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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Pope always these padres to touch balls... Baseballs, Come on grow up

What a weekend folks, shit was mediocre. The Mets were playing so good David Wright broke his fucking back.... I am not fucking kidding he has a stress fracture in his back. Its bad enough David bumped Ike Davis and then Ike sprained his left ankle twice....TWICE, I am probably wrong on that assessment but I think you get my point I am a bit frustrated with the black cloud that arrived at Flushing in 2006.

My point is fans, The San Diego Padres( who didn't see that coming) have been raking lately. Since lets say the 10th of May have put up 51 runs and its only been 5 days thats almost 10 runs a day. The Padres if you don't know means Fathers in spanish . Also they are one of the 500 teams that makes up the California teams. There are too many. Whatever they have been under preforming for years. You might say it's not the teams fault, how can they compete with that big of a ball park , with no money , with no real draw and a middle of the road farm system that doesn't really wow anyone ? My answer is Ok so you got some problems but you got chubby superstar and Mets cast off Heath Bell ( Any one see any marketing campaigns here) Mat Latos who is too cool for a second T in his name and and hmm well a bunch of no ones who might be good but might not be good. Their Gm is an Odd duck my San-d friends. They have a ball park that makes second rate pitchers look fantastic and all he went after was Orlando Hudson and Jason Bartlett. There were some good pitchers out there during the off season right? I mean The Mets signed Capuano who is better then expected and Chris Young who is exactly where I thought he'd be by now . On the Disabled List , I have very low expectations for my self too so don't get down on your self Chris.

Back to what I am trying to say is that San D is doing some work for the past week. But
that could all stop in two days . Why? I ask so many questions , Dustin Mosely is on the bump for the pedophiles ( Oh shit t-shirt ideas, They should give the losing pitchers shirts that say " I got touched up by the Padres and no one believes me... Sorry friends who went to Catholic school shits really just funny. PUBLIK SCOOL RULZ.. ) . If you are fans you might remember I had a post where I said I felt bad for dusty because he had like a 1.60 something era and lost every start because the padres couldn't hit. Well He's now 1-5 and he throws on Weds so its worth a watch if you have the time and if its on . Try Mlb.Tv shits pretty cool. They have a free game of the day and as long as you don't live in that area you can watch it without a fucking black out and making me have to actually work. Son of a Bitch .
This one is for you M.D: Fuck your Hambino's your infield is trash. TRASH! You haven't played a good team yet. One more week until The real Show down happens. A week Full of trash talk and guess what , I have an off week again so I am going to be 150% in it . The Morgan Freemans are back ! Don't down play the Blue Jays man , Bautista another Mets castoff ( yes its true ,Kris Benson and Ty Wiggington deal) is the truth he changed his stance like Granderson and its worked out.

Enough about Fathers and how next week M.D and My friendship will be put to the test. I want to talk about some shit . I want to hit on a few things before I go. Now along with baseball I am a huge football fan and when the Football season starts I will write about the best football team in New York... The Giants! But After hearing that The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals granted the NFl's request to have the lock out in place. That pissed me off so much. Why are the owners and the union not working together here? Now I side with the Players Union and I think there shouldn't be an 18 game schedule because that would kill these guys. Players make a lot of money but they go out there and destroy themselves every sunday. Guess What Owners you'll make money, Players will make money , Fans will go out in droves to see the games and take a page out of baseballs book ( without steroids, Peyton Manning can be the next Farve without the dick pictures). Finally Lets Go Bulls!

P.S- I just heard the Best Top ten intro slogan on ESPN ... The Audacity of Dope... Thats I call your Mom... BOOM ROASTED Take that Vin Marzzaro. Cleveland just Ran shop on your face 19-1. That really didn't make too much sense , but both points are solid.

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