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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Red Sox and Yankees renew their rivalry tonight. The whole world stops and asks Who Cares anymore?

So this weekend is the second meeting of perennial power houses The New York Yankees
and Boston Red Sox. Like the rest of the world except for M.D, Alec Baldwin, and John Karsinski I just don't care anymore. Now it could just be me being a Mets fan and haven't really been apart of that rivalry ever so I guess I wouldn't understand it to a fans perspective. But as a baseball fan I just don't get it anymore. This rivalry has died out after 2004.

Lets face it the days where teams are scared of the Yankees are pretty much over. Its over blown hype. Granted the Yankees still have a top ranking offense but really they are done. The fact that each year there is a team in the A.L east that gets better and they keep on getting older and older. The Yankees make no moves to help their future and hold on to prospects they have no intention of ever bringing up. The front office has no balls. You might disagree but they don't Brian Cashman never wanted to sign Rafael Soriano and his hand was forced due to the P.R nightmare that is the ownership. The whole Derek Jeter contract shit show. Come on where was he going to go ? Nowhere you could have held off till spring training where he would have signed a 2 year 12 million dollar contract.Its really sad . The Yankees are like Ben Affleck in Dazed and Confused. Kind of intimidating but really is just full of shit and peaked two years ago.

Now don't jump on your bitchacycle and get on me about being a Yankee hater and a Red Sox supporter . Those days are done after they beat the Yankees. Listen the Red Sox are the biggest bunch of procrastinators in the league. We all know that the Red Sox opened up their man sized purse this year and went out and got some players. Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford were supposed to user in a new reign of speed, power and defense up in Bean town but they have failed horribly to start this season. Tell me Boston fans are you satisfied with how they started out this season? I bet you're not being tied with the Blue Jays for last place cannot sit well with Red Sox fans. But Red sox fans are so distracted by the Bruins playoff run they have yet to get into baseball. The Sox have more of an uphill climd then the yankees ahead of them. Just like the Yankees they are held hostage by aging players that helped them win championships. Ortiz, Varitek and Drew have to be on their last legs. The only thing that keeps Ortiz in a line up besides his sweet sideburns is he can hit bombs.
Now we are at a point in the season where games aren't looked into seriously but for some reason when the Yankees play the Red Sox its world news. Why just answer me that! I want to know why I should care about the 2nd place Yankees playing the 4th place Red Sox battling for .500 on the season. I am more interested in watching The Heat against the Bulls then this series. I would rather watch basketball the baseball. Shits gone crazy.

Maybe I can swing my interest level if I break down their line up. It can spark something. 1b-Teixira v Gonzalez- even, Its two boring dudes
2b- Cano V The Lazer Show Pedroia,-edge goes to Cano, Even though I am A huge Dustin Pedoria fan. I hope he reads the Phantom.
ss-Jeter V Lowire,- Lowire sorry Jeter is not that good anymore
3b-A-Rod v Youkilis, - Even they are both huge tools
rf-Swisher v Drew- Swish got it because he is a bro
cf-Granderson v Elsbury- Granderson is crushing it right now plus he is a champ... Watch the full clip its pretty awesome... It proves a point.
lf- Gardner V Crawford- even
C- Martin v Saltalmachia- Martin by name only and he also is crushing with Granderson
Dh- Posada v Ortiz- Ortiz only because when Ortiz became useless he hit 25 home runs.
Sp-Colon,C.C and Garcia v Buckhotlz,Beckett, and Lester - Red Sox rotation its just a better match up for them. With Stem cell Colon and Captain Crunch being the only threat ( for now) to the Red Sox.
Rp/Cp-Joba, Soriano and Riviera( the tribe bridge, Thats awesome Chris) v Bard, Jenks and Papelbon- Come on do I have to say it.

Looking at these match ups and after all these years hearing who's better. Honestly I just can't bring my self to care to throw my shit stirring hat into the ring. It's only May and The Nba is getting so interesting .... Not really, but its still early so lets step back from words like worlds greatest rivalries when we still have the 90's Knicks and Bulls, Popeye and Bluto ,Goofy against the Board of education and Lebron James against his own messed up view of himself ( You cant defend me , Bitch crying after the game like beating the beaten down Celtics was a surprise. ).

OH I forgot this post was supposed to be about how Bruce Springsteen was inducted in the Little League Hall of Fame two years before he was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame. I found that really cool but as I wrote the body paragraph I realized I got my point across in the first sentence and it would of been a terribly written blog. Thats coming from me , the guy who wrote two top ten lists because there was nothing on t.v.

P.S - I just want to touch on a story thats on Twins legend Harmon Kilabrew has decided to stop his cancer treatment.
Its sad to hear to that someone has cancer and its also sad to hear that everything he has tried is not working. I wish his family well for the next stage of his fight.
If anyone who wants to get involved with the American Cancer Society I have place the link in this sentence.

Also on a kind of lighter note. We are going to start a contest for guest Writer of the month. Sounds super exciting.
If you want to partake, there are some steps you have to take.

Step 1
1. Like us on Facebook and send us your prospective post in a message.
1b. You must promote the site for at least a month.

2. You must write about baseball in some way :for example - teams, players, games, games you've attended, Anything you've noticed about the game the list goes on and on

3. It can be as long as you need it to be but please don't write your own version of Ulysses.

4. If you want to have any links added make note of it in the message with () so we know where to put them

5. If You send us a virus I will find you and go all Cobra on your ass

6. Prize T.B.D - right now its nothing but lets see how this goes maybe we figure out a great prize but the prize right now is you'll be posting on the coolest blog ever.

( Yeah There is some errors in this Im trying to watch the Mets Beat the Astros. Bay, Wright and Martinez Homer lets hope they hold it down.... and they do )

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