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Monday, May 2, 2011

Its hard to talk about baseball when there is something more pressing going on... Jaden Smith makes more money then all of us combined

Can you believe that shit. This kid who is only famous because his dad was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and is our best defense against Aliens. How bad was the new "Karate Kid"? I am kidding people , I don't hate that kid or his sister, because of her I whip my hair back and forth with reckless abandon. By now we all heard the news of what went down last night. I wont talk about it too much. I just want to say , I am happy that we got him, I am happy the guys who raided Osama's swanky bachelor pad are safe and non of them were killed and I hope that this will be a huge step to in the way of a new world were everyone can live in peace. With all that has happened We here at the Phantom send our love and prayers to the surviors and families of 9/11 victims,first responders and also the Troops and their families for all they have done for this country.

Now for baseball and some comedy, if you consider what I write comedy. OK lets get into this.
Toronto came into New York to sacrifice it's their young pitchers to the Yankees line up. Since I wrote about the Blue Jays back on the 25th they have gone 4-3. Ok it's only been 7 games and they played the Rangers and the Yankees it's not that bad. Obviously they read the Phantom. Just like the Cleveland Indians who have won 13th straight home game and swept the Tigers. The Indians had a 6 game home stand and just ran shop making what ever they call Jacobs field now a fucking burying ground for apposing teams.

Right now the Detroit Tigers cant buy a win. The past 6 games they have gone the exact opposite way then the Indians. I feel bad for this team, I know its still early and only one month has passed but its got to be rough to be a Tigers fan right now. With Carlos Gullien who has only played 159 games in the past two years and haven't put up big numbers since 2007, and Joel Zumaya who makes Cal Ripken Jr look like the founding member of the "Don't Be a Bitch and Play " club. Which M.D started when he slapped Bones in the face 2 years ago. Membership really boomed when "Taken" came out. Los Tigres are hoping they can bounce back when they get V-mart back from the D.l.

Roy Halladay continues to be the Hand Banana to the Mets Carl. Any Aqua Teen Hunger Force fans reading this.Holy shit man this dude just went out and threw 18 strikes in a row. He struck out 8 and worked a 2-1 complete game. Which hurt, only a little since Halladay was my first round pick, but it really didn't matter since I got beaten for the 2nd week in a row. This time by my brother and his Blueberry Strudels( Google it ), which made it that much worse. Halladay right now is 4-1 and has 2.14 era and has 2 complete games. Which in simpler terms means C.y Young = Roy Halladay back to back actually earning it not like Tim Lincecum.

I just realized that I forgot to talk about Jared Weaver and his mastery of the American League. Ending April 6-0 like a true champ with a 0.99 era. That dude has been bossing it up for the Angels this season and every season since he came in to the bigs. Jared Weaver is the Alec Baldwin in the Departed of the major leagues . Basically is the best part of the movie and goes unnoticed .
Espn released their weekly power rankings. Without The Phillies and the Yankees taking the top 2 spots and the Marlins ,Cards and the Reds rounding out the top 10. The Mets have locked down the 25th spot this past week and I really can't argue that. If they continued playing strong and didn't lose 2 out of 3 against the Phillidildos, and If Mike Pelfery
remembered how to be an ace or how to be a #2 pitcher the Mets could've honestly locked down the 18th spot. Seriously Espn will only put teams in the top 10 if they have more then one marketable big name player. If it wasn't for Cleveland hot start and Josh Johnson throwing near no hitters every time he pitches the top 10 would look like the hygiene department at a Costco (Lots of Douches )

In closing I'd just like to leave you with this video. It's the video of Mike Piazza's Home Run the first game back in New York after 9/11.

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