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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I cant fight it anymore! Its been hurting me everyday that i cant say anything about it! OK here it is

Yo so I am a fucking true blue nerd. What were you expecting me to say ? Yes fans of the Phantom I am a nerd. I have been trying to hide my nerdy-ness for the past few months but I cant hide it no more. This is the time where the world just unloads a whole bunch of shit that makes me have uncontrollable nerdgasms. I just cant hold it back anymore and I am going to take this time to unload it on you so I don't have it back up on me. I know you guys think I am super cool and awesome but I have been a nerd since elementary school.

This week was clipping along just fine being that its tuesday . I had some time off from work , the rain was stopping , the Hooligans have been looking good in practice lately, found this really awesome bar with great food and cheap beer (no body hitting lines of coke in the corner or spainish dudes ripping their shirts off to prove how tough they are and end the fight sobbing in each other arms. Looking back that bar sucked. Damn you $1 beers until the end of the night) . I can put up with a lot of weird shit for cheap beer ) and baseball has been doing its thing making us all kind of forget the NFL lock out. In the past 24 hours some stuff came out that has hit me in the nerd bone that set off a chain reaction.

So first thing first the new Modern War fare 3 trailer came out. Which blew my mind . I couldn't believe how sick it looks. One of for my the first games I bought for my Ps3 was MW2 and it took me a little bit to get into it but once I did I spent at least 3 days trying to beat on level. Oh yeah I am terrible at some video games.
Secondly The new X-men movie comes out next week. WHAT!!!! Who's not excited to see
them fix what Brett Rattner screwed up so bad with X-men 3 the Last stand. I cant wait dudes and well only dudes are reading this past the first sentence. BUt this Xmen movie should be good . When i heard about it when they started filming they said it was going to cross James Bond ,Inception and Brian Singers X-men all rolled into one nerdy burrito. The bar has been set pretty high. Doesn't matter I will be there on midnight trying to be first in line dress in my boxers and with my body painted blue . You think I am joking this isn't the first time I did this.
Thridly I am super pumped for The Dark Knight Rises and anything that has to due with Batman right now. It's hurting me that I can not play Arkham City yet. Everything that Comic
comes up with is almost pure gold. Has anyone seen the pics of Bane they released. Its nothing crazy but still its hype creating. This means there is a countdown somewhere about Anne Hathaway in the Catwoman suit.... Just wait picture it .... Awesome . Arkham City looks so good in every trailer they put out. I already have money down for it with Gamestop so I am getting ready. Oh yeah another game you should check out but haven't released game play trailers Dead Island , Mikey showed me this game and I just wanted to play it so bad. Its like Left 4 dead but on a beach.
OK ,Ok I have to stop and watch some sports or something. I just spent my load. If you want to keep reading about video games check out Mikey's blog gameplayheros . They know there shit. Also if you want to check out more shit on super hero movies , video games and other shit check out, and finally do your self a favor check out Green with Envy on Facebook if you think like me you wont regret it. Watch the trailer and leave a comment that you're a fan of Phantom ballplayer.

Yeah Sorry about the nerd blow up here but I needed to get this out. I will be back to baseball tomorrow.

p.s - See Xmen first class, Captain America, Conan O'Brien's Can't Stop, Troll Hunter and look up Underground Lizard People The Movie its their Facebook. You think with all the Plugs I am getting paid for it but I am not . I want to Hint Fucking Hint , but no .

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