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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mets victories brought to you by the letter J... Also the Mets end Either hitting Streak thus proving to be the biggest buzz kill in the Nl

It seems that The Mets are getting help from anyone with a J in their first name. I
know lame premiss for a post but I have a point just hear me out. Check it out the Mets since Jason Bay returned from the Dl have gone 10-3. So I have a point . When Jason Bay came back from the Dl he started that 6 game winning streak against the Astros ,Dbacks, Nats, and one against the Phillies. Then his wife had a baby so he left for two days the Giants took the first two and upon his return he struck with the rath that only Canadains are known to have... Whats up Canada !

Like I have said The mets have said not more then 3 lines ago the Mets this week after have been getting help from guys with J's in their name Jason Bay, Jason Pridie, Justin Turner, Jose Reyes , Jason Isringhausen and My dude Ike Davis. What! Ike Davis is making Citi field look like Yankee stadium.

This week started out pretty shitty really. If you read the last post you might of picked up some hostility towards the Giants, and Hispsters sorry guys. But Right now I am loving life once again. The Mets have won 3 in a row in dramatic fashion. On thursday the Mets put a whooping on the giants but K-rod who has a flair for the dramatic and is not comfortable around senior citizens locked down his 7th save. On Friday is were our story begins. Now you
see the Mets have really trouble with teams that well every team but they stayed strong against the Dodgers . The Dodgers (who are suing Brooklyn Burgers for using the " B" in their logo), I am serious went up 3-2 in the 5th inning. Like most mets fans I was worried a bit because lets face it when the mets have been losing they don't really put up too much of a fight. So the Dodgers gave up a double to Carlos Beltran and walked Ike who went deep earlier to get to Jason Pridie who looks like the human equivalent of a Troll Doll. The Dodgers pitched to this unproven outfielder and he hit a 3 run dinger to the bullpen. Mets won the 2nd in a row 6-3.

Which brings us to Tonight or May 7th depending on when you read this. Dillon Gee
stepped up to fill in for Chris Young. For the first 5 innings it seemed that Dillion caught the K-rod syndrome. No, not punching old folks but loading the bases up and making everyone nervous. The game was tied by the 8th and the Dodgers loaded the bases up when the Mets sent up scrappy ginger haired (thats all he's known for) Justin Turner. Turner then launched a 400 foot single. The ball just missed Matt Kemp's glove (insert Rihanna joke) by two inches. The Mets won their 3rd in a row to the delight of the home town faithful who came out in droves for cap night.

OH yeah Andre Either who kind of looks like Ron Darlings bastard son hit streak ends at 30 games. Suck you over rated jerk. You anit no Paul O'neil so start hitting righty and play 2nd base or something cause you anit that good. I cant believe that Dillion Gee and Tim Brydak keep this guy out of the hit column. I found a whole bunch of photos of Either looking really stupid on google and I had a hard time figuring out which one to use so I picked this one because he seems like a huger douche in this one then most of the others. Also sorry about the flash of shit talk back there its has been a long night

Finally tomorrow ( or May 8th whenever you read this) is Mother's day. So for the Mothers who read the Phantom I will give you a present. The way you can tell your kid smokes weed , drinks, or commits reckless acts of Hooliganisms (real word)... Is if you Read the Phantom Ball player. Seriously your kids are getting high and drop kicking baby Praying Mantis' (manties mantes what is the plural of mantis?) is because you are so engrossed by the writing styles of M.D and my self that the hours pass and your kids go unsupervised. Sad but true. No, I kid but no 16 year old listens to Pink Floyd for the lyrics. I just heard a million kids just saying " Shut up man Robert Plant is the man!" and to them I say " Robert Plant was in Zeppelin if you're going to correct me at least be right" as I end the conversation I have with my self.
Moms have a great day , Kids stop being dicks to your mothers for at least 24 hours and buy her some roses , maybe a nice steak cause Moms like steak and enjoy each others company because she could have some really cool stories about the time she met Rick Springfield at an Orange Julius back in 82. Just remember she gets up before you so she could piss in your O.J , Im just putting that out there you have to imagine it.

Ill get back to better stuff on Monday

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