her voice but because he is a huge Clemens fan) are just as bad if not worse.

Joe Buck if you don't know is the son of the late John Buck who called St.Louis Cardinals games before he past away a few years back. Joe only calls the biggest games of the week. In both Football and Baseball. Joe is always paired with old athletes that have had their bell rung so many times that its almost sad but you giggle overtime they always say the wrong thing. So Joe has to carry the broad cast with just no senseical facts and his unbridled hatred of the Yankees , Mets, and Dodgers. Whenever he calls a game he says these very condescending factoids that drive people crazy. I'll get back to Joe later but I have to talk about Tim for a minute.

Now with Tim McCarver , my dis like of his broadcast style has been born out of frustration. I understand this guy caught Bob Gidson for years. So you know his brain is scrambled. Tim used to call Mets games with Fran Healy who also was carrying around a plate of scrambled eggs up in his dome. So my expectations when ever Tim talks is very low to start with. But like soup I boil over time with frustration .By the 4th inning of him calling guys who's name is Juan Pedro or Gonzalez when their name is Johnson. It gets to be a pain in the balls. So it's not just me who has an opinion about Tim. I knew Seth McFarlane and I had something else in common besides a winning personality and an amazing singing voice...Sadly that was a lie I only sing like an angel.

I was once told that Joe Buck looked like a giant penis. I think this person who told me was either a 40 something year old father of 2 or it was a 20 something girl who is a life long Yankees fan. Obviously it doesn't matter who said it, its fucking true and its fucking hilarious. I wonder if Joe misses Troy Aikman during the season? Which one of his partially brain dead co-host does he prefer? So many questions need answers.

I want to know from other teams fans feel the same way? Does anyone feel Joe Buck is ushering in the apocalypse with his well crafted voice? Lets hope not.

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