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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm sorry did i just get peanut butter in your chocolate , or did you ... Wait this isn't working Its time for interleague play.

Who isn't excited for this weekend? It's the strong side of may so there might be some sunny days out there . After a rain out last night the Mets face the Nats who are just happy to be in the majors. But thats not important right now, INTER-LEAGUE play starts this saturday and people are losing their collective shit. The Cubs v the Red sox, the Mets v The Yankees, Athletics and the Giants and all the other sexy match ups like the Tigers and Pirates. Well, some might be sexy and others are like kissing your grandmother.

So Obviously I am going to focus on a few match ups that catch the ol' eye Reds v Indians, Rangers v Phillies, Cubs v Red Sox, and Mariners v Padres. These match ups actually look pretty good if you are a baseball fan. If you're not what are you doing reading a baseball blog? What are you a fan of video games? Or maybe you're a fan of being a smart shopper? I don't know what you're a fan of but I can tell you one thing. That is how you plug 3 blogs in one paragraph shamelessly.

The Red Sox and Cubs. This is the first time since 1918 these teams are meeting at Fenway
park. Crazy right? Thats almost 100 years, how does this happen? Inter-league play started in 97 its now 2011 thats over 14 years of playing. If the Mets have played the Mariners 3 times since it started both at Safeco and Shea/Citi this matchup should have happened. Enough about the ineptitude of the schedule makers lets get into the actual matchup. The Red Sox are hot right now after a weekend sweep of the Yankees and probably starting the whole fracture in the Yankees core. A-Gone is leading the league in rbis and Crawford is starting to pick his shit up off the Flaw( Thats how you spell in a Bostonian accent). The Cubbies are just living their life in the middle of the road again. I cant figure this team out. Are they waiting for a cant miss prospect to come up and build from with in? Whats going on because what they have been doing isn't working. This series should be fun and is worth a watch of the recap

The Red and Indians! Get ready for some offense Ohio. This is going to be the marque matchup of the weekend. I don't even think I will watch the Mets and Yankees ( Lets face it I am
but I will have the spilt screen going). The Reds have been crushing the Nl, The Indians the Al. Now these two Power houses of racial slurs are going to beat the shit out of each other.Brandon Phillips is just a straight up champ. This dude talks shit and backs it up. I honestly would like to see a Reds Red Sox game and See Phillips and Pedoria shit talk the hell out of each other. Two favorites of the Phantom. Fans Please if you have a choice check this out there should be something special going on in the 3rd fattest state .
The Rangers and Phillies . The Douche bowl, a match up of the phantom's least favorite teams. Cliff Lee faces Nolan Ryan and his ever disappointed face. I am pretty sure every sports channel will wet their pants over this one but really it's not as exciting as it looks.

Finally the Mariners and Padres. I don't know why this one catches my eye. I guess its because there will be some solid pitching performances. Michael Pineda has been a beast for Seattle and The Morgan Freemans(21st round) going 5-2 with a 2.45 era with 52 strikeouts. With King Felix ,Ichro, Phantom Favorite Brendan Ryan, and That new Outfielder Carlos Peguero who is learning how to hit on the major league level. Seattle is putting it back together. Also Justin Smoak is going to be a beast. I don't want to talk more about San Diego because I just did.

I am looking forward to this weekend . I have off from work and its payday so I will enjoy the first go around of Inter-league play. So if you go out to your local bar shout out "Phantom Ballplayer" at the top of your lungs and your bartender will give you a free beer. Seriously give it a try. We worked something out with every bar in the world.... Ok it's not true but do it any you will get so many digits... Ok maybe not but it's a lot of fun. So enjoy payday and Enjoy Inter-league play. I would like to say in closing ... Whats Up Canada, Denmark, England, Singapore, Germany and The United Arab Emriates. Keep on Reading, ( in your respective languages )

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