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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

" I liked the San Francisco Giants Before they were cool " HIpsters invade Citi field and we are all left to feel uncool.

Droves of Hipsters slithered out of their 7th floor walk up flat in Williamsburg Brooklyn with their skinny jeans and purposely wrinkled and faded Giants Shirsey( T-shirt Jersey) to come to see the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants take on the New York Mets who are too main stream for their own good. As they called up their one friend who kind of knows baseball because he was a Sammy Sosa fan when he was 10. Then piled on to the C train looking toconnect to the 7 train they blasted their bootleg copy of live unedited version of Ra Ra Roit live in Chelsea back in 07 when they were under the radar. Asking the beer vendors at Citi field if they sell Pbr in cans. Wait! Wait I honestly don't care about how hipsters love the Giants which makes no sense to me but I am not going to find out why .

I just don't get the appeal of the Giants . I know they won it all last year but I feel that they
are the Charlie Sheen of the baseball world. I'm tired of the act and I am just waiting for the world to catch up as they crash back down to reality. Tim Lincecum is all right but his stuff isn't that nasty. I am pretty sure if the Giants played a team that new how to play in the Championship game instead of the Texas Rangers who couldn't really celebrate because they were scared that Josh Hamilton would buy blow from Ron Washington and relapse with chicks from Corpus Christie. If the Giants played a team like the Yankees or Red Sox a team known for doing they're scouting so well they know what opposing pitchers favorite Disney character was back in pre-k. Just think what A-rod or Teixaria would have done to the Freak... Light Him up , puns intended. Also Lincecum Might be the real life Henry Rowengradener.
For Brian Wilson. Its nice to see a baseball player with a personality .Instead of lame dull boring guys telling reporters they are just taking one game at a time , they are just playing for today and not worrying a bout tomorrow and zzzzzzzzzzzzz... Sorry I feel asleep because things that Derek Jeter says bores me to sleep ( its weak an
ineffective just like Derek Jeter this season). back to Beach Boys Lead singer and Giants Closer Brian Wilson. I feel that he is a joke and thats terrible ,not talent wise he is a good closer with a plus 90 fast and nasty breaking stuff. But all he'll be remembered for is being a clown. With his interview's on Jim Rome, Lopez Tonight and what ever show he goes on . It kind of reminds me of the movie Slap-shots staring Paul Newman. Paul Newman plays an aging player/coach of a team that is on the brink of bankruptcy . So he convinces his team to become a team full of Goons(Guys who fight and play dirty in hockey) they start to win and make it to the championship and their star player who is a bitch the whole movie basically tells Newman who try to stick to that guys young wife for like an hour and a half do you want to be known as goons or do you want to play the game the right way. I'm not quoting it properly but thats the gist of it. In 6 years when Wilson has passed his 10 year mark and everything he does affects his hall or fame status what does he want to be known as. A Baseball Clown or a Great Closer who is kinda funny. But he is no Kenny Powers!

I gotta be honest I have been working non stop this week and I haven't slept too well so I haven't been as funny as you all know me to be( I'm getting back ). But I got some time off next week and I will run shop on new posts. Also you should check out Slap-shots it's a really good movie. Even though its about hockey Newman is a real bastard through out the movie and its just awesome. Actually thinking about it one of the Hanson Brothers looks like Tim Lincecum. It might be his dad ? See at this moment I would make a joke referencing Slap-Shots but I figure you guys have yet to watch it on Netflix.

p.s- Wet Hot American Summer is streaming on Netflix, along with the 6th sesaon of American Dad. If you don't have Netflix yet you should get it for these reasons alone.

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