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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Really Posada?

So I told myself I was going to take a few days off, clear my head, not write about baseball, etc. etc. etc. but something happened last night that I think needs to be discussed, and who can discuss it better than Phantom Ballplayer? Probably no one.
    Bryan told you all about how irrelevant the Yankees-Red Sox series is these days. I disagree, but I do see where he's coming from. This series might not mean anything standings wise, but looking at baseball specifically through stats and standings is fucking boring. Watching the Yankees and Red Sox play is like going to war. Granted, you have to deal with a lot of assholes who only watch the Yankees when they play the Red Sox, go out to the bar and get drunk and noisy and dumber than they already were, but for a real fan, it's always worth watching. It's a battle, but a battle between fans moreso than players. These games mean a lot, and as a fan, I expect the Yankees to go out there ready to rip shit up. There has been a million great moments in this rivalry, I mean, Jeter threw himself into the fucking stands for an out. This brings me to my point, every day, but especially when the Red Sox are in town, you play as hard as you fucking can.
    The Yankees aren't exactly known for treating their veteran players well. Bernie Williams? Possibly the worst way to treat a player ever.(Keep in mind, the Texas Rangers treated Michael Young like shit. Clubhouse unity my balls.) Jorge Posada has been having a tough time. The Yankees pretty much told him they don't want him catching ever again, signing Russel Martin who is filling that role like a champ, and waiting for Jesus Montero to come up, and sorta left Posada in the lurch. The poor bastard gave his knees and back to the Yankees, and they didn't give him much in return. Odds are he won't be resigned, and no other team is going to want a DH that's batting .165. In Jorge's defense, he should be pissed. He should think the Yankees are dicks. He's also getting paid some ridiculous sum of money ($71,000 A DAY) to sit there and swing a bat every once and a while and maybe offer some advice to the new kids coming up.
     What you don't do is take yourself out of the lineup. Personally, I think a lot of Posada's problem this season is a negative attitude. He's made it very clear that he wants to catch and that he thinks he should be. Unfortunately, that's not his decision, and moping about it in the press is totally unacceptable. Yesterday Posada was slated to bat 9th in the lineup, then about an hour before the game, he took himself out for "tightness in his back". That sounds to me like a spoiled fucking baby. Back tightness? Not at all. You're just pissed your batting low in the lineup. Joe Girardi switched Swisher down to the 8th spot, and Swish didn't say a word. I hate to have to say things like this about Jorge Posada, but he made it necessary. It's a Red Sox game, you go out there and play your fucking heart out. As a fan, myself and the other million people watching the game are the only reason you get to be a professional ballplayer. So don't take yourself out over what you see as "disrespect". There are millions of people who would give anything to do what you do for a day. Does Posada deserve respect? 110%. He helped win 5 World Series' and has been a major part of the Yankee offense and defense for as long as I can remember. But when your batting .165, you move down in the lineup. That's just the way things work.
     Posada was annoyed that Brian Cashman held a press conference during the game to discuss it, but it was a big deal. Cashman did what he had to do, and now Posada is looking at sanctions from the league for insubordination, and could even be placed on the restricted list for pulling this shit. It's just not worth it. All Posada is doing by acting like an asshole is hurting his own chances to stay with the Yankees in the offseason, and hurting his own reputation in the eyes of the fans. It's the fucking Red Sox man, suck it up and play like a man. 

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